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Fwd: [sss-global] AP to supply generic medicine through 1,000 stores

AP to supply generic medicine through 1,000 stores

Government proposes to introduce six super specialities at the Vishaka Institute of Medical Sciences

The Andhra Pradesh government plans to set up a chain of 1,000 stores to supply branded generic medicines at one-fourth of the price. The A.P. Medical Infrastructure Development Corporation will procure a wide range of medicines for supply, said Health Minister Kamineni Srinivas.

Dr. Srinivas told presspersons here on Tuesday that it would take at least three months for establishing the stores after the Chief Minister's approval. The modalities of allotting shops – to unemployed youth or others – have to be worked out. The whole idea was to come to the rescue of the common man who was unable to afford costly medicines for ailments like diabetes and hypertension.

The government proposed to introduce six super specialities at the Vishaka Institute of Medical Sciences for which recruitment process was already set in motion. In the government hospitals at Guntur and Kakinada, maternity and child welfare units would be set up at a cost of Rs. 20 crore each. Under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana, 12 super speciality wings would be set up in Anantapur and Vijayawada at a cost of Rs. 150 crore each. Site for setting up the unit was already selected at Anantapur and shortly it would be done in Vijayawada too. A proposal to set up similar super speciality wings in Kurnool and Srikakulam had been sent to the Government of India, Dr. Srinivas said.

He said it was also proposed to open a cardio-thoracic unit in the Guntur hospital under PPA mode. A MoU for this would be signed soon. Further the government planned to conduct medical examination of children in the age group of 6 to 10 years twice a year under the Rashtriya Bal Swasthya scheme.

Biometric system

Another proposal was to introduce biometric system in all government hospitals for doctors, para medical and administrative staff. Hospital development committees were being restructured. Rs. 80 crore would be earmarked for hospital development fund for upgradation of district area hospitals. For convenience of patients' attendants shelters with bathrooms would be provided in hospitals. Chief Minister wanted the government hospitals to be improved so as to access 60 per cent of Arogyasree scheme funds , Dr. Srinivas said.

He said health cards for employees would be issued on October 30 at a function at Ravindra Bharathi. The Chief Minister had also okayed issue of health cards for journalists from December 1. All the family members of journalists, including parents, would be covered under the scheme, the Minister said.


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Pope Francis: meeting with elderly in St Peter's Square Vatican Radio


Pope Francis: meeting with elderly in St Peter's Square Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) A brilliantly sunlit St. Peter's Square was the scene Sunday morning for a great gathering of senior citizens – and especially grandparents – who had come to Rome to be with Pope Francis, to exchange life stories and hear the Holy Father's reflections on the importance, the struggles, and the beauty of life in the old age. People of every state in life were present: elderly clergy and religious, including Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI; single people; married couples, including a couple of elderly refugees from Iraq, Mubarak and Aneesa Hano, Christians from the country's north who have been forced to flee their home by Islamic State militants; and widows and widowers.
"Old age, in particular, is a time of grace," said Pope Francis, "in which the Lord will renew His call: He calls us to preserve and transmit the faith, calls us to pray, especially to intercede; calls us to be close to those who maybe in need." The Holy Father went on to warn against losing sight of and appreciation for the inestimable worth of those, who are in the twilight of life. "A people that does not have care for [the elderly], that does not treat them well, has no future: such a people loses its memory and  its roots."
The key role of grandparents in passing down the faith to a new generation was another major theme of Pope Francis' address, and the central the theme of remarks made by the founder of the Catholic Grandparents Association, Catherine Wiley. Click here for our exclusive interview with Mrs. Wiley.
Please find Vatican Radio's English translation of the Holy Father's remarks, below.


Please find Vatican Radio's English translation of the Holy Father's remarks, below.
Dear brothers and sisters, good morning!
I thank you for coming in such large numbers! And thank you for your festive welcome. Today this is your celebration. It is our celebration! I thank His Excellency Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President Pontifical Council For the Family and all those who have prepared this ceremony.
I listened to the testimonies of some of you  and was struck by the common experiences of many seniors and grandparents. But one was different: that of the brethren from Erbil (i.e. is the largest city and capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq). They  escaped violent persecution in Iraq. To all of them we say together, "thank you" It is really special that you have come to be with us here. This is a gift to the Church. In turn, we offer you our sympathy, our prayers and practical help. It is inhuman to abuse Elders just as it is inhuman to abuse children. But God will not abandon you. He  is with you! With God's help, you are and will continue to be the memory for your people; and also for us, the great family of the Church. Thank you!
These brethren here testify that even in the most difficult tests, the elderly who have faith are like trees that continue to
 bear fruit. And this is true even in the most ordinary of situations where, there may be other forms of temptations and other forms of discrimination. We have heard some such witnesses today.
Old age, in particular, is a time of grace, in which the Lord will renew his call: calls us to preserve and transmit the faith, calls us to pray, especially to intercede; calls us to be close to those who maybe in need. The elderly – grandparents [especially] – have a capacity to understand the most difficult situations: a great ability – and when they pray for these situations, their prayer is strong. It is powerful.
To Grandparents, who have been blessed to see their children's children (cf. Ps 128.6), to them are entrusted an even greater task: to convey the experience of life, the story of a family, the story of a community or even of a people; to share with simplicity their wisdom and the same faith which is the most precious legacy! Blessed are those families who have grandparents nearby! The grandfather is in a way twice a father and the grandmother is twice a mother.
But it is not always  the case that the elderly, the grandfather, grandmother has a family that can accommodate them or upon which they can count. So we welcome the houses for the elderly ... so that they can truly be homes, not prisons! We hope that these homes will truly serve the interests of older persons and not the interests of someone else! There must never be institutions where the elderly are forgotten, hidden or neglected. I feel close to the many elderly people who live in these institutions, and I think with gratitude of those who go to visit them and take care of them. Homes for the elderly should be the "lungs" of humanity in a country, in a neighborhood, in a parish; "sanctuaries" of humanity where those who are old and weak are cared for and taken care of like a brother or a sister. It's good for you to go and visit senior citizens! Look at young people: sometimes seem miserable and sad: Go visit an elderly person and you will become joyful!
But there is also the reality of the abandonment of the elderly: how many times we discard older people with attitudes that are akin to a hidden form of euthanasia! The culture of discarding human beings hurts our world. We discard children, young people and older people under the pretense of maintaining a "balanced",  economic system the center of which is no longer the human person, but money. We are all called to counter this culture of poisonous waste!
We Christians, together with all people of good will, are called to patiently build a more diverse, more welcoming, more humane, more inclusive society, that does not need to discard the weak in body and mind. On the contrary we need a society which measures its success on how the weak are cared for.
As Christians and as citizens, we are called to envision, with imagination and wisdom, ways of dealing with this challenge. A people who do not take care for grandparents, does not treat them well has no future: such a people loses its memory and  its roots. But beware: you too have the responsibility to keep alive these roots in yourself with prayer, the reading of the Gospel and  the works of mercy. It is only is such a manner that we will remain as living trees, that even in old age will not stop bearing fruit.

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Book Review - Shantinagar SCA Convention Souvenir 2014

Book Review: Souvenir Released on the occasion of First Convention of Senior Citizens Associations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad. 28th September 2014

This hundred page book contains 40 articles – 13 in Telugu and rest in English. The selection of articles has done justice to the theme of the convention viz:  "Gracious Ageing with dignity, self confidence, self respect and holistic health".  The topics covered include: productive ageing, elder abuse, healthcare, religion and senior citizens, governmental efforts, history of Telangana, info on SCAs / Institutions like those of Tarnaka, Malkajgiri, Shantinagar, Helpage  etc.

Prof Visweswaraiah traces International conventions and national initiatives succinctly in just pages. On Elder abuse, there are two papers: Vyasamoorthy presents an overview on what society, NGOs, SCAs, individuals, government etc can or should do, while Sri MB Kulkarni discusses same topic in great detail; his listing of tasks for the society is exciting and thought provoking. Papers on religious injunctions on treating the elderly are meaningful. There is one fully scientific paper – not easy to digest by Dr KS Rao. Murthy gives advice on sensitizing youth to respect the elderly. Mital elaborates on the status, problems and solutions of the older persons in India. On the theme of World Elders Day 2014 – Dr Chelikani Rao has a stimulating paper – talks of inclusive growth for all. That the souvenir is very up to date in contents may be seen from the inclusion of comments sent to GOI on (setting up of) National Senior Citizens Commission Bill.

The printing and get up are excellent. It contains about 12 pages of advertisements. The book is bound to be a treasure for souvenir collectors and senior citizens.

Publisher:  Senior Citizens Association, Shantinagar, Masab Tank Hyderabad 500028.
Contact Sri GA Rahim President Mobile: 9948496848 

Dr P Vyasamoorthy
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Water Conservation and the Role of Senior Citizens

Water Conservation and the Role of Senior Citizens

(Contributed by Sri MN Gupta)


We all know that the quantum of sweet water is depleting all over the world. Global warming, climatic changes resulting in diminishing rains coupled with wastage are contributing to it. On the other hand as, year after year, population is increasing; the share of available water per person is automatically decreasing.  Water required to produce some common produce is given in the table below:




Water Required (Liters) for various activities connected to this


1 Liter

1000 Cattle maintenance, milk collection & processing

Coffee Powder

1 Spoon

140   Coffee plantation collection processing


1 Kg

1100 Agriculture


1 Kg

3000 Agriculture


1 Kg

3200 Agriculture


The above statistics are just to depict how precious water is for our daily lives and importance of water conservation for our survival. It is essential to adopt rain water harvesting in a big way not only by digging water harvesting pits but also by reviving abandoned wells, ponds, lakes etc to store water


We senior citizens can play a very useful role in spreading awareness of water conservation by starting from our family and then persuading our neighbors friends and society. We can give small talks in nearby schools for children.  We can help neighbours design rain water harvesting by providing know-how and do-how from suitable sources. We may donate money for prizes for college students for debates / programs on water conservation. While we visit public toilets / hotels etc close taps if they are leaking or complain about them. Here are a few tips on how to save water in our residence:


1.      Do not keep the tap open throughout while brushing and shaving. Better keep water in a mug

2.      Do not let the shower run throughout while bathing; Better use a bucket instead of shower.

3.      Immediately repair or replace a leaking tap.

4.      Use washing machine or dish washer on full load.

5.      Do not throw away water stored the previous day. Use it for washing clothes and utensils, bathing, cooking, watering plants, mopping etc

6.      Use water kept in a bucket or tub for washing vegetables, rice, pulses etc instead of washing in running water. Water left over after washing can be used for watering plants

7.      Replace Old type of flush tanks with slim line flush which hold lesser water.


These are only few tips of saving water. If we observe critically, we will be able to detect many more ways how domestic water gets wasted and how it can be conserved. Today it might appear an exaggeration but in future there may be wars to get control on water resources instead of oil, in case we do not stop wasting water all over the world.


Dr P Vyasamoorthy
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Note on IDOP function organized by HelpAge AP on 1st October 2014 in Hyderabad

Note on IDOP function organized by HelpAge AP on 1st October 2014 in Hyderabad


HelpAge (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) organized a grand function celebrating International Day of the Older Persons. In the morning there was a successful Walkathon flagged off by Sri Anurag Sharma Director General of Police. In the afternoon there was a huge gathering of senior citizens, both elite and poor. The latter came from Patancheru, Chot  Uppal, Medak, Yadagirigutta, Ramagiri etc.  The PS Telugu University Auditorium was packed with people sitting everywhere – even on floor with dozens standing near the doors. HelpAge managed to muster support from some twenty four organizations – NGOs, Govt Departments, Municipalities, Lions Clubs, Public / Private sector Units etc. Complete list is amazing to read and applaud.


Before the meeting part could begin we were entertained for nearly an hour by Ramakrishna Rao and his group. I could see many people asking for their contact details – proof that their performance was laudatory. Sri Rajalingam gave mimicry items; Sri GV Raju sang Laddu Laddu song, this time accompanied by instruments to support. (see audio clip here: )



Dr N K Raju of BDL and Dr AN Gupta of Premier Explosives were Guests of Honour. Sri T Rajaiah, Deputy CM could not participate as he was busy with – who else? – CM – KCR garu. Other people on the dias included: Sri Dass, Sri Uppula Gopala Rao Dr Rao Chelikani, Dr Nageswara Rao, Sri Linga Reddy, Sri Mohan Reddy etc After formal prayers and Jyothi lighting speakers were called in.


Sri Dass spoke in Telugu for the first time and he did very well being a first timer. He welcomed all, thanked everyone for co-operation. Told us how BDL and Premier Explosives were highly supportive in their mobile medical van projects. Sri Gopala Rao  appreciated HelpAge for serving the poor. He said he was   consulted in preparing HelpAge India's Vision 2020 document. Dr Rao Chelikani traced the development / history behind IDOP. He also briefed on the theme of 2014 IDOP viz: A society for all ages – Leaving no one behind". He also emphasized the need for senior citizens helping senior citizens. Sri Nageswar Rao noticed the presence of a large number of rural poor senior citizens among the audience.  He mentioned about advantages of generic medicines and said more such jeevanadhara shops must come up in rural areas.


Sri Raju of BDL said they selected HelpAge for extending their support as that would ensure proper utilization of funds without mis-appropriation. He declared that another medical mobile unit will be funded (Rs 65 lakhs) soon to be placed in Ibrahimpatnam in RR District. We should teach our children to respect elders – this must be a movement of sorts he emphasized. Sri Dass commented that as a part of their SAVE (students Action Value Education) program nearly 7000 schools have been engaged in sensitizing school children.


Dr Gupta of Premier Explosives also assured that one more mobile medical unit (Rs 65 Lakhs) will be funded soon.  His company is helping the poor in Yadagrigutta with free medicines and medicare. He was of the opinion that  the CSR contribution must be raised from present 2% to 20%. For middle class elders a number of DCCs must come up of payment basis, he suggested.


The meeting was followed by Awards Ceremony. HelpAge had conducted several sports activities where MMUs are located and among rural SHGs formed by them. Several scores of participants winning in these events were given prizes. Then several senior citizens were honored with  

"Social Responsibility Awards" – with nicely framed certificates, Shawl etc.  Some Awardees I can remember the names are: Sri IVLN Chary, Dr P Vyasamoorthy, Sri Lohitaksha Menon, Sri Seetharamaswamy). The function was a great success impacting on all concerned – NGOs, SHGs, SCAs etc





Dr P Vyasamoorthy
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WED State Function 2014 Notes

Note on Telangana State Level Function on International Day of Older Persons held on 1st October 2014 in Indira Priyadarsini Auditorium Hyderabad


The meeting, which started on time at 10:30 am, was organized by the Department of Women and Child Welfare Disabled welfare and Senior Citizens. Smt Lata Mittal rendered the Prayer.  The hall was jam-packed with about 600 participants. We were entertained for nearly half an hour by songs. Smt Mamata Bai did a splendid job as Master of Ceremonies. Dr Krishnamurthy gave a Telugu song, followed by a Hindi song by Ms Chandrakala.  Sri Rajkumar of GHMC Played lively songs on Mouth Organ. Sri Chowdhary from LB Nagar narrated some jokes. Sri Chandrasekar gave the famous Jai Telangana song.


Seated on the dais were: Sri Sunil Kumar Sharma, Principal Secretary (WCDS), Smt Amarpali Kata, Director; Sri  Mohan Reddy President Fesco;  Dr Rao Chelikani, Hon President Fesco; Sri V Nageswara Rao President, Tesccon; Smt Sailaja Director Disabled Welfare; Sri Kanakaratnam Secretary General Fesco, Sri Uppula Gopala Rao. In the row behind many seniors including Ms Kamashi, Ms Sarojini Narasimha and others were present.


Ms Amarpali welcomed all on behalf of the department. She said the Telangana Government is keen on the welfare of senior citizens. MWPSCA provides protection and security much needed for older persons. A state level policy based on NPOP has been formulated. Both short term (1 year) and long term (5 years) plan of action has been drawn up. One OAH in each district has been planned. Raising awareness among people is a huge task and in this we can progress with a targeted approach and focusing on results. She was humorous taking a dig at their own deficiencies.


Sri Mohan Reddy: He asked for Bus Fare Concession, land for a building for FESCO. He mentioned that when we approach department officials we have personal axe to grind and are only representing the poor senior citizens, voicing their plight. The department must conduct frequent meetings and interactions with SCAs to know the pulse of the people. He proved to be a seasoned politician making a rhetorical resounding speech.


Sri V Nageswara Rao: He said though some 24 demands were made in 2010 and repeated year after year but only one demand – Old Age Pension – has been heard.  Hundreds of letters have been sent to the department but only one reply has come so far. He also lamented on the lack of support from media.


Next, Sri Kanakaratnam made the longest speech despite promising to be short and said senior citizens can be used for counseling in police stations; Govt must utilize the wisdom and experience untapped in elders. Ms Kamakshi sensed the mood and made the shortest but powerful speech: requested the government to open a window for frequent interaction with senior citizens so that our energies and wisdom could be tapped – to help us give back to the society what they have given us. Thereafter, Sri Mustafa Ansari from karimnagar, mentioned how cases under 498A have been tackled helping people avoid even filing FIR; how they have tied up with hospitals to offer lowest rates for seniors' heath care; How they have counseled Failed Inter Students to help them pass in successive attempts. Sri Gopala Rao urged the government to implement NPOP in full; He said that State and district committees must be re-vamped and made to meet often. His paper was distributed to avoid a lengthy talk.


Dr Rao Chelikani was the only person to speak on the Theme of IDOP for 2014: "Leaving no one behind; Promoting the Society for All". This involves ensuring the concept of Inclusive growth – all sections must have equal opportunity to grow and prosper.


Sri Sunil Sharma, on behalf of the department, assured that MWPSCA will be implemented in full; he said OAHs are not a complete solution to our problems; He narrated many cases showing how retired employees have been taken as advisors who have proved extremely useful. Retirees should pursue hobbies that they could not do during working years. He said that the Chief Minister of Telangana is keen on Seniors' issue.


Smt Sailaja did not speak but was seen busy with Awards certificates, citations and the contribution of her team could be felt in smooth progress of the event.


This was followed by Awards distribution ceremony. Sixteen institutions / Individuals were honored. Complete list is appended. Awardees were given a certificate, shawl, a cash envelope containing Rs 1500/-; of course they were photographed. A brief citation was read out about each.


If the Awards function had been sandwiched between entertainment and routine speeches, the hall may not have been almost empty when awards were given out. It is very sad to note that senior citizens themselves do not feel it necessary to have patience, to participate and to applaud those receiving awards. What right do we have to complain about neglect by the rest of the society?


On their way out, participants were give Food packets as it was almost time for lunch.



List of Awardees



Senior Citizens Welfare Association ASRao Nagar Hyderabad  (Best in Research on Ageing) (Dr G Nageshwar Rao)


Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad (Best Institution award) (Ms Kamakshi)


Social Action for Integrated Development Services, Adilabad (Best Inst award)


Marakook Village Panchayat, Medak (Best District / Panchayat)


Senior Citizens Forum Subash Nagar Nizamabad  (Best Urban Local Body)


AD, DWSC, Karimnagar (Best Dist in implementing MWPSCA)


Chamber of Commerce, Khammam (best private sector organization)


Prashant Clinic, khammam (best private sector organization)



Sri Pola Nagaiah Gupta Khammam (95) Centenarian


Smt Sarojini Narasimhan Secunderabad (Iconic mother)


Sro Vure Venkaiah, Nalgonda (Lifetime achievement)


Md Mustafa Ansari, Kashim Gadda Karimnagar (lifetime achievement)


Sri Thota Lakshman Rao, Karimnagar ( creative arts))


Sri Kondaveti Radhakrishna, Ibrahimpatnam RR District


Smt V Subbamma (Sports and Adventure)


Dr Kasthala Sudhakar Adilabad


Dr P Vyasamoorthy
30 Gruhalakshmi Colony, Secunderabad 500015 Telangana
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Some lamentations about meetings

Some lamentations about meetings


One observation I cannot resist making: As in ALL meetings that I have participated, - without exceptions - where Awards giving is a part of the function, this part is almost always relegated to be the last item. When the awards are distributed, the hall gets emptied and after a few minutes; only the dignitaries and officials handing over the awards / certificates, awardees (perhaps his family and friends) and the photographer remains. Even the fellow awardees disappear. Most awardees do not have even a single person to clap or notice. If senior citizens can not have the patience to wait, clap, applaud their own colleagues being felicitated, what a disgrace! Do we have a right feeling neglected from other sections of the society? To organizers, I would to strongly appeal to wedge awards function in the middle of entire meeting.


Another thing I have noticed: When there are, say, ten persons on the dais, the first few who are asked to speak must have sense to limit their talking appropriately and finish in time leaving the podium for others. Most often, the speakers in Q are given lesser and lesser time, making it a mockery of sorts. When all dignitaries are placed in one row how can one presume he is more important than others and take away all the time to oneself? Senior Citizens are the worst offenders and most do not leave the mike unless reminded at least twice. After all, none of us have anything earth-shakingly new to share. 

Event organizers must learn from rich experience they have and avoid these lapses carefully.




Dr P Vyasamoorthy
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