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Here is an exchange of emails from a member of sss-global and the IISc researcher on the abuse of Haldi powder and her clarifications. The press report is towards the end. My enquiry and researcher's reply are given just below here. All of us must thank Dr Dipshika 
for her quick response.

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Dear Sir,

It is indeed a pleasure to interact with a group of senior citizens.

I will make you understand in very simple language.

Turmeric, known as Haldi is consumed daily by us. The amount which we use
in our house is just a pinch and that is no problem at all.
Haldi contains a component called Curcumin. This component has
anti-inflammatory effect, that means it can reduce the swelling of throat,
reduce the joint pain ect. Now in a way Curcumin has immunosuppresive
effect. Now if you consume haldi is large amount or you take turmeric
pills (these tablets are marketed by ayurvedic companies), these pills can
induce suppression of your immune system. if your immune system is
suppressed, you can suffer from infections very easily. Hence, a pinch is
fine, not more that than. 

During any infection, stop consuming haldi altogether. after the infection
is cleared start again.

That is the reason during sore throat we drink milk with haldi, that
actually only reduces the swelling, but not the infection. Infection
should be cured, then all its related symptoms will get cured.

Don't have any fear in mind. continue eating a pinch of haldi what your
wives are putting in curries but don't do more than that!

pl. contact me for any further clarifications


Dipshikha Chakravortty, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology and Center for Infectious disease
Indian Institute of Science
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Bangalore 560 012
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> Dear Madam
> I request you to kindly give me a summary of your research on turmeric and
> bacterial infection in simple plain English: What precautions should a
> layman take against excessive use of turmeric, when and why?
> We are a group of 600 senior citizens and do not want to be scarred by
> media  hype or misinformation.
> Your reference:
> Regards
> Dr P Vyasamoorthy
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> Subject: [sss-global] USAGE OF TURMERIC (-HALDI- ) -TO BE REDUCED- A
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> *In a path-breaking study which may well make Indians think twice before
> using turmeric (haldi) in their dishes, researchers from Indian Institute
> of  Science's (IISc) Microbiology & Cell Biology Laboratory (MCBL) have found
> that turmeric actually boosts salmonella bacteria and worsens stomach
> infection.  Turmeric, an antiseptic, is considered a cure for all internal and
> external infections. But the study blames curcumin, the main biologically active
> agent in turmeric that gives it its yellow colour, for worsening
> infections  caused by salmonella bacteria.
> Salmonella infection—called salmonellosis—is common in India due to
> consumption of raw, undercooked, or unclean poultry or meat, cut fruits
> and  vegetables. Cooks also transmit salmonella to food if they do not wash
> their  hands after excretion.
> "Although curcumin protects against cancer and H pylori infections it
> should be consumed with caution during salmonella infections," say MCBL
> researchers in a paper. Rampant consumption of turmeric leads to a problem. For
> instance, the Helicobacter (H) pylori bacteria cause low-level
> inflammation  of the stomach lining and are linked to gastric ulcers and stomach cancer.
> Turmeric is used as the traditional grandma's cures; but without knowing
> that salmonella, too, expresses similar symptoms, resulting in worsening
> the condition rather then curing it. Symptoms of salmonellosis include
> diarrhoea, fever, stomach cramps, and vomiting –
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> *COIMBATORE.641034.*
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