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(as of May 2011)

Part 5 Travel

23. Travel: - i) Reservation of two seats is kept for Senior Citizens in front row of the buses of the State Road Transport Undertakings & in some cases; they are allowed to occupy seats reserved for handicaps, if vacant. In BEST buses in Mumbai, Senior Citizens are allowed to enter from front door. BEST has provided 5 seats recently. ii) Some State Governments are giving fare concession to Senior Citizens at different rates & to different age groups in the State Road Transport Undertaking buses running out of city areas. In Maharashtra, 50% concession is allowed to all Senior Citizens of 65 & above in all ST buses running out of city. In MBMT (Mira-Bhayander Municipal Transport Corporation) buses running in city area also, 50% concession is given. Some concession should be given in Taxi & Rickshaw fares also. In Punjab, women Senior Citizens are allowed free travel by ST buses. Some States are introducing Bus Models, which are convenient to the elderly. iii) Indian Railways provide 40% fare concession in all Mail/Express including Rajdhani/Shatabadi/Jan Shatabadi trains for Senior Citizens aged 60 years and above for males and 50% to women aged 58 and above. iv) Indian Railways also have the facility of separate counters for Senior Citizens for purchase/booking/cancellation of tickets, for Main Line Trains. Two lower berths are reserved in each coach for Senior Citizens & Women of 45 & above travelling alone. v) Wheel Chairs for use of older persons are available at all junctions, District Headquarters and other important stations for the convenience of needy persons including the older persons. vi) Ramps for wheel chairs movement are available at the entry to important stations. vii) Specially designed coaches with provisions of space for wheel chairs, hand rail and specially designed toilet for handicapped persons have been introduced. viii) Recently, Railways have provided battery operated trolleys to take Senior Citizens and disabled to and from their coaches along with their luggage. viii) Railways grant 75% concession to Senior Citizens undergoing major heart/cancer operations from starting station to Hospital station for self & one companion. ix) In Mumbai suburban trains, certain seats are reserved from 12 to 15 hrs in specified compartments. There is necessity of a separate coach & reservation of 3 seats in all First Class Compartments.

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