Thursday, August 13, 2015

My First Attempt to create a video - SCF Forum Song

My First Attempt to create a Video

My nephew, Hemanth, once told me that he has signed up for some self-improvement course. On certain days he is unable to attend the class in person he simply witnesses the entire lecture that he missed on youtube. His teacher uses Google Hangout for this, I learnt. Ever since then I had been toying with using Google Hangout for senior citizens group activities like interviews, common chatting, bringing up nostalgic recollection, recorded oral histories etc.There were certain problems including finding a few net savvy elders who can take part in experiments.

Just the other day, some six of us completed a successful Google Hangout Video session. Sri G Balasubramanian. Sri Subramanian, Prof V Ramamurti, Justice TNC Rangarajan and his wife Ms Kamala joined me. We spoke for about 45 minutes about "First or Oldest movie seen". It was very enjoyable exchange of personal happy moments - sort of re-living the past you might say. Though I thought that the session would have been recorded as a video, it was not, much to my dismay.

Digging through help files I found out the "how" of it better. The result is a very short test video showing me reading out the SCF Forum Song. It is shared here as embedded video. Please tell me how this facility may be used for our advantage.

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