Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hyderabad Elders Helpline 1253

This message is specially for Seniors residing in the twin cities of
Secunderabad- Hyderabad

Under the aegis of Twin Cities Senior Citizens Confederation, HelpAge
India and Hyderabad Police department, a special elders helpline 1253
has started functioning from central police control room premises.

Formal inauguration may take place after 2nd June.

This No. is presently accessible on 24/7 basis and can be contacted
through BSNL mobile and land lines only.

We are trying to convince other telecom operators also to allow access
to this number on their mobile / LL networks

All seniors of twin cities are requested to avail this facility when
ever they require information / help of any kind.

IVLN Chary
Vice President
Twin Cities Senior Citizens' Confederation

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ruparelia: What can senior citizens do for Society

This document by Sri MV Ruparelia beautifully enumerates many (innovative) activities how senior citizens can help society. Also tells comprehensively what various segments of our society can do to senior citizens. My only observation is that this write up is too selfishly "senior-centric", totally ignoring the truth that we are just one part of the whole. The whole world can not and should not think of senior citizens all 24 hours of 365 days of the year. ========

Friday, May 23, 2014

Google and I

This refers to Sri Govindarajan's message (reproduced below) giving link to Perry Mason Novels

Thanks for a very useful link. 
Very useful for oldies like us who lived in ESG (Earle Stanley Gardner) era.
Indeed, that Bihar Public Service Commission website is an Odd place to look for it.
Only Google could have led you to this source.

Last night, I woke up midway after an alarming horrific dream: 
Google had suddenly disappeared without a trace like MH370.
I was so shattered and confused that I sat up dazed.
Then I started Isha Kriya Meditation to calm my mind.
Started repeating: "I am not the Body; I am not even the Mind" 
Then I could not recollect the third sentence that follows the above two;
However much I tried my memory failed.
Got up, (it was 3:10 am) switched on the PC and searched Google.
Got instructions for Isha Kriya meditation from Isha Yoga site.
Discovered to my utter surprise and relief that there are only two sentences to repeat:
"I am not the body. " I am not even the mind"
There is no third sentence to  recall or recollect!!!
Also realized that GOOGLE has not disappeared.
Ecstatic with joy, I spent another hour without sleep --
thereafter slept off till 7:30 am!!!


Dr P Vyasamoorthy
President: Society for Serving Seniors
30 Gruhalakshmi Colony, Secunderabad 500015. LL 040-27846631 / Mobile: 9490804278

FEAR can be handled easily if you convert "Forget Everything And Run" to "Face Everything and Rise"

On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 6:48 AM, 'Govindarajan.L.N.' [sss-global] <> wrote:

Before the television invasion, reading was the main pastime. Perry Mason novels were very popular. These books were available at roadside private lending libraries at affordable cost. When I read a mail on Erle Stanley Gardner in SSS forum,  I had an urge to read the novels again. I googled and found that 88 Novels are available for free download from Bihar Public Service commission site. Here is the link.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fwd: Sub: Inauguration of India’s first Tele-Medicine Enabled ETCM - Nightingales Dementia Care Center in Kolar – Invitation

Greetings from Nightingales!

Having developed various innovative support systems for the wellbeing
of the older persons in the areas of mitigating loneliness through
enrichment centers, combating elder abuse, financially empowering
needy elders, medical care for aged in rural areas and dementia care
through Nightingales Centre for Ageing & Alzheimer's (NCAA) now
Nightingales Medical Trust (NMT), a registered non-profit organization
( is embarking on a major challenge of
making dementia care accessible, efficient and affordable in India.

Dementia is emerging as an epidemic, with 3.7 million elderly living
with this illness according to the Dementia India report. Dementia is
a neurodegenerative disease characterized by a progressive, global
deterioration in intellect including memory, learning, orientation,
language, comprehension and judgment due to disease of the brain.
There is no definitive cure for dementia and preventive strategies are
lacking in evidence.

Since 2010, Nightingales Centre for Ageing & Alzheimer's (NCAA), an 86
bed facility, has been providing a wide range of services, including
institutional care for people with dementia. Being the largest
institutional care facility in the country, patients not only from
Bangalore but also from other parts of the country are utilizing the
services. Yet, the demand is growing day by day.

To bring down the cost of institutional care for dementia patients and
to benefit more needy patients, NMT is planning to establish a few
Satellite Dementia Care Centers by using Technology and Tele-Dementia
Management Solutions based on a Hub & Spokes Model with Nightingales
Centre for Ageing & Alzheimer's as the hub. As a pilot project
Nightingales is establishing the first such centre , a 35 bed
facility, at Kolar town at the premises of ETCM hospital. Once this
pilot project becomes a success, we will be setting up more satellite
units like this in different towns and cities in India enabling
affordable, accessible and efficient dementia care.

Now, the Centre at Kolar is ready to be functional and is being
inaugurated on Tuesday, the 27th May at the premises of ETCM Hospital,
Kolar at 11.30AM. Dr. K. kasturiranagan, Member, Planning Commission
of India and Chairman of Karnataka Knowledge Commission has kindly
consented to be the Chief Guest. Ms Meera Pattabiraman, Chairperson,
Alzheimer's & Related Disorder Society of India will be the Guest of
Honor and Dr. Taranath S. Sagar, Bishop at Methodist Church in India
will preside over the function.

A formal invitation is attached. We request you to kindly make it
convenient to grace the occasion with your presence.

Assuring you the best of our services for the well being those who are
affected with Dementia

Thanking you

Dr Radha S Murthy

Managing Trustee

Nightingales Medical Trust


Mob : 9844037381

Saturday, May 10, 2014

List of books - both print and Ebook - published by P Vyasamoorthy

Books - both print and Ebooks - by Dr P Vyasamoorthy (as of May 2014)

1.      Unsolicited Advice to Enigmatic Elders: Too many Questions, Too few Answers.
A5. 120 pages. May 2010. Rs 200.00 for paper print version Order at:
Ebook Version free from Author.
2.      29 Questions that our MPs asked about Senior Citizens and the Answers they got.(During 2009-2010) 60 pages. 2010. Available free at:
3.      Let Us Laugh At Ourselves: A Collection of Jokes on Frailties of Old Age. A5. 90 pages. Ebook Available for free download at:
4.      A Directory of NGOs and VOs in Andhra Pradesh working in the area of the Aged and Elderly Persons. A4. June 2010 108 pages. Ebook available for free at:
5.      Directories similar to item 4 for Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu are available with Author prepared in same year.
6.      Pebbles on the Shore. A Collection of Short Stories by VK Narasimhan. A5. 58 pages. Thirteen Stories. June 2011. (Compiled in ebook - pdf format by Vyasamoorthy).

7.      AISCCON Guide for Elder Care Homes. Co-authored with Prof V Ramamurti. Published AISCCON. 2012. 90 pages. Soft Copy version also available with Author.

Information seeking behaviour of the Elderly