Monday, December 6, 2010

SSS global get together.

Held on 5th of December at Surya Towers, Secunderabad.

Registration started at 10am.

The organizers did a very systematic job of collection of money handing over the badge and leading the members to the hall.

Here they were welcomed with hot tea/coffee and delicious potato bondas.

The members greeted each other introduced themselves and engaged in interesting healthy conversation.

The program started at 11am sharp. The MC Mrs Kamakshi greeted everybody thanked them for coming, followed by Invocation song by Mrs Srividya Murthy. Mr Nityanandam welcomed the guests .narrated how the get together was initiated by him along with a group of people in November 2010.

Thereafter Dr Vysamoorthy the co-ordinator gave a brief history of what is SSS global .

It started as a discussion group, the brainchild of Mr Sivaram way back in the year 2001.

In 2006 Sociey for Serving Seniors was started. The main objective is to empower senior citizens to lead independent life with dignity and self respect through fulfilling a providing a vatiety of information needs. SSS became the executing arm of SSS Foundation later – a trust founded by Justice Rangarajan. Mr Narasimhan, Dr P Vyasamoorthy, Mr Rajender, Sri IVLN Chary are the Trustees of SSS Foundation.

The discussion which was earlier called SCF Forum was re-christened sss-global and became the main activity of SSS. Since then it has become a very active group with more than 605 members spread across the world. The idea is to generate healthy intellectual stimulating information to be shared amongst one another on varied topics of interest to seniors.

Predominately they undertake projects for community welfare, offer assistance both financially and work force and contribute constructively for the welfare of the society.

Dr Vyasa moorthy went on to say how it has become a very active group and the number of mails received has multiplied beyond proportion, thus showing the interest invoked in all. To add humor he also stated how lengthy attachments are forwarded and how chain mails have run into dozens. He also mentioned how the decorum is maintained and topics on Religion, pornography questionable mails are avoided.

The next half hour was OPEN HOUSE inviting members to pose questions and seek clarifications.

Suggestions poured in. Dr Vasunder Reddy said the Get together should become an annual feature. This was unanimously accepted and the 1st Sunday on December was earmarked as the SSS Global annual day. Mr Narasimhan opined that we should meet regularly and offered his residence as the venue. Mr R.N.Mital also supported this idea and stated the Lions Bhavan could also become the venue.

To answer Mr Narasimhan’s query as to what SSS was doing Mr IVLN Chary said that it would like to as a catalyst, to help organizations serve the society, like visit Senior facilities, evaluate them, give ranking and pass on the information. He asked people to volunteer, Mr Badrinarayanan instantly gave his name. It was decided to form sub-groups to take up fresh projects.

Mr Sivaram then described how he started the “Rafi Club” to promote music and enable like minded people to meet and enjoy their talent. Today they meet regularly and last week they had a meet at national level .People assembled from all over the country met at Dolar-e-dhani had a wonderful time.

Mr Sreedhara Rao described how they have promoted a senior facility in A.S. Rao Nagar its activities like games sessions in Carrom, chess regular visits by the members to read, watch T.V. with a group and so on.

Due to constraints of time the open discussion ended.

Two people came all the way from Vishakapatnam. They are: Mr Y.V.S.R.Moorthy and Mr S.R.K.Rao. We were very happy with their enthusiasm. They honoured Mr R.N.Mital and Dr Vyasamoorthy with shawls. Mr.Y.V.S.R. Moorthy spoke of the activities they have taken up in vizag – like: the setting up of an organization Called

” BRAVES “ and also distributed 2 Telugu books published by him.

In order to bring out the importance of Family, Mr Krishna Khanapur showed how to draw up a family tree tracing the forefathers, the present generation, for the future members in the family to know. He also distributed samples of the Family Tree made by him and as well a booklet published by him.

Mr RN Mital formally released the first copy of the “Directory of the SSS-Global members” This was kept for sale for Rs 50/each. (Towards the end of the meeting all the copies brought for sale were sold out.) Mr Mital then addressed the gathering, congratulated the efforts of the group, highlighted the importance of information sharing, collective representation for the common cause of the Seniors, the apathy shown by the Govt.towards the representations made by the seniors on the protest Day on 16th August etc. He suggested that we should all come together aggressively and fight for the welfare of our fraternity.

Mr.I.V.L.N.Chary distributed pre-addressed post cards appealing to the P.M. to take strict action in the 2G Spectrum scam and to curb and Control Corruption.

This brought the end of the business session.

The next 1 hour was of entertainment The members enthusiastically participated in singing ,cracking jokes. The following members rendered beautifully songs from different genres like devotional,classical, films and so on. Mrs Vidya moorthy,Mr Eashwar Rao Bagade,Mr Nityanandam,Mr Shivaram,Mrs Shashikala,Mrs Geetha,

Mr Sreenadha and Srreedhar narrated jokes which brought fits of laughter and lightened the mood of all. Mr Ramesh Kamkilikar read out poetry written by him which was well appreciated.

Mrs Jayanthi Menon gave the vote of thanks.

She especially appreciated the efforts of the members from Vizag, thanked the members for coming in such large numbers, the caterers for the food and the Hall. The Team of people like MR. Rajender, Mr Nityanandam,Mr Desikamani Mr Shivram,,Mrs Kamakshi, and of course the Leader Dr. Vyasamoorthy. Thanks are also due to all sss-global members who have sent best wishes for the success of the event in sss-global and over phone.

We all thanked Mrs Jayanthi menon for doing a great job with the food.

The last item was an English song by Mrs Kamakshi which was appreciated by all.

Every participant left the venue carrying a memento to cherish his taking part in this great event.

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