Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Problems with moderating Yahoo Groups

During the past few months problems in using Yahoo Groups have
multiplied. I have been moderating a decent Yahoo Group sss-global for
the past 12 years. THere are more than 680 members - all are senior
citizens - 60+ who are Net Savvy. There are many problems in running
this group.

1. The number of active members (subscribers) is shown on home page of
the group at the URL: When additions and deletions
of members is made the number shown in the Home Page does not tally. I
do know that this information has to be fetched from a different
independent server that hold info of ALL groups. Still even after days
the data on Group Home Page does not get updated.

2. The facility of "Direct Addition of Member" has been discontinued.
This is a great loss. When invites are sent, they never arrive at
potential member's inbox.

3. Digest mode of delivery of messages trims off some messages every
day. Not all messages are delivered. Attachments and images are lost
in digest mode.

4. Recent changes of Yahoo Groups have added to my worries.
Subscribers are missing messages. Messages are delivered erratically,
out of turn. Most messages land in Spam folder. Email
addresses suffer most.

5. While messages appear in Server site they fail to reach member's Inbox.

6. Changes made to delivery mode are not honored.

7. Many illegal members gain membership without knowledge of
moderator. No simple way to delete them.

8. At times Removing a Member does not work.

9. Current web side changes are difficult to understand and use. Confusing.

10. Large scale complaints from members about non-delivery of their
posts, non-receipt of messages

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