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498A - No automatic arrests - SC comes down heavily

NO Automatic arrests under 498A

No Automatic Arrest in 498-A Cases, SC Issues Strict guidelines to Police and Magistrates, Non Compliance will Attract Disciplinary & Contempt Proceedings

The Supreme Court, has delivered a much awaited judgment by the common man. The judgment (Ar

nesh Kumar Vs. State of Bihar & Anr) has effectively rewritten the relationship between the police and public. The important verdict  arises from an appeal preferred by an husband who apprehended his arrest in a case under Section 498-A  of the Indian Penal Code, 1860   and  Section  4  of the Dowry Prohibition  Act,  1961.

While dealing with the case, the Court thought it fit to record the rampant  abuse of  498-A  of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 . Justice Chandramauli Kr. Prasad, who delivered  the judgement, along with Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose has recorded the ground realities, according to the Court,  'There is phenomenal increase in matrimonial disputes in recent  years. The institution of marriage is greatly revered in  this  country.   Section 498-A of the IPC was introduced with avowed object to combat the  menace  of harassment to a woman at the hands of her husband and  his  relatives.   The fact that Section 498-A is a cognizable and non-bailable  offence  has  lent it a dubious place of pride amongst the provisions that are used as  weapons rather than shield by disgruntled wives.  The simplest way to harass  is  to get the husband and his relatives  arrested  under  this  provision.   In  a quite number of cases, bed-ridden grand-fathers  and  grand-mothers  of  the husbands, their sisters living abroad for decades are arrested.   "Crime  in India  2012   Statistics"  published  by  National  Crime  Records   Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs shows arrest of 1,97,762  persons  all  over  India during the year 2012 for offence under Section 498-A of the IPC,  9.4%  more than the  year  2011.   Nearly  a  quarter  of  those  arrested  under  this provision in 2012 were women i.e. 47,951  which  depicts  that  mothers  and sisters of the husbands were liberally included in their  arrest  net.   Its share is 6% out of the total persons arrested  under  the  crimes  committed under Indian Penal Code.  It accounts for 4.5%  of  total  crimes  committed under  different  sections  of  penal  code,  more  than  any  other  crimes excepting theft and hurt.   The  rate  of  charge-sheeting  in  cases  under Section 498A, IPC is as high as 93.6%, while the  conviction  rate  is  only 15%, which is lowest across all  heads.   As  many  as  3,72,706  cases  are pending trial of which on current estimate, nearly 3,17,000  are  likely  to result in acquittal"

The Court in strong words possible has expressed its dissatisfaction as to how the power of arrest and detention is dealt with equally by Police and Magistrates. It records ". The power to authorise detention is a very solemn function.  It affects  the liberty and freedom of citizens and needs to be exercised  with  great  care and caution. Our experience tells us that  it  is  not  exercised  with  the seriousness it deserves. In many of the cases, detention is authorised in  a routine,  casual  and  cavalier  manner.   Before  a  Magistrate  authorizes detention under Section 167, Cr.PC, he has to be first  satisfied  that  the arrest made is legal and in accordance with law and all  the  constitutional rights of the person arrested is satisfied.  If the arrest effected  by  the police officer does not satisfy the requirements of Section 41 of the  Code, Magistrate is duty bound not to authorise his further detention and  release the accused.  In other  words,  when  an  accused  is  produced  before  the Magistrate,  the police officer effecting the arrest is required to  furnish to the Magistrate, the facts, reasons and its  conclusions  for  arrest  and the Magistrate in turn is to  be  satisfied  that  condition  precedent  for arrest under Section 41 Cr.PC has been satisfied and it is  only  thereafter that he will authorise the detention of an accused.  The  Magistrate  before authorising detention will record its own satisfaction, may be in brief  but  the said satisfaction must reflect from  its  order.   It  shall  never  be based upon the ipse dixit of the police officer, for example,  in  case  the police officer considers the arrest necessary to prevent  such  person  from committing any further offence or for proper investigation of  the  case  or for preventing an accused from tampering with evidence or making  inducement etc., the police officer shall furnish to  the  Magistrate  the  facts,  the reasons and materials on the basis of which the police officer  had  reached its conclusion.  Those shall be perused by the Magistrate while  authorizing the detention and only after recording its satisfaction in writing that  the Magistrate will authorise the detention of the accused.   In  fine,  when  a suspect is  arrested  and  produced  before  a  Magistrate  for  authorizing detention, the Magistrate has  to  address  the  question  whether  specific reasons have been recorded for arrest and if so, prima facie  those  reasons are relevant and secondly a reasonable conclusion could at  all  be  reached by the police officer that one or the  other  conditions  stated  above  are attracted.  To  this  limited  extent  the  Magistrate  will  make  judicial scrutiny".

In order to prevent unnecessary arrest and causal and mechanical detention, the Court has issued following  directions :

a)      All  the  State  Governments  to  instruct  its  police  officers   not   to automatically arrest  when  a  case  under  Section  498-A  of  the  IPC  is registered but to satisfy themselves about the necessity  for  arrest  under the parameters laid down above flowing from Section 41, Cr.PC;

b)      All police officers be provided with a check list containing specified  sub- clauses under Section 41(1)(b)(ii);

c)     The police officer shall forward the check list duly filed and  furnish  the reasons   and   materials   which    necessitated    the    arrest,    while forwarding/producing  the  accused  before  the   Magistrate   for   further detention;

d)     The Magistrate while authorising detention of the accused shall  peruse  the report furnished by the police officer in terms  aforesaid  and  only  after recording its satisfaction, the Magistrate will authorise detention;

e)      The decision not to arrest  an  accused,  be  forwarded  to  the  Magistrate within two weeks from the date of the institution of the case  with  a  copy to the Magistrate which may be extended by the Superintendent of  police  of the district for the reasons to be recorded in writing;

f)       Notice of appearance in terms of Section 41A  of  Cr.PC  be  served  on  the accused within two weeks from the date of institution  of  the  case,  which may be extended by the Superintendent of Police  of  the  District  for  the reasons to be recorded in writing;

g)      Failure to comply with the directions aforesaid shall apart  from  rendering the police officers concerned liable for  departmental  action,  they  shall also be liable to be punished for contempt of court to be instituted  before High Court having territorial jurisdiction.

h)      Authorising  detention  without  recording  reasons  as  aforesaid  by   the judicial Magistrate concerned shall be liable  for  departmental  action  by the appropriate High Court.

i)        We hasten to add that the directions aforesaid shall not only apply  to  the cases under  Section  498-A  of  the  I.P.C.  or  Section  4  of  the  Dowry Prohibition Act, the case in hand, but also  such  cases  where  offence  is punishable with imprisonment for a term which may be less than  seven  years or which may extend to seven years; whether with or without fine.

j)        We direct that a copy of this  judgment  be  forwarded  to  the  Chief Secretaries as also the  Director  Generals  of  Police  of  all  the  State Governments and the Union Territories and the Registrar General of  all  the High Courts for onward transmission and en[truncated by WhatsApp]

Sharing secrets in old age

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Festival seasons and Spamming

Festival seasons and Spamming

[How many email addresses did you harvest this festive season?]

During Dec-Jan every year thousands of people exchange Seasonal
greetings for Xmas and New Year. Most naive individuals (especially
those who have taken to the net recently) send greetings to friends
leaving email addresses open for anyone to harvest.

For instance one my friends – one Sri K Subrahmaniam does not realize
that when he replies to post from a member in discussion group, the reply is
sent to all members of the group. He has replied every New Year
Greetings from Group Members thus increasing NYG messages by adding
his own twenty plus in just a day to EVERY ONE OF 650 members of
sss-global group!

There are simple programs to collect addresses from email messages,
remove duplicates, verify if message can be sent at all (if addressee is
reachable), whether there are domain name based errors etc. Using
these techniques a good spammer friendly database can be created
easily. Then the fun begins.

Just you are bombarded with hundreds of SMS messages of all types in
your cell phone, your Email Inbox may be inundated with
inappropriate, indecent invitations to many things such as:

"come and sleep with me; I am very hard to please" shouts a teenage girl
"Buy Viagra and experience heaven" says another
"become a millionaire overnight" dupes yet another
"bribe God by forwarding the message" fools another email

Limitless are ingenious ways in which you can be spammed.

If you ask me why I have not sent any NYG message to our members, I
would like to reply with a poker face:
"I was busy building an email database of senior citizens"

Incidentally a message is a spam ONLY if 1) it is distributed to a very
large number of people AND 2) it is sent unsolicited and the recipient is not
expecting it. Both conditions need to be satisfied for a message to be spam.


Are you conscious how you are helping nasty spammers?

What can you do to reduce spamming?

Your answers are welcome?


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Video on Free religious Yatra to senior citizens in Orissa - Launch

Orissa Government has organised Religious yatra for senior citizens. Read news elsewhere. Witness a video here about launch ceremony. What colour gaiety and fun. Lucky seniors. Congrats. ===========

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Bhavana NCR, Lucknow conducts Training program with a difference

Bhavana, Lucknow conducts training program with a difference

Bhavana, a well established Senior Citizens Association in Lucknow, utilizes the expertise of its members in a unique way. Qualified and experienced but retiree members of Bhavana conducted a Two and half day training program for engineers of GAIL. The subject was structural repairs and waterproofing from 18th to 20th July 2016. Twenty four professionals were trained. 
We have heard of individual senior citizen coaching youngsters, teaching in schools or working as teaching staff after retirement. Or about training programs for senior citizens organized by others. But the present one is an effort by a team of seniors offering training course under the banner of an SCA.  It is a question of seniors keeping their faculties intact, ageing gracefully and productively.

Sri AK Sharma of Bhavana has this to say:

May it be remembered that we, members of Bhavana, are all rich in terms of at least 35-40 years of professional experience besides experience of life time. During our active life, we hardly had time or intentions to share with others. Now at this 3rd age, when we are getting pension, we should utilise our time for the benefit of society as per our capability.

Let us use BHAVANA as a platform/ window to showcase our skill and experience, for the beneficial use of the society. It would also keep us gainfully engaged and keep our self healthy.

Isn’t this great and novel? Join me in congratulating these young-at-heart-seniors. Take a look at the teachers and the taught.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Saarc Workshop on Senior Citizens July 2016 Background paper and SAARC Declaration

Extended bio-data of Dr P Vyasamoorthy July 2016

Extended Bio-data of Dr P Vyasamoorthy
(As of July 2016)

Dr Padmanabha Vyasamoorthy, a septuagenarian from Hyderabad, is a PhD in Library Science. During his professional career he set up and ran libraries and Information centers for academic, research, and industrial organizations such as the Technical Teachers’ Training Institute, Madras, Informatics India, Bangalore,  and Indian Detonators Ltd, Satyam Computers, and ICICI Knowledge Park, Hyderabad. 

Since retirement in 1999, Dr. Vyasamoorthy has been involved with Aging and Aged Care issues, and contributed extensively to the literature of social gerontology. He started and moderates a Yahoo group for senior citizens, SSS Global, that was ranked First among 1300 such groups in 2014. Dr. Vyasamoorthy maintains multiple blogs, moderates many discussion groups, and edits two online dailies. He has written six e-books and numerous articles and papers.

Awards and Recognitions:

·        AP State Government  Award in 2007
·        Silver Innings-iCONGO Karmaveer Chakra 2011 for Exceptional Work for Senior Citizens
·        KLN Award 2013

Dr. Vyasamoorthy currently serves as:

·        Joint Secretary, All India Senior Citizens Confederation
·        Vice President, Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad.
·        Member of the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI), Hyderabad Deccan chapter,
·        University of the Third Age (U3A India) (Dy Secretary General)
·        Volunteer at Aasara, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation’s outreach effort to senior citizens.
·        President: Gruhalakshmi Colony Welfare Association, Secunderabad
·        Founder Member: LOLA7817SCA
 Dr. Vyasamoorthy has in the past served as:

·        Joint Secretary, Confederation of Cantonment Resident Welfare Associations in Secunderabad (CCRWAS) 
·        Vice President, Federation of Andhra Pradesh Senior Citizens Organizations,
·        President, Society for Serving Seniors, Secunderabad;
·        President, Association of Senior Citizens, Hyderabad;
·        Joint Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Senior Citizens Confederation

Websites set up and maintained by him:

Blogs maintained by him

Discussion Groups
(started and moderated by him)

Sss-global  (Yahoo)
Ex-IDL (Google)
Bhavana-Lucknow (Google)
Aisccon-India (Google)
Ccrwas (Google)
Lola7817sca (Google)

Online Dailies published:
(published since 2014 but archives for  past couple of months only)

Newsletters edited and published by him

AOSC-H Newsletter Both print version and online version
Abhilash Quarterly Both Print Version and online version
(For online version go to corresponding website)

E-books authored by him

1.      Unsolicited Advice to Enigmatic Elders: Too many Questions, Too few Answers.
A5. 120 pages. May 2010. Rs 200.00 for paper print version Order at:
Ebook Version free from Author.
2.      29 Questions that our MPs asked about Senior Citizens and the Answers they got.(During 2009-2010) 60 pages. 2010. Available free at:
3.      Let Us Laugh At Ourselves: A Collection of Jokes on Frailties of Old Age. A5. 90 pages. Ebook Available for free download at:
4.      A Directory of NGOs and VOs in Andhra Pradesh working in the area of the Aged and Elderly Persons. A4. June 2010 108 pages. Ebook available for free at:
5.      Directories similar to item 4 for Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu are available with Author prepared in same year.
6.      Pebbles on the Shore. A Collection of Short Stories by VK Narasimhan. A5. 58 pages. Thirteen Stories. June 2011. (Compiled in ebook - pdf format by Vyasamoorthy).

7.      AISCCON Guide for Elder Care Homes. Co-authored with Prof V Ramamurti. Published AISCCON. 2012. 90 pages. Soft Copy version also available with Author.

Second most beautiful library in the world - made out of 100 year old theater

SECOND MOST BEAUTIFUL LIBRARY Recently I read that Chennai Public Library in Anna Salai is the largest in Asia. I don't know if it is true. But the following story about second most beautiful library in the world is TRUE!! The photos in the original stumbleupon story are superb and enthralling. This post is just to remind myself that I am still a librarian at heart. ==

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Illegal Closure of Secunderabad Cantonment Roads

Sub: Illegal Closure of Secunderabad Cantonment Roads by Local Military Authorities – Need to raise the issue in Parliament
Dear Sir Honorable MP sirs.
Citizens of Secunderabad appreciate the Telangana State Government's assurance that it will work to get the illegally closed Secunderabad Cantonment roads reopened. Meanwhile the seriousness of the matter is increasing because local military authorities continue on their spree of closing and restricting more and more roads to civilians as the day passes. The LMA is deliberately antagonizing the citizens for the expose we have done on their misdeeds.
On behalf of OSCAR we request you to kindly raise this important matter in Parliament during the question hour together and find the solution for the new state of Telangana.
A brief recap of the facts is in order here:
•         The Hyderabad High Court order of 26.09.2014 allowing local military authorities to close 9 roads, did not consider Section 258 of Cantonments Act 2006. The MOD letter of 07.01.2015, was issued more than 3 months after the HC judgment, and this letter pointed out that LMA have no statutory authority to close roads. The letter also ordered that roads closed without following Section 258 must be reopened immediately, and that in future the procedure of Sec 258 be followed for closing roads when required

•         Since the SCB Board Meeting held on 10.12.2015, elected TRS party board members have been trying to raise the road closure issue in almost every Board Meeting. Every time the President Cantonment Board (who is part of LMA) is not allowing the members to raise the matter on some pretext or other.

•         He cites 3 reasons for his refusal – the HC order, the fact that CM and Minister of Defense are in discussion on the matter and his claim that MOD orders of 07.01.2015 do not apply to the closed roads since these roads are "internal unit line roads on A1 land" (or similar descriptions).  But MOD is silent on the matter and not clarifying on this issue by siding the LMA.

•         In case the other cantonments where LMA had closed roads have followed the 07.01.2015 MOD orders and reopened closed roads. In the first relevant cases to be decided after the 07.01.2015 MOD orders were issued, Allahabad High Court disallowed road closure citing the MOD order and the statutory position as laid down in Cantonments Act 2006. In Hyderabad too, appeals against the HC's orders of 26.09.2014, and also some fresh petitions, are pending. Hearings on these however seem to be delayed.

•         In their official pronouncements LMA and SCB officials continue to refer to "the proposed closure of roads". The fact however is that over a dozen roads are already closed by LMA illegally. The use of "proposed closure" seems to be a deliberate ploy to mislead, by projecting as if Gough Road is the only road whose closure is of interest. The fact however is that:
-  Of the 3 zones into which the Cantonment stretch of almost 10 km north-south distance from Marredpally to Hakimpet may be divided - namely the AOC area in the south, the MCEME area in the middle, and the Bison area (golf course area) in the north of the cantonment stretch - roads in the Bison area are already closed, with 9 gates / walls erected around the golf course. Roads in the MCEME area are now being restricted to civilian users by putting barriers, and jawans are now stopping civilian drivers. Roads in the AOC area (Gough Road being one of them) are closed to civilian traffic between 10 pm and 7 am.

-  While the HC order listed 9 roads (5 in the AOC area and 4 in the Golf Course area), the number of roads already closed is actually well over a dozen.
•         The closure of roads has played havoc with east-west connectivity across the cantonment. Prior to their closure/restriction, there were 8 east-west accesses between Rajiv Rahadari and areas to the east of cantonment. Now the only unaffected connection is the Trimulgherry - ECIL All Saints Road. Over 15 lakh people in Alwal, Malkajgiri and Kapra Circles of GHMC, and Trimulgherry and Bolarum Wards of SCB are hit. School children have to travel 8 km to reach Valerian School from Bolarum, instead of 800 metres. Holy Trinity Church cannot be reached now from Yapral side. 

Access to even Cantonment Telephone Exchange, which serves the northern areas from Bolarum, Yapral, Kowkoor, etc., is blocked. Access to public transport from Lakdawala junction bus stop is cut off for the eastern areas. Workers travelling to the industrial estates like Kushaiguda, Moula Ali, etc., have to face difficulty – as also the workers from Yapral, Sainikpuri, AS Rao Nagar and Malkajgiri areas who travel to Hi-Tech City and Gachbowli. Horrendous traffic jams at Trimulgherry and Lothkunta have become the norm – even late at night. Civil – military relations have also hit a nadir because of this issue.
Statements made by the Defence Minister on the matter during his recent visit to Hyderabad indicate that the Central Government is unlikely to take a hard line with the military authorities on this issue. However it is also a fact that the 7 Jan 2015 MOD orders issued by the same Ministry are not being followed by local military authorities in Secunderabad while they are being followed in other cantonments. That the local military authorities here deny applicability of the Law on the specious claim that public do not have right of way on these roads is reprehensible. This claim may easily be countered because:
-  the roads have been opened to public for over a century

-  the present cantonment lands were never assigned by the Nizam to the British. There is ample documentary evidence to show that the British purchased properties from private individuals or from the Nizam's government – as such the roads around the properties were public roads even then

-  the fact that in the General Land register maintained by DEO the roads are classified as A1 land, and have been assigned survey numbers which are different from the land holdings through which these roads pass, clearly show that public have right of way on these roads, when read with the Cantonment's Land Administration Rules (CLAR 1937).
All supporting documents/information to substantiate the above are available with OSCAR.
We request you to raise this important issue in Parliament to highlight the problems being faced by citizens. OSCAR stands available to provide any further information that you may require in this regard.
Thanking you and we look forward all the MPs of the new Telangana state to work for the cause of the public and citizens interest since it is the state suffering the agony.
Thanking you, with regards, 
Yours Sincerely,
For OSCAR Community,


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Improving Access to end-of-life care

I thank Sri VRV Rao for alerting us about this article. The author has mentioned the ​magnitude of the problem and how cost of terminal care is pushing many into poverty. But he has not hinted how access to terminal care can be increased / improved. The quote from Atul Gawande is very pertinent.

From the website of the author's affiliated institution (PHFI), I find a large number of lady academic staff (more than 65 !)over there. What attracts so many women to this area of study? 
I am posting a copy in my blog for wider circulation.

Improving access to end-of-life care



Dying well is desirable regardless of what one is dying of. Take for example cancer, which accounts for 6 per cent of deaths in India.

One of my favourite aunts passed away very recently. She had lived a long and gratifying life. In her early eighties, she was diagnosed with dementia. Fortunately, her children, grandchildren and long-term maid took loving care of her in her last decade. By the time she passed away in her home, she could recognise only the few people who were closest to her. The last years of her life were not only filled with attention and love but also with the deep and frustrating challenges of not being able to care for herself.

My aunt was lucky. Most people in their twilight years would consider themselves blessed to not have to worry about the financial costs of end-of-life care, to have a family that could access health information on the Internet or from medical journals to manage their condition, and access to treatment by the best doctors. They would be fortunate to not be on expensive medical equipment and drugs that lower their quality of life, and to die without significant pain.

Dying well is desirable regardless of what one is dying of. Take for example cancer, which accounts for 6 per cent of deaths in India. In a recent study, my colleague, Dr. Sanghamitra Pati from the Public Health Foundation of India, reported that half of the 68 cancer patients she interviewed at a palliative care hospital in Odisha had never heard of the disease before they were diagnosed with it. By the time they pass on, their families are financially ruined.

Nearly 6.3 crore Indians, 7 per cent of our population, fall below the poverty line due to health spending . In fact, things are only getting worse. According to Government of India estimates, 18 per cent of households faced catastrophic health costs in 2011-12, up from 15 per cent in 2004-5. Most of those who go into poverty do so not because they were admitted to a hospital but because of the high cost of drugs prescribed by their doctors.

When Dr. Pati talked to patients, she found that financial constraints were a major reason for the average two-year delay in accessing treatment after patients had first reported symptoms. A second reason was they did simply did not know about cancer or that treatment was possible in some instances. For those who made it to palliative care, which would help them live out their last months without the searing, intense pain of cancer, the most important factor was that they had the support of family and friends.

The Indian Association of Palliative Care calls for "improving the quality of care of the dying by limiting unnecessary therapeutic medical interventions, providing access to trained palliative care providers, ensuring availability of essential medications for pain and symptom control and improving awareness of end-of-life care issues through education initiatives." To this, I would add that palliative care should be affordable so that dying in dignity in not a luxury available only to a few.

My aunt's passing away, while painful to her family and friends, represented what the Hindu scriptures call Anâyâsena Maranam or the "good" death. As [Boston-based surgeon and writer] Atul Gawande writes in his book Being Mortal, "we have the opportunity to refashion our institutions, our culture, and our conversations in ways that transform the possibilities for the last chapters of everyone's lives." As we aim to provide the "good" life to all our citizens, shouldn't we do more to ensure the "good" death?

Prof. Ramanan Laxminarayan is Distinguished Professor at the Public Health Foundation of India.
​ )​

Dr P Vyasamoorthy
30 Gruhalakshmi Colony, Secunderabad 500015 Telangana
LL 040-27846631 / Mobile: 9490804278

The Tamil FM APP (like similar FM Apps for the smartphones) does not require earphone to be connected.

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Fwd: [aisccon-india] Photographs of National Doctors Day Function

[Please click on the photo to see larger image ]

Hearty Congratulations!
Here are two photographs of the National Doctors Day function held at Hotel Tunga Auditorium where Dr S P Kinjawadekar, President Emeritus AISCCON was presented LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD by the Medical Associations of Navi Mumbai on 1st July 2016 at the hands of Dr Saneevji Naik, former M.P. and Shri Dashrath Bhagat, President Navi Mumbai Congress Committee.

Dr S. P. Kinjawadekar
Immediate past president AISCCON
Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

BSA Bedside Assistants Suppliers List

List of Agencies providing Bedside Assistants Ayahs Caregivers Semi auxiliary nurses full fleged nurses for 24X7 service etc. Hiring details vary. See link below table to get additional info.

Updated in July 2016

Gold Age Home Care Services
Cedera Healthcare
Heritage Hospital, Kamalapuri Colony, Hyderabad
Serene Services
66615573 / 66614745
Assisted Living Bedside Assistant  Kacheguda
9396520162 (Sunil)
Shantamma memorial Od Age Home  Musshirabad
9247416884 / 9396323099
Sai Old Age Home
9391036931 (Venkatesh Gupta)
Sri Nidi Medical Services Padmarao Nagar
65645095 / 65645096 Dr Mohan Krishna
Bed Patients Paralysis and aged
9849544533 / 9247021767
ASHRAY HOME Nursing Services for Aged/ Paralysis patients
9246244533 /  9849544533
Kirtana Foundation
Sagar Road, Hasthinapuram,
984954453 / 9247021767
Landlines: 24092811 / 24093100 (Anil Kumar)
‘Assisted ‘ Home Care Services
Ameerpet Hyderabad
40068978 / 9848409206
Ms Parveen
SUSRUSHA - Care for the aged
Rajini Malladi - +91 92907 82518. Sri Lakshmi - +91 96189 42096 M.Vijaya Lakshmi - +91 9985436361
Alankrita Services
080-32491987, 080-65839333, 09845714101,
09972134544, 09738555006,
8341378868 (Dr VIdysagar)
Home for the bedridden LB nagar Hyderabad
9704623000, 9704923000
Yellow Home Care Jubily Hills Hyderabad
40325555  Rajendra Prasad
Home Care Nursing Services BalamRai Secunderabad
Prashanti Home care Services
Sai Security Services, Ashok Nagar
Mr P S Reddy

040 - 27665030, 66785030
 9395524440, 9395523000
040 – 66773035
Manish Home Care Nursing Service, Secunderabad 500003
Indian Red Cross Society,
Himayathnagar, Hyderabad - 500029. 
Carewell  Services – see full details below
Life circle Foundation
Chandanagar Hyderabad
40-40123826 / 8008417878
Help At Home
New Vasavi Nagar Colony,
Secunderabad - 500 010.
040-66207979 / 1800 108 8899
Premier Health Services Home Care Nursing
Ho 3-6-41 behind lb nagar bus stop Hyderabad 500074
>Also at: 25-83/1 thalla basthi, east anandh bagh, malkajgiri, Hyderabad 500047
>also branches in Vijayawada and Guntur.
9996303633 / 7396179694 / 010-65303633
Amma Old Age Home, Bowenpally
9912811788 / 9994486978 / 040-27750297
MMC Health care Service Tirumaherry Secunderabad
040-32561125 / 9704667114 / 9866605144 / 90006338842
Grace Placement Services 3-77 Shivaji nagar Jawahar nagar Yapral Secunderabad 500087
9908660902 Besides ayah for elderly care they also hire out housemaids, cooks, baby sitters and the like.
Further details about these Home care Agencies are at: 

Further details of above agencies  are given below in unstructured text format below also.