Saturday, July 24, 2010

Book Review: Ageing Beautifully

Book Review: Ageing Beautifully. Reviwed by Dr P Vyasamoorthy

Senior Citizens Bureau, Chennai has brought out, 15th year in succession, their special annual publication called Ageing Beautifully -- released very aptly on World Elders Day !st October 2008. 

As usual, a descriptive account of the Bureau's activities are given. As many as 40 short articles are given in about 90 pages. As may be expected, there are many readable pieces on health, medicine, yoga, healthy foods etc.SCB's prestigious project:"Geriatric House Call" get full mention. This activity is worth replicating in other cities as well.

Directories of Old age homes, List of Helplines are useful and updated. A specialty of this particular annual is that there is a chapter on NGOs and the services offered by them like: services for the aged, helplines, day care centers, free cataract operations etc. Kannappan seems to be an avid compiler of useful data. Additionally, this year, press clippings are photocopies instead of extracted text only. They include images -- an attractive feature.   

There is a small Tamil Section that tells lot about vegetables and safe foods besides other seniors topics. I liked Dildar Singh's true story on his retirement day. He explains realistically as to what would happen (how people will treat you with indifference) after retirement. Capt Singaraja's DOs and DONTs are worth copying.

Unlike many publications of SCAs in this area, this annual is devoid of advertisements. To recover the expenditure, this title is priced modestly at Rs 70/- (contact Dr Singaraja: 0 9444127704)


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