Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sneha Sandhya superbly conducts Senior Citizens Meet - AISCCON 11th Conference

Here are some of my observations on the 11th National AISCCON CONFERENCE that concluded in Visakapatnam. These relate to stay, transport, food, hospitality etc. A separate note on contents of five technical sessions may be seen elsewhere.

Accommodation was very good, despite the fact that delegates were dispersed in ten different hotels or lodges. Everyone was satisfied. Food was tasty catering to both Chappathi wallahs and Rice wallahs. There was variety, sweets, enough for all. Despite 1500 persons had to be served in about an hour's time, there was not much over crowding - thanks to four counters spread sufficiently far away from each other. Transport was comfortable and timely. Everything was done in a very professional way. Even the name  badges wore a rich look. Mementos to speakers were personalized and cute.

Dr Raju did a splendid job of maintaining all info about participants in a database. The compere (master of ceremonies) did a superb job, doubling herself as a moderator when speakers lost themselves in the charm of their own voices. The stage / dais were decorated as if it was a marriage function. Seats for different groups Guests, Dignitaries, Press, Reception committee members, others etc were marked with seat covers of different style and color. Even name badges / ribbons were color coded. The theater itself was amidst green scenario with good walking paths.

Some delegates who attended 2010 Mathura conference took a vow that they will never attend another AISCCON conference. But they took a brave step to come to Visakapatnam. Even these persons felt the immense difference and returned home highly satisfied.  The multi color souvenir that was replete with some 44 pages of advertisements (50% of pages) (speaking of their fund raising capabilities) was distributed against coupon embedded with Food coupons!

Hats off to Sneha Sandhya who boldly set out to make a difference and succeeded in it. I fully agree with DN Chapke (Secretary General of AISCCON) when he says: "This by far is the best Annual conference AISCCON has seen". And, I am certain it will not be easy for any other (future) host to surpass this feat.

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