Sunday, December 26, 2010

FOSWL Talk on Vivekananda

Is Vivekananda relevant today?
Yes, concludes the speaker and I fully agree with him.

Yesterday Rajendra Rao and I attended a lecture by Prof IV Chalapathi Rao. This was during the 24th Monthly meeting of FOSWL, Hyderabad, held at FAPCCI, Red Hills Hyderabad. The Topic chosen by the speaker was: "Is Vivekananda relevant today?"

Vivekananda's 150th birth day is so important around the world that it is being celebrated for five years -- 2010 to 2014. He stood for three important principles: 1. Universalisation of Religion 2. Concern for the poor and destutute 3) Human development through Science, culture and education. Incidentally these tenets tally with those of UNESCO too.

Vivekananda said that while western culture is Intellect and information oriented, Indian culture is experience oriented.  Renunciation and Service are basics to our culture. He firmly believed in oneness of humanity. He often said that rituals are not very important, they touch only the periphery. For one to improve oneself, one should Read good books, listen to wise men, and do meditation. Meditation according to Vivekananda is not about concentration. Concentration leads to tension. Meditation is just making mind free of all thoughts, making space for new ideas to come in.

Sri Chalapathi's speech is so absorbing that I didn't want to miss out while taking notes.
He is an erudite scholar and listening to him is a pleasure. Time stands still when he talks. He keeps you smiling all through by witty observations and play of words. He is also the editor of TRIVENI, an intellectual Quarterly journal on Culture, religion, spirituality etc.  The editor can be reached at 040-27664682. Subscription is only Rs 100 per year . Contents of 80 years of this magazine are available online. (

To listen every month to such intensely satisfying talks you may become a member yourself of FOSWL --Friends of Same Wavelength. I thank Yechury Murthy for telling me of FOSWL.


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  1. Seems a really good platform to create awareness. do they have a unit in bangalore too?