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Participate in 4th National Annual Essay Competition 2011: 6th World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) 2011

Here is an announcement on Essay Competition in connection with WEAAD 2011
On the occasion of 6th Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD)
15th June 2011 Silver Inning Foundation a NGO working with senior
citizens and their family members in association with INPEA
(International Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse) Indian Chapter
through Development, Welfare and Research Foundation (DWARF) and
'Little Things Matter Initiatives' (LTMI), SSS Global, FESCOM
(Mumbai), '1298' Senior Citizens Helpline, Mumbai, AISCCON  & Harmony
for Silvers Foundation will be commemorating Elder Abuse Awareness Day
from on May 20th to June 20th 2011 . It has taken the initiative to
create awareness among civil society and government to eliminate elder
abuse at both micro and macro level.

SILVER INNING FOUNDATION invites entries for an Essay of maximum 2000
words on the following topics:

1)    For all age groups:

         Can Elder abuse be prevented, if not eliminated? If yes how? If

         no why not?

2)    For School Students - Class 5th to class 10th:

         Grandparents are the best Friends

3)    For Students - 1st year College to Post Graduation :

         Youth are important link towards Elderly friendly society

 What is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is an under-recognized problem with devastating and even
life-threatening consequences. Elder abuse is often defined as a
single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring
within any relationship where there is an 'expectation of trust' which
causes harm or distress to an older person.

Types of Elder Abuse:
Physical abuse
Sexual abuse
Emotional or psychological abuse
Financial or material exploitation

All of us know that we will become old one day and join the ever
increasing percentage of senior citizens in the global population. And
yet some of us continue to show indifference and disrespect to our
elders in our own families and in the society. Each of us might have
countless reasons, logics and excuses for this behavior but this could
be due to a combination of many problems. Let us try to put a right
perspective for these various problems and what we could do to keep
our elders happy.

Remember, by helping our elders to stay physically fit and mentally
happy. If we fail to give proper care and respect to our elders at
home now we may undergo the same treatment from our children later on
in our lives.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, 15th June, program aims to increase
society's ability, through various programs to recognize and respond
to the mistreatment towards senior citizens in whatever form.

Prize: The First (1st) best in each category will be given Prize of
Rs.500/- INR  to each 1st winner and a certificate.

 The Three (3) best essays in each category will be given Certificate
each and their essay will be published on following Blog: ;  and best Ten (10) in each
category, with India postal address will be given Participation

All the essays will be sole property of Silver Inning Foundation as
database/Talk / Reference / Lecture / Book/ Paper presentation for its
strategy to Tackle Elder Abuse and issues of Elderly. The verdict of
management of Silver Inning Foundation & Silver Innings for selection
of best essay will be final.

Silver Inning Foundation consists of a dedicated team of professionals
contributing to the cause of the elderly. Silver Inning Foundation
conducts seminars, camps, lectures, awareness modules, advocacy,
networking, Dementia management services and also has support groups
for home based advice. At Silver Innings we are working towards
creating Elder Friendly World where Ageing becomes a Positive and
Rewarding Experience.

 The Last date for submission of Essay is 20th June 2011.

 Email your essay with following details

Postal Address
Telephone Number
Date of Birth

on or before 20th June 2011 to and copy to . Only soft copy by email i.e. email entries
will only be accepted for competition.

The winners will be announced online by email after 15th July 2011.
For further information please call on 09987104233 from Monday to
Friday 10am to 5pm.

Terms and Condition:

Essay should not be more than 2000 words
Essay should only be in English language
Essay should be sent by Email (soft copy only)
No hard copy will be accepted
It's open to all Indian Residence / POI / NRI
People from other country can also participate, but they will not be
part of competition and they will be given virtual participation

This Program is supported by INPEA (International Network for
Prevention of Elder Abuse) Indian Chapter through Development, Welfare
and Research Foundation (DWARF) and 'Little Things Matter Initiatives'
(LTMI), SSS Global; FESCOM (Mumbai), 1298 Senior Citizens Helpline,
Mumbai; AISCCON  & Harmony for Silvers Foundation.

 Together, we all have the power to prevent elder abuse

My World…  Your World…Our World…Free of Elder Abuse


Warm Regards,
Sailesh Mishra
Founder President - Silver Inning Foundation
Founder – ARDSI Greater Mumbai Chapter

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