Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mental Gym for Seniors: Sentences with progressive word length

Mental Gym for Seniors: Sentences with progressive word length

SSS-GLOBAL is a web based discussion group for senior citizens on Yahoo. It has 700+ members out of whom some 150 are active on daily basis. About sixty messages are exchanged daily. One member, Prof V Seshadri, sends out every day one puzzle or quiz question to solve. The query or question could be word / language based puzzles, arithmetic problems, logic based puzzles etc. Match the following, pick the odd man out, fill in the blanks etc are routine. Answers are sent to him and discussed next day in the group. This mental gym exercise is appreciated by many and on a daily basis at least ten seniors take part in answering the puzzles.

Recently he posed a task: “Construct sentences containing of increasing word length successively”.
First word must be of one letter; second one having two letters; third word having three letters and so on. How far can you go, he asked us. I guess that this was inspired by the famous quote about physicians scribbling of prescriptions:

I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancing indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications incomprehensibleness. 

Several members participated, each excelling the other in coming up with brilliant answers. Some of them are reproduced here.

1.      I do say that other rumour mongers' attempts backfired (RK chitrapu)
2.      I am sad that their Maruti crashed. (Jayanti Menon)
3.      I do not lend money.  (RV Rao)
4.      I am the best known writer  warrior. (Doraiah Babu)
5.      I do not want blank cheque anymore (RV rao)
6.      I do not like bland pickle  (P Vyasamoorthy)
7.      I do cry over nasty jokers (P Vyasamoorthy)
8.      'I am the best green garden traffic managing directory'. (V Seshadri)
9.      'I do not want other skills because teaching institute vandalised'. (VS)
10.  I am now well known Kerala Ayurved Hospital in-patient. (SV Ramana)
11.  I am not very upset person amongst cheerful gathering. (Anureeta Saigal)
12.  I am not very happy person amongst negative gathering. (Anureeta Saigal)
13.  I am not like saint living without ambition.  (Anureeta Saigal)
14.  I am too good child always admires /respects beautiful quotations. (Anureeta Saigal)
15.  I am one rare oldie having motions properly  (P Vyasamoorthy)

I liked item 10 most. It was sent by Sri SV Ramana from a Nature Cure hospital as he was admitted there for a knee problem. He wrote that sentence depicting his position. What an extemporization!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Senior Citizens and Union Budget 2017-18

Senior Citizens and Union Budget 2017-18

This year’s budget was majorly a disappointment as far as senior citizens are concerned. None of the appeals made through several channels to the Finance Minister have been heard. We had expectations regarding increase in minimum income that would be tax free, increase in FD interest rates, medical / health facilities through innovative insurance schemes, furth
er concessions in train travel etc—all these with special reference to the elderly population. None of them have been heeded to.

However a few benefits that have a consoling effect, have been indicated as follows:

1.      Senior citizens will be provided with Aadhaar based smart cards containing health information. It will be useful in enjoying financial benefits like collecting old age pension via digital payment system using biometric options – finger print recognition. To begin with this will be tested in 15 districts in 2017-18.
2.      A new version of Varishta Pension Bima Yojana will be introduced which will be administered through LIC. This scheme will ensure a guaranteed return of 8% interest for 10 years, thus protecting you from market fluctuations (reduction) of FD interest rates. A maximum of Rs 7.5 Lakhs would be accepted.
3.      Service charge on E-tickets bought through IRCTC has been withdrawn. Presently it is Rs 20 for e-ticket for second or sleeper class and rs 40 for all other upper classes.
4.      A great thrust has been made on digital (cashless) transactions. If seniors can take to using smart phones, lot of physical work like going to bank etc can be reduced.
5.      On basic income tax slabs, tax rate for 2.5 Lakhs-5 Lakhs, tax has been reduced to 5% from 10%. Rebate under 87A is reduced to rs 2500 and it is available for income up to 3.5 Lakhs only. If you take into account a deduction of 1.5 Lakhs under 80C then inome upto 4.5 lakhs is exempted from any tax.
6.      Following table gives details of tax slabs for 2017-18

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Golden Oak – A Senior Citizens Home for Dementia care

Golden Oak – A Senior Citizens Home for Dementia care

Today I was happy to participate in the inauguration of a Senior Citizens Home for patients suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is the first of its kind in Telangana and AP as it exclusively devoted to dementia care. It is a thirty bedded assisted living facility offering individualized / personalized care that includes: Diet plan, medical supervision,  physiotherapy, frequent outings, interaction with family members over Skype etc. Dormitory, single bed, twin sharing accommodations (AC) are available. Families may leave their elderly for periods of a month or three months or for longer terms like a whole year. This will be useful as a respite for care givers or perhaps when you need to go abroad for any reason.

Golden Oak is located in Malkaram Village in Shamshabad  (RR District) some 40 KM from Secunderabad. Within a km from here is also located Asha Jyothi Psychiatric Rehabilitation centre, already functioning for several years. Both are units of reputed ASHA hospital for psychiatry in Banjara Hills.

The whole facility was formally inaugurated by Dr Raghu Rami Reddy; Various sections were inaugurated by other dignitaries, one of them – a multipurpose lecture hall – by me, as well.
Dr K Chandra Sekhar, MD of Asha Hospital,(whom I know from the initial days of ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan Chapter) welcomed all and gave an overview of the project. It has twin objectives: 1.Assisted living and specialized care for elderly with dementia who actually going through a second childhood . 2. Respite care for family members / caregivers. The chief guest spelt out why such a facility has become a necessity now, emphasizing that caring persons with dementia is a divine service.  Mr Gopala Rao, who was instrumental in making this dream a reality, was felicitated.

Dr Amulya Rajan gave a presentation on the need for respite care in dementia. Caring for a dementia patient can be very exhausting; As far as the DIL is concerned, it is taken for granted that it is her duty. Making choices on behalf of such patients who are dependent and vulnerable is fraught with problems. Ms Saadiya Huzurk made a presentation on Person centered care. Essentially she clarified that each AD patient is unique and no single formula will work. Therefore changes in approach and delivery of care needed. There are always surprises and shocks to face and handle.

Mr Sasidharan, GM, Asha Hospital proposed a vote of thanks. We were treated to scrumptious lunch. We had plenty of time to explore all sections of the facility, Services will start by March.
Charges for various offerings are being worked out. I liked the specialized comfortable furniture with decor, self explaining signs on shelves / storage, senior friendly fixtures in toilets, spacious TV hall, hygenic Dining Hall etc.    

Contact: 040-66752222 (Monday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

ALIVE: Elder Friendly Solutions

Here is a contribution about an organisation that provides services like sale of assistive devices, improving or modifying home for seniors' use, home based soltions, retirement communities etc.
It is from Bala of ALIVE His contact and email  are at the bottom of this write-up


Thank you for reaching out to Alive. Please find attached our catalogue for your reference.

Here is a brief intro about our organisation.

Alive, is India's first complete ageing solutions company. At Alive, our mission is to create a positive change in the life of elders by enabling a safe, vibrant and happy life through successful ageing. We have four key verticals. They are 
·  AliveKart
·  Alive HomeSolutions
·  Alive LifeSpaces
·  Alive Foundation
I am giving a brief about each of the vertical below along with some of the key products.

AliveKart is a pioneer in innovative products for seniors. Our online store has a range of products which we have improvised to suit the needs of elders.
Some of our unique offering are
1.       Senior & Diabetic Friendly Footwear,
The major features of the range is included below.
·         . Insoles made of extra soft Micro Cellular Polymer for superior comfort
·         Three width options to accomdate different foot sizes
·         Premium velcro straps
·         Synthetic Non Allergic Leather to ensure no reaction to skin
·         Padded Inners for superior comfort
·         Robust Polyurethane Soles
(Please click on the link https://www.alivekart.com/collections/apparel to know more)
2.       EasyPotty is an innovative toilet stool which can help elders with constipation and other bowel related issues.  A brief on the product is with the below image.
(Please click on the link https://www.alivekart.com/products/easypotty-motion-stool-7  to know more)
3.       Grab Bars: Alive brings to you a premium range of home grab bars and supports. 135 Deg Grab Bar be used in your bathroom and closet to offer sturdy support. A premium off white color on a ridged handle ensure sufficient grip even with wet hands.The versatile grab bars are made of a 1.5mm SS rods with a nylon coat. They also come with a one year warranty against any manufacturing defects.
(Please click on the link https://www.alivekart.com/search?type=product&q=grab+bars to know more)
4.       Sugarless Sweets: Alivekart has the widest range of sugarless sweets. From Jangiri to Kajukathli, we have a complete range which has been tested and certified.
(Please click on the link https://www.alivekart.com/collections/sugarless-sweets  to know more)
We are also planning to launch a range of adaptive Men’s Wear for elders and a range of feet rejuvenating gel socks shortly.


Alive HomeSolutions: In India, a study shows that prevalence of falls among adults above 60 is as high as 53% and most of the falls reported occur at home. They lead to 20% to 30% of mild-to-severe injuries like hip fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and upper limb injuries. With some key modifications your home can go a long way in ensuring a safe living space for our elders.
At Alive Home Solutions, we believe being proactive is the best way forward as we age. It is an initiative that aims to provide an environment within your home to make your daily living a safe, convenient and comfortable experience.
The proprietary ‘Alive Home Assessment Methodology' (AHAM) identifies the specific needs of every elder at home; and suggests necessary modifications for preventive refurbishment. This unique assessment intervention approach will help you take the first few steps to safety and independence in your daily routine.
Preventive Refurbishment provides the right support and infrastructure to modify your home according to the needs of your advancing years. With safety as our primary focus, most of the solutions we offer revolve around ensuring that you stay safe from accidents and falls.We believe one’s independence & ability to stay in their own space without assistance, is a real joy.Indeed, long term health and agility is the most perfect & perceptive gift that can be given to elders at home.

You can view a video of how Alive HomeSolutions work by clicking on the below link


Alive LifeSpaces: We are coming up with a state of the art living space, in Trivandrum to begin with. As a part of the naturally landscaped region of Kerala, Trivandrum fits into all that you want in your retirement years. The fresh, pleasant and serene environment that is peaceful makes you feel vibrant yet relaxed.

 Alive Foundation: Growing old can be a beautiful experience and a lot of positive energy can be generated through this journey. Age is just a number and everything rests in how one looks at the advancing years. So at Alive we believe that elders should be active and socially connected to enjoy their golden years. We believe that anyone with a goal in life is more productive and forward looking. You would agree that it is just the perfect time to share & add value by transferring the knowledge to the next generation. At Alive Foundation, we strive to spread awareness about retirement life and its importance. The Foundation has been set up to drive the following objectives:
·         Social Interventions to improve the quality of life of elders
·         Awareness towards Care, Respect & Love for them
·         Research and development of new products and services which can enable a better life every day
Alive Foundation aims to work closely with Institutions and Government bodies to achieve these objectives.
Regarding the video which you had shared, we are working on an innovative offering for stair climbing. We will share the same with you shortly.

We are available if you need any further inputs or clarification. 

Kind Regards,

Bala Subramanian

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Word Loops by Vyasamoorthy

Word Loops by Vyasamoorthy

Given below is a word loop coined by me. Each word is conceptually related to the next. Starting word and ending word are the same. hence looping.
Usually such a  loop has odd number of words, say 5 or 7; longer the merrier.
Sometimes a phrase instead of a single word may be used. If there is interest, I can share more word loops of mine starting with bore / May / flowers / mouse / fan / printer etc

Can you construct similar word loops beginning with any word of your choice?

      foul play

Here are some more: Read in rows: Left to Right

Bore  Dullard  Witty  Jester  King Ring  Well Bore    
May Summer  heat  cold  winter  winds passing No may  
Jail convict Thief Politician minister bishop Chess Game foulplay jail
flowers Scent Trail murder detective Intelligent Guru Puja flowers  
mouse PC Chidambaram Tax Evasion Smart Clever tricksters Pied Piper Mouse
Fan Hero Cycle Life Living breathing oxygen Air ciruclation Air
Printer Laser treatment disease surgeon scissors taylor design paper printer
Frame photo pickpocket police detective magnifying glass monocle specs frame  
Mobile smart dress western import duty nurse paitient immobile Mobile
Fridge ice cube prism lens light breakfast food fridge  
book reader professor PhD Title Book        
Basket flower smell stench waste bin basket