Thursday, April 7, 2011

Freebies for Just Voting: Tamilnadu

Freebies for just Voting: Tamilnadu

Forthcoming Assembly Elections in Tamilnadu are going to be fiercest fought battle on the political front. Both the DMK in power and ADMK wanting to displace them are fighting the battle by bribing and enticing the voters with all sorts of promises of freebies after the elections, if they come to power. Look at the list, each competing with the other in catching the voters’ attention.



Laptop Pentium 13inch

Laptop linux 15.4 inch

Gas cylinder


Grinder 1.5 litre

Grinder 2 litre

3cent land for poors

Green House for all poors

No Power cut

No power cut

2 sets of uniform with shoes

4set of uniform with 2 sets of shoes

Rs. 2000 for all college students for books

Rs. 1000-5000 for students for books

Rice 1 Rs

First 20Kg Rice free

Free bus pass for students

Free bus pass for students and Senior citizen

Insurance for seniors and poors

Family insurance

Maternity leave 1 year

Maternity leave 6 months

Maternity bonus 6000

Maternity bonus 12000

Sugarcane per ton 3000

Sugarcane per ton 2500

Pondicherry infra will be changed like France

Pondicherry tourism will be enhanced with 2000Crores

1000 litres of pure water to each family every month

600 litres of pure water to each family every month

Mobile hospitals per every 4 street

Mobile hospital per every 2 streets with a doctor and nurse

Marriage bonus 25000 with 6gram gold

Marriage bonus 25000 with 4gram gold

2 cows for poor family

A cow for all poor family

This trend is only making the citizens lazy, greedy, cheap worms without any conviction of themselves. Both the Parties are turning every citizen into backboneless idiots who can fall a prey to extreme briberies. Voting public have self respect. At this rate a party may say: You just go ahead enjoy and produce children. We will take care of the rest. Perhaps they may even promise to arrange a substitute husband for the lazy and unthinking voter to carry out his ‘responsibility’ of fathering (not maintaining) children! Things can become worse no more.

If there are a few voters who do care to think and vote, help is at hand. They may read the booklet: “National Election Watch: Analysis of Criminal and Financial details of MLAs of Tamilnadu” (Association of Democratic Reforms, Delhi), 2011.

When will India wake up? I hope Anna Hazare’s fast unto death selfless step to integrate masses to usher in an Anti Corruption law will be successful.

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  1. Indeed, this is such a worrying trend sir. Hope the people are sensible enough to vote the right leaders (but are there any?)