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Pilates is good for senior citizens

Pilates is good for senior citizens
Posted on : 13 Jan 2011

Gone are the days when senior citizens dreaded exercise. Things are
different now. Exercise is vital as you advance in age. Aging does not
stop at retirement. You need to watch whatever you do to yourself and
body. Many have gone to fitness centers to keep their body in good
shape. At least that is the very best they can do so as to enjoy their
muscular and heavily built body for as long as possible.

The reality though is that, exercise is crucial for each one of us. It
goes a long way in protecting our health and body from lots of
needless troubles. For example, to further minimize the chances of
succumbing to osteoporosis, experts recommend strength training. It
plays a significant role in boosting the quality of the muscles that
wrap around our bones. You may have probably been victim of confusion
as a result of being overwhelmed with health requirements. Planning a
regimen becomes daunting and tiring. If so, you now have Pilates for a
solution to your dilemma. Many people have reaped extra ordinary
health benefits from this form of exercise.

Pilates has stood the taste of time. It started as a regimen for
dancers who were in need of keeping their body in good shape even
after they have retired. Many other people followed suit, and joined
the lessons. It eventually gained popularity and many could not help
but realize just how much stronger they felt. Getting started in
Pilates is as easy as acquiring a copy of a DVD. Do it on a regular
basis, about three to four times a week. This form of exercise starts
and ends in the center of your body. That is the part of your body
that everything convenes: the main avenue of your body.

Many senior citizens have enjoyed the fruits of Pilates, the most
significant being acquisition of well-built spine that will give your
body the perfect balance it needs. Osteoporosis becomes a thing of the
past as your body posture is drastically improved. Besides, Pilates is
a low impact form of exercise that suits the needs of the advanced in
age. There are no chances that you will exert severe pressure on your
joints when doing the poses and movements here. Pilates works on
breathings and quality-controlled movements. More over it puts
emphasis on proper alignment as you will tend to become more conscious
of your body's position at all times.

Additionally, Pilates does an excellent job when it comes to your core
strength. It elongates and strengthens the muscles so that your joints
become more flexible. Remember, it does not tire out and over exert
the body, making it an excellent recommendation for the older
generation. Pilates is not only unique, it was also designed to make
you stronger, more flexible, and less likely to fall as you body has
adjusted to making use of all its muscles. Concentration and correct
breathing parts of this exercise are what make your body able to
recruit the smaller, supportive muscles to aid the bigger ones. You
will feel a tremendous boost in your abs, back, and legs with Pilates.
The secret behind its being effective lies in the amazing job it does
on the core center of your body- the region where all motion
originates. Whatever movements you take will be stabilized because the
muscles in charge of each are in their best shape.


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