Tuesday, April 10, 2018

MWPSCA - Important Amendments proposed in draft bill - public comments invited

MOSJE has uploaded the draft Amendments to MWPSCA for comments from public to be made within three weeks (from when, not mentioned). I found it yesterday and here is
a gist / list of amendments. Not after thorough reading, though. In depth study of pdf attached is required. Just for info and quick action if any.

My gut feeling: Almost all important recommendations made during several meetings, seminars, conferences and regional consultations have been taken care of. I took part in four such meetings.

1. Definition of "children" includes DIL and SIL
2. Definition of Senior citizen (60+) applicable for all central and state govt benefits meant  for senior citizens.
3. New definitions: Multi service center and Senior Citizen Care Home
4. Section 9(2) ceiling of Rupees 10K for award / compensation removed
5. Order of tribunal to be displayed in office and website
6. Section 11(3) If children do not heed he may be imprisoned till he pays up
7. Maintenance order to be enforced by MO
8. Section 5(4) Application for maintenance should be disposed off within 90 days of receipt of application date (as against 90 days of Tribunal serving notice to children)
9. Maintenance Officer given lots of responsibilities
10. Section 19(1) Senior Citizen Care Homes SHALL (as against 'may') be established.
11. Requirement of "indigent" seniors removed for setting up OAH
12. Minimum standards and model rules shall be framed by central govt
13. Regulatory body to monitor functioning of SCCH (OAH) shall be set up at state level
14. Sections on Health Care, Protection of property and self -- have been strengthened
15. Elder abuse defined. Three months jail & 10 K fine for abusers
16. Heavy emphasis on State / Center joint responsibility in all sections witnessed.

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