Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Delegating someone to access your Gmail Account

Do you know that you can ask someone else other than yourself to see
and reply or send afresh messages from your Gmail account?

Here is how to do it:

In gmail go to Settings. Choose Grant Access to your Account. Then
enter the email address of the delegated person. Then Press Send
Email. Your friend / assistant will get an email saying that you are
delegating him to send / reply messages on your behalf. Once he
accepts it he can use your email on your behalf.

You can delegate as many as ten persons at a time. This is ideal when
you create an email ID for a small association say APSCCON / AISCCON /
SCF etc and more than one person can handle official mail. The account
may continue for ever but head of the institution may change -- the
new head may just change the password. Imagine the case of President
of an SCA who keeps changing. (Incidentally I did create a Gmail
Account for SCF but it was NEVER used!!)

You can always revoke any access granted at any time to anyone. The
delegate can not delete your Email account or change your password.
The delegate will log in using his own email id and his own password.
In his Gmail he will see a button (top right hand corner)  to access
your mailbox.

Why will you ever do this? When you are away on a vacation you can ask
your trusted friend / assistant to take over urgent messages for
action. Routine message may be handled quickly. It is like signing
office letter For XYZ. There is no need to share your Gmail password
with others for any reason. This is risky and you should not do it
even you trust someone who may be careless!!


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