Friday, October 30, 2009

Better designed wheelchair from Nomad

Many senior citizens are stuck to their wheelchairs most of the time. Any design improvement is welcome especially if it is from a real user! See

in reference to:

"Much like Club Bounce, which we just wrote about, Nomad Wheelchairs grew out of an entrepreneur's personal need. After spending over a decade in a variety of wheelchairs, director Mark Owen decided it was time to create a product he'd actually be proud to use. Launched just six months ago, the company's first product is the mrk1.

Consumers' increased interest in—and knowledge of—design is influencing manufacturers in every product category, and mobility products are no exception. The mrk1's minimalist appearance, customizable upholstery and careful finishing create an aesthetically pleasing product. Adjustable brakes and axle, improved caster arm and limited number of moving parts, meanwhile, ensure a better functioning chair that is lightweight and durable, with as smooth a ride as possible.

Given the fact that some people spend most of their waking hours in a wheelchair, it's only logical that both its looks and function should make for a pleasurable experience. Long overdue, there's a growing interest in improving that aspect of the health industry, which in turn creates sound opportunities for entrepreneurs.

- Springwise newsletter | 29 October 2009 (view on Google Sidewiki)

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