Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oscar/: The cat that can predict death

OSCAR: The Strange Cat that Predicts Death

Osacar was born in 2005. He is a part of Steere House Nursing and
Rehabilitation center in Rhode Island. He is a 'therapy cat' who can
predict death just within a few hours before the event . The hospital
specializes in caring for patients suffering from dementia,
Alzheimers Disease and Parkinsons. His score so far is over 50
deaths – all in the same hospital. He goes round the facility like
regular hospital staff and when he knows that a patient is about to
die, he would snuggle and sleep with him till last minute. Most
families are happy about someone being around to give company at the
time of death. The comfort and company he gives in last moments to a
dying patient is appreciated by family members. One should remember
that dementia patients do not know what is happening to them.

Oscar is not really people friendly – that is, to people who are alive
and healthy. He would purr when someone other than a patient starts
taking interest in him or tries to be friendly. No one knows for sure
how this ability was acquired. Guesses are that he smells certain
types of ketones released by a dying person. Or perhaps he can sense
"no activity" or stillness in patient. Some believe it is sixth
He has proven doctors wrong. In one case where the doctor thought a
patient is fast approaching death the cat simply walked away. He came
in again after some eight hours later – that patient died within two
hours. In another case the cat simply walked away and the doctor
thought that the predictive powers are over. He went to another
patient who died within an hour – he acted as if he knew that his
services were required more urgently elsewhere. He always predicted
death just within two to three hours giving sufficient time for
informing kith and kin.

Dr David Dosa, who has studied the cat at close quarters almost right
from his birth, has presented many stories and interviews including
articles in New England Journal of Medicine. And now to consolidate
all his findings he has written a book: 'Making Rounds With Oscar: The
Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat'. That's why Oscar is making
news again.

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