Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google translation is quicker and better

Google translation is quicker and better: "Google translation is quicker and better
Google announced translate as you type feature recently. A host of tools and felicities have been added to manage translations. Some fifty language pairs including Hindi are available.
CJ: Vyasamoorthy

Thu, Nov 19, 2009 15:30:27 IST
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Google Recent Information :
Google goes desi!
GOOGLE TRANSLATION has been constantly evolving for the better. In early November 2009, Google has announced quicker translation. That is, translation appears as you type along! This is simply superb and thrilling. The facility is available from English to fifty languages and vice versa. We should be happy to note that Hindi is one among them.

I typed in the following text and got quick translation as shown below. By inputting the English version and asking for French I got back almost correctly what I wrote in the first instance.

Input In English:

Good morning dear friends! I do not know French but I am trying to write in French using Google Translator. Google translator is good for most purposes. See what it gives in reverse translation.

Translation into French

Bonjour chers amis! Je ne sais pas le français mais je suis en train d'écrire en français en utilisant Google Translator. Google Translator est bon pour la plupart des usages. Voir ce que cela donne dans la traduction inverse.

Reverse Translation into English

Hello dear friends! I do not know French but I am writing in French using Google Translator. Google Translator is good for most uses. See what happens in the reverse translation.

Pretty good, you will agree.

There is a phonetic component as well. You can hear the translation spoken by a lady over you speakers / headphone. There is also a management tool to keep track of your translation jobs. What is impressive is that you can upload complete files – no need to key in.

All translations are free. Professional translators can cut down their efforts greatly and stick to just fine tuning the draft. If translators are willing they may tell (educate) Google with a better translation also. Try this at"

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