Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now you can see YouTube Videos right inside your Gmail

Now you can see YouTube videos right inside Gmail


Gmail offers a new feature in Labs. You can view YouTube, Picasa, Flickr or Yelp links right inside Gmail. You don't have to do a cut and paste of the link that you get in your message. Gmail understands and allows you to view the video in the message itself. No need to open the link in another window or as a new tab. This is a great facility saving time.


In the case of Picasa the photos or pictures themselves are shown.  Only thing that we can not use immediately in India is the YELP Reviews. Yelp provides ratings of US restaurants based on user reviews. When you are discussing setting up a meeting in a restaurant, YELP review is picked up from the URL you send and it is available (Address Phone Ratings etc) in the message itself.


Gmail has already integrated several things like Events or Documents earlier. When a message speaks about a forthcoming event, there is a provision to create an event in the calendar quickly and automatically. Minor editing may be needed. Similarly entire message content can be quickly converted into a Google Document by the click of a key. You may see appropriate links on the right side column. I have noticed that when a message contains many events Gmail fails to sense it as an Event.


With all these improvements introduced day by day most users will be so much addicted to Gmail that they may give up other email systems slowly.




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