Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PESU Listening services

PESU – Personalized Ear-Lending Services Unlimited - FAQ


What is Listening Service?


A trained senior citizen volunteer listens to you over the phone at a scheduled time.  Listening is neutral, confidential, non-judgmental, unbiased, non-advising, and supportive. It involves simple, plain listening with empathy in a language you are comfortable. You do not need to move out of your house. Our volunteers are just a phone call away. You are not required to learn and apply anything new. No solutions are offered. Plain simple ear-lending service is offered.


Why will anyone ask for this service?


  • You may be lonely and just want to talk to someone.
  • You have a problem and would like to pour it out and unburden yourself.
  • You just want to share your experience, ideas and information with someone.
  • You are rehearsing to say something important to someone and would like a listener to start with.
  • You have something to confess and prefer non-religious confession platform / person who would not put you under any obligation.
  • You want to share some grief or a sudden disappointment in your life.


Who are these listeners?


The Society for Serving Seniors has enlisted the co-operation of many senior citizens who have accepted to offer this service. They decide the time for taking calls, put their phone numbers & email address in public domain, mention the languages they are comfortable with etc. Many of them know the exact needs for listeners themselves. They know what it is to be lonely and craving to be talked to or listened to. Most of them have retired from senior positions in industry, government, military, and consultancies and as independent professionals. They are decent, educated, and polite. Listeners in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, English, Hindi, Malayalam and Konkani are now available.


How much does this service cost?


Absolutely free. You pay nothing except for phone calls you make.  As volunteers are offering free service, please follow their timings and other restrictions if any.


How does one utilize this service?


By contacting us at the address given below, you will receive details of one or more active volunteers who are free and ready. Then you may contact the volunteers directly and fix up suitable timings for regular interactions.


Dr P Vyasamoorthy,

President: Society for Serving Seniors
30 Gruhalakshmi Colony Secunderabad 500015 Ph 040-27846631 / 9490804278

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