Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sure-fire solution to fight terrorism

Sure-Fire Solution to fight terrorism

Dr P Vyasamoorthy


A large number of countries are talking about eliminating terrorism.  Various solutions have been tried: banning political outfits, imposing economic sanctions, arm twisting through fair and unfair means, 'pressure' from the UN, mobilizing international opinion etc. But none of these have helped. I have another somewhat crazy idea – even this may not be practical but will certainly work if the rest world other than terrorists themselves unite and co-operate fully.


It works like this. Terrorists thrive on publicity. They need recognition and sympathy for their cause. They are blind, agitated, frustrated and are the worst misguided lot. Don't give them the publicity they crave for. Shut out all news about terrorists' activities. Even if a thousand innocent persons are killed in a mad terrorists attack, just put a blanket ban on any kind of news being published. Not a word should be uttered in any media, Radio, news paper, or on the Internet. There will be lot of rumors. Quench it with an iron hand by punishing rumor mongers.


If the world is sincere in eliminating terrorism just follow one golden rule: Don't give a damn for the temporary loss of a few thousand innocent persons. After all in any major natural calamity like Tsunami even lakhs of people die. The terrorists will die pulling each other's tongues. And don't talk about this either. Wait for six months. At the end of a year no single terrorist would remain.  All of them would have died because no one cares or shows he cares or is scared. How long can the terrorists madly hold on when they are simply totally ignored? They will yield and  commit suicide.


When a terrorist attack occurs attend to it by all means. Rescue those who you can. Kill the attackers mercilessly. Provide all medical care to victims. Carry on with surveillance and sharing such info. BUT when an attack occurs never, never give out any news about loss to human beings buildings etc. Just carry on as if nothing ever happened. Punish all media immediately and severely who misbehave and leak out any false or real news.


This is easy to control in the country by that country. Put a clamp on dissemination on any kind of news about any terrorist attack. The world will be a peaceful place in less than a year.





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