Saturday, January 17, 2015

Care of the Elderly: Tips for Youth Volunteers

Care of the Elderly: Tips for Youth Volunteers

Tasks that may be needed to be performed by youth volunteers
(Compiled out of contributions from members of sss-global group)

·        Run errands – buy vegetables, food, provisions, medicines etc
·        Deposit cheques  and collect cash – cash cheques from Banks / ATMs
·        Accompany the elder, to doctor, hospital etc
·        Read out letters, books etc
·        Sit and listen to their talking & give company
·        Help in kitchen, cut vegetables, cook, grind materials using mixie
·        Get, supervise and arrange for small repair works plumbing electrical etc
·        Keep company at night when sick
·        Get things repaired – spectacles, hearing aids etc
·        Help as relief / substitute when regular care giver is unavailable for a couple of hours
·        Get laundry. Dhobi work done
·        Pay bills – water, electricity, taxes etc
·        Get photocopies, post courier parcels letters.
·        Make a list of things to be done and remind the elder over phone
·        I think the most important thing they can do is to teach how to deal/communicate with and understand todays' young generation.
·        Teach them use of smart gadgets like smart mobile. Explain and, if possible, rectify aberrations in use of laptops, tabs etc
·        Teach use of e-readers, synchronization with mobile and laptop and the like
·        They may help in: 1)paying bills.2)Cash withdrawals.3)Kitchen help.4)Running errands.5)Taking to doctors.
*   Teach how to deal / communicate with understanding today's younger generation.

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