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Google brings School mates together after a gap of 35 years

Google brings old class mates together

Following three messages show how I could help a friend, Lata in Mumbai meet her friend R Jayashre in Chennai after a gap of 35 years. They were school mates long ago. 
I recollected this when I saw the video showing how two senior citizens got united thanks to the grand children using Google in innovative ways. 
Just thought I should record my small help  to Lata & Jayashree somewhere; hence this post.
Message 1.
On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 11:54 AM, subbulata <> wrote:
Dear Members,

re : looking for contact of sub editor chennai indian express 1970
1975/K.V. Jagannathan the editor of kalai Magal at one  time

My name is Mrs. Lata Subbaraman, I was born and brought up in
Chennai and moved to Mumbai post marriage.  I am trying to find some
of my old friends from my school days. One of my best friends is
R.Jayashree (maiden name, R. stood for Ramani.) Her father used to
be sub-editor in Indian Express, Chennai some where in this period
1970 -1975 (ish), His name was Mr. Ramani.I don't know his full
name. Would anyone by any chance have his contact details in your
records/ last known address, for me to re-establish contact with his
daughter Jayashree.

Am in Chennai for the next 2 months and would like to contact my
best friend from school.  I did go to my alma mater, Monahan Girls'
High School, where the records didn't have most recent address.
I have also heard, that she was married to the son of  Mr. K. V.
Jaganathan the editor of  Kalaimagal (Tamil magazine)..

Please do contact me by return if any of you have any known updates
on Mr. Ramani sub editor of Indian Express/ Or Mr. Ki. Va. Ja's
family as mentioned above.

Please contact me by e-mail or by mobile no.99529740334

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and regards
Mrs. Lata Subbaraman

Message 2.

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 13:23:11 +0530
Subject: Re: [Thatha_Patty] looking for contact subeditor chennai indian express 1970 1975/K.V. Jagannathan

Dear Ms Lata

I am giving below the obituary news about Swaminathan  (Sri Ramani's brother)

J.SWAMINATHAN (69yrs) S/o Ki.Va.Ja, suddenly expired at 8-30am on 14-05-2008 leaving behind his Wife, Two-Daughters, Brothers, Sister and Grandchildren. Chitra (Wife), Priya and Vidya (Daughters). Cremation at Besant Nagar on 16-5-08 at 10am. Phone: 044- 24956165 / 9381004656
You may contact the phone numbers given above to get to know whereabouts of Sri Ramani.
-- husband of your friend.

Dr P Vyasamoorthy, 30, Gruhalakshmi Colony,
Secunderabad 500015. Ph: LL: 040-27846631 Cell: 9490804278 I blog at:

"We are all geniuses up to the age of ten." - Aldous Huxley
 Me ssage3.
From: Lata Subbaraman <>
Date: Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 10:28 PM
Subject: RE: [Thatha_Patty] looking for contact subeditor chennai indian express 1970 1975/K.V. Jagannathan

Dear Dr.Vyasamoorthy,

Thank you for your mail and assistance.  Further to  my previous request for my friends contact details, posted earlier today, I am very PLEASED to inform, that I was able to contact my dearest and best friend Jayashree, thanks to you!!!

For 35 years since leaving school, i have often thought of getting in touch with her, but didnt know how. Usually women tend to leave friendships once they get married, even if they dont want to. MOving to another city, also didnt help.

That being said, yes, its been 35 years, and i was finally able to talk to her. And you know what? Nothing changed. We had the same love and affection even today just as the time we were school kids. We talked on the phone and reminisced about our innocent times together, family, friends teachers et al.

We will be meeting tomorrow.  She too sends her heartfelt thanks to you. 

She asked me how I was able to contact her, and I told her that I wrote an e-mail in our group and you helped me .  Once again Thankyou very much for uniting me with my best childhood friend. Big thank you for thatha patty group .

And thank you once again Dr. Vyasamoorthy.

Thank you and god bless,

Warm regards,
Mrs. Lata Subbaraman


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