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World Elders Day - Hyderabad District Function - Tarnaka 4th October 2013

REPORT ON World Elders day Celebrations on 4th October 2013
Report by IVLN Chary
International day of Older Persons was celebrated by Hyderabad dist of Government of Andhra Pradesh, Department of the welfare of disabled & senior citizens from 10 AM on 4th October 2013  at Vijayapuri Colony Welfare Association, Tarnaka, Hyderabad. This was from Hyderabad District exclusively.

The chief guest of the function was Smt Rekharani, Addl. Joint collector, Hyderabad Dist. The proceeding were conducted by Prof. Visveswaraiah. The other dignitaries on the dais were: Sri Mital AISCCON, Sri L Kishan, RDO Secunderabad, Sri S. Das, Director State Head Help Age India, Hyderabad,  Sri B Linga reddy TCSCCON,  Smt Radha Ramaiah  Secretary Mahila Dakshata Samithi, Smt Manjula Kalyan, Secretary Swayam krushi an NGO for special children.

Smt Rekharani in her address mentioned her own life as an illustration. Married to an IPS officer at the age of 22, losing him at 23 as he was killed by naxals in Karimnagar dist and returning to her parents who were government officials who took her in, gave her hope, educated her till she was selected as an RDO in AP Govt. She said, her son calls her parents as nanna and amma and her as akka. The boy won many gold medals and now at 23 is in USA. All this was only possible due to her parents guiding her and her son’s life. She is loath to use the term Senior citizens and preferred  the term “Super seniors “  She paid  a compliment to the seniors by comparing them to Hanuman  who did not realize his own strength till reminded. Seniors who have seen most of the ups and downs of life are an asset to the community and have to be treated as such.

Then she honoured the following seniors with a shawl and a memento. These seniors are from different walks of life and contributed to the welfare of other seniors.

                Sri IVLN Chary
Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad
                Sri IM Bhalla
Association of senior citizens, Hyderabad
                Smt Radha Ramaiah
Integrated program for older persons
                Smt Manjula Kalyan
Self reliance for mentally challenged
                Sri DS Sastry
Senior Citizens Forum, Tarnaka.
                Sri NV Raman
Senior Citizens Forum, Gandhi nagar
                Smt NM Rajeshwari
Thodu Needa, Institutional award
                Dr. P Ragavaraddy
                Sri RN Mital
                Sri D Prabhakar rao

This was followed by speeches of dignitaries and recipients of honours.

The function is very well organized thanks to untiring efforts of Sri B Linga Reddy, President of Twin Cities Senior Citizens Confederation, Sri D Sudarshan Asst Director, Welfare of Disabled & Sr. Citizens, Hyderabad dist, Govt of AP  and Help Age India.

About 150 seniors attended the meeting. Meeting ended with lunch served for all. Description:

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