Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Useful blogs for senior citizens by Vyasamoorthy

Useful Blogs for Senior Citizens by Vyasamoorthy


Here are three utility blogs for the elderly

All run by Dr Vyasamoorthy


1.      Second Careers for senior citizens



A blog that gives tri-weekly list of job vacancies meant for retirees / pensioners / senior citizens / VRS employees etc. Information culled out from jobsites alike are included. Started in June 2009




Senior Citizens Discounts




This is a blog giving info on rebates discounts concessions etc to senior citizens  on services and products sold in India. Anything given totally free to senior citizens (otherwise priced for others) will also qualify  as being given at 100% discount!! Started in  Dec 2011 and has 125 posts.



Assistive devices for senior citizens




This recent blog started in July 2015 has 15 posts on availability of assistive devices of all kinds for senior citizens.




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