Monday, March 16, 2015

Wish list of Senior citizens submitted to Minister for Social Justice

Wish List of Senior Citizens from sss-global to the Minister, Social Justice

Chepuri Shankar Rao

Kindly ask for free pass one member who accompanies very senior citizen.
2. Provide free hostels to senior citizens who are neglected by family members.
3. Unclaimed amounts in respect of senior citizens may be utilised for the welfare of senior citizens.

P Vyasamoorthy

Interest Income on Fixed DEposits by senior citizens must be exempt from Income tax. Please see today's announcement by Nadda about geriatric wards in 200+ districts. MOSJE must see to it that this implemented

Gurajada Sobha

1.     Ask for starting  separate department in universities to do research on senior citizens. there are departments like women education.child psychology etc but seniors department is not yet started.
 2.If we visit any govt hospital we observe that old patients are neglected if compared to the other age separate wards should be started.

3. govt old age home  should take responsibility of seniors ill health if they are in the home.They should not send them if they are ill. If they die pleae ask them to take responsibility of doing last rites.

4.Many old people are sitting on the roads as beggars  because of their childrens feeling that elders get more money in begging, if it is proved that some one's son is begging son should  be punished

TNC Rangarajan

There is a point about income tax which requires attention.
Many elders invest their savings in the name of their wife. Under section 64 of the Income Tax Act the income from those investments are added to the husband's total income and taxed at the highest rate. Nirmala Seetharaman says that women are not proxies but the Income Tax Act treats them as such. The quirk is that the asset does not belong to him and she can do what she likes with the income but he has to pay tax on that. Many people may not know about this position and are likely to be blackmailed by some bad taxman.  When a working wife is entitled to tax free income of 2,50,000 why not a wife who is given money by her husband which is not only out of love but also as a recompense for all the domestic services that she renders.
It is high time that section 64 is repealed. This will reduce the artificial tax burden on seniors.

G Balasubramanian
Some of the suggestions from my side :-
1.Reserved seats / berths for senior Citizens in Trains and public buses need to be enhanced.
2. Private bus operators  do not  earmark any seats for Senior Citizens. They need to be told by Govt.
3. Senior Citizens  may be provided suitable rebate in Airfares in all flights by all Domestic Airlines. 
4.Tax Exemption limits be revised upwards for Senior Citizens suitably.
 5.Senior Citizens should be given priority over others in all institutions dealing with Public.

Rajen babu

I have one suggestion please.
the varishta yojana of LIC program which is limited to 6,66,000 may be doubled so as the at least seniors can avail decent income to meet the inflation.

Kalluri Subba Rao

In my opinion, the question of aging population and the health and sustainability  of elders in a country must started with a nodal agency to begin with which can be expanded in different directions to take care of the problems of elderly and to use some of them at least  as an asset rather than as a liability. Therefore the Govt of India must  open up at least 4 Institutes to to tackle the problems of elderly in four side of the country. These Institutes must be provided with generous funding by Delhi in order to tackle the phenomenon of aging  from different dimensions including high level research on aging phenomenon in a comprehensive manner. So Far India has failed in this aspect. We do not need Institutions for fashion technology. We need Institutions to convert aging population into a national asset.

some tome back There were some news items that the Govt of India  has started two Institutes for aging research. It is understood that these are personal oriented and not seriously aimed at studying the aging phenomenon  but only to channelize  the funds in a anachronistic way. We need Institutes to examine the aging phenomenon in a scientific manner with deep research (like in USA and and other European countries) to solve the socialistic problems of the society  elders into a national asset through their respective expertise's.

So, Dear Mittel Saheb Present your views in a different manner and come back with success. My best wishes

Prof. Kalluri Subba Rao

RN Mital

1]Reviewed NPOP should be declared. It is more than 4 years ago that the final draft of the reviewed Policy was submitted. 

2]Though NCSC was constituted more than two years ago, so far not even one meeting has been held.

3] Though the constitution for National Commission for Senior Citizens was drafted last year yet its implementation has been shelved, why? It has been our major demand for the last 10 years.

4] The unclaimed amount with various financial entities amounts to around 40,000 crores, yet  corpus is formed with only 9000Crores and even then  the return is proposed to finance the premiums for pension fund. The beneficiaries will thus be young persons and senior citizens will not be benefited. The whole proposal needs a relook.

5]MWPSC Act 2007- though it was enacted 8 years ago yet 10 states and one UT have still not completed the consequential formalities. Even in states where it has been done, the Act has not been fully operationalised because of lack of publicity. We submit that its provisions are extensively publicized particularly in rural areas so that senior citizens become aware of the protection available  to them.

6]We demand Rs3000 per month per person pension, to all 60+ BPLsenior citizens retirees both of  unorganized & organized sectors; with provision of 50% higher pension to the 80+, keeping In line with the principle of  Minimum  Pension of 50% of minimum wage. .

7] We submit that the programme drawn up by MOSJE for the 12th V year Plan(Ref - your Annual Report) and the commitments made by BJP in their Election Manifesto for the welfare of senior citizens should be respected and implemented in a time bound manner. 


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