Friday, May 28, 2010

Let us laugh at ourselves: A collection of Jokes on frailties of Old Age

From the preface of an Ebook titled: "Let us laugh at ourselves: A
collection of jokes on frailties of Old Age". Compiled by Dr P
Vyasamoorthy (2010)

Ever since Internet was available in India, say from about 1993, I
have been surfing the Net. One of my daily pre-occupations was to read
a joke of some sort or the other to lighten my mood before getting
onto business.

My choice of topics for looking up cartoons, stories, trivia, jokes
and the like changed with times. As I aged into being a senior
citizen, I enjoyed reading quite a bit about weaknesses of senior
citizens: jokes abound our inabilities to hear, move, act, perform on
the bed, digest food, and retain fluid that kidneys so quickly and
frequently produce. We have double vision without having to resort to
hard liquor. Right from wrinkled skin to rattling teeth, every organ
in an oldie offers comic relief. Laughing at our own follies and
frailties is a good way to appreciate what we have, or don't have!
Hence this collection.

While I can keep you engaged with thousands of funny little stories,
quotes, poems, jokes, witticisms etc, this is just some quick and
dirty, cut and paste hasty job: the prime motivator for the
compilation, honestly, has been the discovery of my ability to format
MsWord files into A5 sized ebooks.

Njoy, if U R used to SMSing!

Anyone interested in getting a copy (free of cost) of this pdf file
(~80 pages) can send an email to me.

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  1. Many persons have asked me for a copy. I have placed it now in a common share:

    YOu may go to the above link and read the book online or download directly from there (instead of writing to me).