Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ten reasons why I like my wife

Ten reasons why I like my wife
(Introspective note on 39th wedding Anniversary: 10th May 2009)
By Dr P Vyasamoorthy

1.      Devoted and doting mother to my two daughters: She is a friend,
philosopher and a guide to them. She adjusts and sacrifices her own
needs for the sake of our children. She compensates for all the
fatherly inadequacies. Perfect understanding among the three.
2.      Her innate intelligence. I can not tolerate dullards and dumbos.
She is quick to understand situations and quicker to act calmly in
crisis ridden situations.
3.      Maturity: She has been constantly growing mature consciously over
the years. Now almost everything is OK when it comes to others.
4.      Her sympathy and empathy for others. She could even make herself
sick thinking about others' woes and misfortunes.
5.      A Doer: She is a doer, ever active. When a problem occurs she would
start tackling it right away (Niptafy she would say) instead waiting
for some muhurtam!
6.      She is a stickler for cleanliness at home – a quality my  children
have inherited
7.      She is never demanding – clothes, jewelry or anything like these.
Her wants and needs are absolutely minimal.
8.      She knows how to keep herself happy. She can be alone all by
herself and not feel lonely. She does not demand even others' time or
9.      Battling with poor health: She has been suffering from high BP for
thirty years. Nature has not been kind to her health to say the least.
10.     During the last few years (post retirement syndrome?) I have
become a difficult person to live with. I KNOW. She has been putting
up with me patiently, a GEM that she is.


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