Monday, April 26, 2010

Report of Results of Online Survey on NPOP

Salient Points from Online Survey on Revision of NPOP

Silver Innings Foundation and Society for Serving Seniors conducted an
online Survey to collect opinions of Senior Citizens about NPOP. The
questionnaire hosted on Questionpro site was kept open for a month.
Some 226 persons answered.

Most important results of the Survey are:

Top 5 Needs of Senior Citizens:
1) There is a need for Fast Track Courts exclusively for Senior
Citizens : 82.30%
2) Old Age Pension must reach all deserving persons : 81.86%
3) Separate Medicare policy must be available for older persons : 80.53%
4) Senior Citizen must be defined as one who is 60 plus : 79.20 %
5) A National Level Elder Helpline (Four digit Code) must be set up : 77.88%

Top 5 issues of Senior Citizens:
1) Health & Medical Care
2) Accommodation & Shelter
3) Food & Nutrition
4) Psychological Needs
5) Insurance

Some important Demands
1) Affordable health insurance for senior citizens
2) Alzheimer's must be included in the mentally ill disabled group
in the census
3) Social Security Scheme for the Elders
4) A separate ministry for elderly persons
5) Life Long learning opportunity
6) Palliative care should be supported
7) Training of care givers
8) Inflation indexed interest for all savings instruments
9) The 80 Plus should be treated as a separate category for special
10) Separate plans for young old , old old and very old
11) Include comprehensive policy for Dementia in NPOP
12) Rural Elders should get special attention
13) Nodal agency to take care of the problems of senior citizens
14) R & D to be encouraged for different issues of Elderly

Complete report is available as a pdf at:

Complete report and a covering letter have been personally handed over
to Sri Mukul Wasnik, Minister, MOSJE, GOI, Delhi during his visit to
Bangalore in connection with the opening ceremony of 70 bed Dementia
care center of Nightingale Trust on 14th April 2010.

We thank everyone for responding and participating in the survey.


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