Monday, May 9, 2011

Tenth Annual Day: Karnataka Rajya Hiriya Prajagala Kshemabhyudaya Vedike

Here is a report on the event from my friend Sri Jayaram Kakarla. He is an active member of sss-global, a discussion forum for senior citizens. ----- Vyasamoorthy

Bangalore Senior Citizens Meet- a report


Karnataka Rajya Hiriya Prajagala Kshemabhyudaya Vedike had arranged a meeting on 9th May at Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan , celebrate their 10th anniversary.

On the dias were His Excellency The Governor of Karnataka Sri H.R. Bharadwaj, Sri Maddur Krishnamurthy, Sri.Ramanuja, Sri Ramanathan, President of the Assn, Dr.Gopinath of Sagar Hospital, Dr. Venkatramana of BGS global Hospitals, Sri Suresh Shetty.

The function started with Poorna Khumba Swagatham, followed by the National Anthem( a must when Governor is present) .Prayer song was by Mrs.jyothi Venkatraman. Then sri Maddur Krishnamurthy welcome the audience followed by a speech by Sri. Ramanathan of the assn. He mentioned that the senior Citizens Assn of Karnataka is celebrating its 10th year. He also requested the Governor to take suitable action, since Senior Citizens are a neglected lot  by both the State and Central Govts.This was followed by Inauguration of Lighting the lamp as Sri Maddur Krishnamurthy recited Asatoma Sadgamaya.The assn magazine was released. Dr Venkatraman, and Sri/Srimati Ramanathan were honored by the Governor with Mysore Peta, Shawl, fruit bowl and a Citation.

Dr Venkatraman in his acceptance speech said the serving elders is foremost duty of every young person.He also mentioned that BGS Global Hospitals are helping the Seniors, by giving free ambulance , fast track OPD, concessions in lab/consultation fees. They have also started a separate programme for Parkinson affected seniors, giving 30% discount on all medicines, including free home delivery of medicines. They are prepared to train seniors as good Samaritans to help people in localities.

Dr Gopinath Sagar of Sagar hospitals said in his speech that positive attitude is important. He also said that unlike foreign nations, India does not have geriatric wards in hospitals. He requested the Governor to take action in this regard.Sri N. Ramanuja, Chairman , Bharatiya vidya Bhvan spoke on the activities of BVB. Mr.Suresh in his speech requested all  to set up an Academy for Senior citizens to help in matters of Health, investments etc.

Sri Maddur Krishnamurthy, requested the Governor to take action to provide free transport for Seniors within the city, like in other countries.

Governor in his speech mentioned the following

-         Our Indian social values are different from other countries.

-         But now the values of respecting seniors etc are disappearing aping the West.

-         Aged parents are being neglected.

-         Set up NGOs in association with BVB to help seniors.

-         Seniors are assets to our society.

-         Don't expect anything much from the Govt.

-         Politicians/ Corporates use their money either for votes or for increasing their wealth. As I meet them everyday, I know how they use their money. They are not for charity.

-         He promised to help in whatever projects taken up by the seniors.

-         He spent nearly half an hour interacting with seniors.


After the Governor left, there were some speeches, but nothing much of substance in my opinion. All were hungry by 1.30 p.m. They did not serve any food till 2 p.m., since organizers felt that everyone will leave or sleep after lunch. I left at 2 P.M. to eat my lunch at home.


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