Thursday, June 23, 2011

Which is better: Aarogyasri or RSBY?

Following Table compares two schemes available to public for health insurance: one promoted by central government called RSBY and another offered only in AP by the State government. Senior Citizens Associations all over India have been urging the central government to offer Aarogyasri type of health insurance as it is better on many counts. See for yourself in this table.

Comparison between Rashtriya Bima Yojna [RSBY] & Rajeev Gandhi Aarogyasri Scheme




Why Aarogyasri is better for senior citizens

23.4 lakh Smart cards (families) issued

2.3 crore families, 82%** population of AP covered . Figures for Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra not available

BPL families – five members only per family on floater basis covered

BPL families – no limit on number of persons in a family– floater basis

Very significant from Senior citizens point of view. Grand Parents can be left out in case of a family with 3 children

Pre existing diseases are covered

Pre existing diseases are covered

Coverage: Rs 30000

Coverage: 1.5 Lakhs; up to 2.00 lakhs in special cases

Coverage is ideal and decent

OPD not covered

OPD covered. Follow up for one year after a major surgery

No provision in RSBY

Only few medical procedures which can be conducted in Rs. 30,000/- covered

942 medical procedures are covered including all major surgeries eg Open Heart and cancer related surgeries

Major advantage in Aarogyasri

Financial burden on State is higher inspite of very low coverage being Rs 500/- 850/- per family

Financial burden on State is less being only Rs 532/- per family of 4

Major advantage in Aarogyasri

The disease load is progressively coming down. Initially it was Rs 380 for 330 procedures, now it is 532/- for 942 procedures

It is coming down because of better inbuilt controls and elaborate pre-screening of population and also follow up for one year after hospitalisation. These steps are not included in RSBY

Some States prefer RSBY because Central Govt pays 75% of expenses

Entire expenses are borne by the State. No Central Government grant

Sr Citizens living alone are considered as a family unit

Sr Citizens living alone are considered as a family unit

Same in both cases

Very robust IT infrastructure

Does not exist in RSBY

** Though Aarogyasri scheme is meant to provide Health Security to BPL category, yet 82% population is covered under it because of very liberal definition of BPL.

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