Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google Dashboard

Google Dashboard - Gain Total Control over your Google Account Privacy


Have you ever wondered what Google stores in the 'settings' of various Google product accounts used by you? How much of it is private and what is actually shared? Want to change some of the settings for better security and safety? Google Dashboard, launched early this November provides an elegant answer.


You may be a Google user just for Searching the web and Gmail or a sophisticated user of several Google products like Gmail, News Alerts, Google Docs, Picasa, YouTube, Google sites,  Orkut, Blogger etc. When you started using (signed up) each of these services or products you may have entered certain data about yourself or how you want to use the product in 'settings'. What exactly are you storing in Google products and how much of it open to public may be nagging you. Now Google dashboard comes to your rescue.


In order to use the Dashboard just log into any of your Google products say Gmail. Then in the URL Window type: A page opens up showing all the products used by you along with links to control the data entered and shared or kept private by you. For example in the case of my Gmail account it shows:


Besides giving statistics about the contents of Inbox, All Mail, Sent Mail, Saved Drafts, Chat history, Trash etc, you also get hyperlinks to:


Manage chat history

Manage HTTPS settings

Manage all Gmail settings

Gmail privacy policy

Privacy and security help


There are similar pages for each of the products you use in Google. 


For example in my Google Profile page, only certain data is in public view. I am in complete control over what I want to share. I can change this whenever I want. Google Dashboard is a single place to locate and manage all the personal information about the accounts that we hold. Security, safety and privacy issues can be handled better now, thanks to Google Dashboard.







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