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Pensioners Journal – RREWA Gurgaon 2009

Pensioners Journal – RREWA Gurgaon 2009

14th Annual Issue of Pensioners Journal, published by Retired Railway Employee’s Welfare Association (RREWA) Gurgaon for the year 2009, provides lot of useful information to pensioners. Circulars of the government departments affecting all pensioners, articles on Health (obesity, sleep disorders, Ageing issues), legal matters (Wills, Court verdicts) are given. Eight court verdicts are briefly summarized with pointers to full text in the RREWA website.

Most important for the senior citizen (not necessarily government pensioner) is the exhaustive article on current budget & personal taxation written from senior citizens point of view. Impact of Direct Taxes Code is also reviewed.

The editorial by SC Maheswari gives out a clarion call to all pensioners to get united and force the government to listen to their demands. All types of pensioners – States, central, defence, PSUs, Railways, Academic sector etc - account for 2% of our population and roughly constitute two crores. As this is no small number in terms of Vote Bank, getting united is the surest way of demanding attention and action.

The last article in this 100 pages publication is on Philosophy of Life by MV Ruparelia who is a prolific writer in the field of gerontology. The inclusion of advertisements (nearly 20%) shows the association is fairly influential in terms of raising money! This fact is further strengthened when we learn that RREWA has been awarded an annual grant of Rs 60000/- by GOI.

Senior citizens, pensioners in particular, will find this annual publication worth reading. There is no price indicated – may be free to members.

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  1. In addition to free circulation to RREWA members. 1000 copies of this journal are circulated free of cost to Pensioners/Sr citizens Associations. Some copies are still available.Those interested may communicate their addresses through email: