Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Book Details: Unsolicited Advice to Enigmatic Elders

Unsolicited Advice to Enigmatic elders:
Too many Questions, too few answers

This book is a compilation of random selection of articles I have
written in my blogs and elsewhere. It is put in print form to reach a
larger audience who do not have access to Internet. To emphasize that
I haven't been successful understanding the psychology of senior
citizens, though I have been working for and with this age group for
about ten years, the title contains the poignant word – 'enigmatic' !

Most of the articles in the first section are of advising but
adversarial in nature, rather written in preaching style that may
irritate those who read! Hence the warning: 'unsolicited'. First
section deals with some deficiency, difficulty or some weakness or the
other of older persons and suggests ways of handling them. In the
second section I give a series of reviews of books, websites, blog
sites and portals; these are recommendatory in nature. The third
section talks of a few services and service providers specific to the
retired group. Next section is a set of articles where the thought
content is contributed by many of my friends collectively via the web
group that I moderate. The last section is a motley collection of
stories that can not be grouped easily – they tell about my self.

I trust you will find this book enjoyable enough to recommend it to
your friends.
To order a copy (RS 175 plus postage) go to:

Section 1 : Articles
Why are Senior Citizens conservative and rigid? 12
Does the World revolve around you? 15
Why do Senior Citizens crave to be heard? March 23, 2010 17
Why do Senior Citizens have Learning Phobia? 19
Why Do Senior Citizens retire mentally too? 21
Why are Senior Citizens full of Ego? 23
Why Do Senior Citizens Feel Lonely? 25
Why do Senior Citizens Become Religious after Retirement? 27
Why do senior citizens find it difficult to adjust after retirement? 29
Why do Senior Citizens repeat same old stories? 31
Why do many old people fight wherever they go? 33
Why do Senior Citizens make frivolous demands? 35
Why Should God always be with you? 38
Four ways to revive a friendship 40
How Senior Citizens can keep learning for ever? - Consider U3A 42
Are you a compulsive hoarder – Need some advice? 44
Some Tips to Read Small Prints 46

Section 2: Book & Web reviews
Book Review: Geriatric Housecall Project 51
Book Review: Pensioners Handbook 2010 53
Managing the Unmanageable Child by Dr Vaidyanathan 55
Book Review: Probus Guide for Seniors 57
The Joy of Ageing by PV Ramamurti – Book Review 59
How to Cure Diseases with Natural Foods: Book Review 62
A Review of Some Second Career jobsites 66
RREWA Website is a boon to pensioners 69
Old Age Solutions : Website Review 71
Senior World Chronicle : Blogsite Review 73
SECTION 3: Services for the Elderly
Free Listening Services for the Elderly - PESU 75
Listening Services – Volunteers List 77
Free Medical Advice over Phone: 104 Service 81
Mayacare Errand Services for the Elderly 83
SECTION 4: Not by me alone: Collective authorship
Culinary Tips from seniors: How to thicken Sambar 87
Senior Citizens Turn Creative 89
STREET VENDORS : A co-operative enumeration 91
Cremation or Burial: What do Senior Citizens prefer? 95
SECTION 5: Miscellaneous
Senior Citizens are also known as … 99
The S philosophy of vyaSa 102
I lost my wife to Pancreatic Cancer on 30th November 2009 106

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  1. Well you seems to be tech savvy for your age maintaining a blog. I hope many more senior citizen follow you and thereby keep themself occupied.

    Good luck!