Monday, November 28, 2011

Isha Kriya Launch

It is Isha, Isha Everywhere!

Isha Foundation founded by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev is introducing a new simple but powerful meditation technique called Isha Kriya. As a part of launching activity they are distributing some thirty lakh DVDs in many major metros in India. DVDs are given FREE.

Isha Kriya is very simple to learn. If you can normally breath you can do it. If you can talk to yourself you can do it. IF you can utter the very first sound you learnt as a child -- Aaa -- you can do it. All that is required is commitment on your part for some 15 minutes daily. Unlike some other meditation systems this does not require any "Initiation"  by a preceptor / guru / or his trained representative. There are no dietary restrictions.The process  brought to you via DVD goes beyond Caste, Creed or religion. If this Isha Kriya is practiced by anyone he would become loving, joyful and peaceful human being.

As Sadguru says this is a part of his ways of giving at least one drop of spirituality for millions on people. You can download instructions and see a demo video in
Better still get a DVD from a nearby pick up point in your city. It is also distributed through malls super bazars, colleges, clubs, associations, libraries etc. 

If you have any problems I will try to help you get a DVD.

Vyasamoorthy 9490804278


  1. I'm looking for Isha Kriya in tamil. Pl let me know where to find it. I wanna share it all the tamil school teachers in Malaysia.

  2. you can download tamil ishakriya pdf

    this website underlink

    Download isha kriya Tamil manual.pdf

    1. Thanks, Babu for the link. I am also benefited.