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What were you doing on August 15, 1947?

What were you doing on August 15th 1947?

What were you doing when India got Independence?

This question was posed by Mr Tom Holloway in sss-global.  Many members responded. He promised to include interesting ones in his website Time witnesses. Stories and write ups that we received  in sss-global are reproduced below for reading and enjoying once again. Contributor’s names are mentioned at the eand of each post. Entries are separated  for clarity.

Some editing has been attempted to remove gross spelling / grammatical errors. This compilation has been prompted by a recent call : “Those were the days”  for similar stories in the Silvertalkies website. Incidentally I am also trying to learn what is placing a trackback comments are all about! Read on ---- Vyasamoorthy
(Please also read Recollections of Childhood days by K Krishna Rao.)

During the period we were staying at Vijayawada, Governor pet, Seshadri Shastry Street.

I was eight year old. My parents were not the type to impose restrictions on us the children. We used to roam every where as fancy takes us. 

But 15th Aug 1947 was very special. Preparations by the public started a day in advance. All streets were decked up with Congress flags. 

paper flags were distributed freely to all children.But real excitement was on 15th morning. There were plenty of lorries on the roads. You only had to 
wave a hand and a lorry used to stop. Scramble hurriedly on board and the driver used to drive around Vijayawada and leave us at a far away place.

Then again wave a lorry down coming from opposite direction and scramble up. Oh what an enjoyment!

We were not idle travellers!  There was much laughter and plenty of slogan shouting.

BOLO BHARAT MATA KI                                      JAI
MAHATMA GANDHI KI                                        JAI
JAWAHARLAL NEHRU KI                                     JAI

It is there that I discovered that I could shout well and musically too. So instantly I became the lead to the other JAI shouting crowds. We greeted similar crowds on different lorries passing by.  We children were treated to ice cream  and sweets aplenty by smiling shop keepers.  The happiness was infectious and delirious crowds roamed the roads hugging each other including strangers.

It was late in the afternoon that happy but tired and with hoarse voices , we finally made an appearance in our homes.

I was 20 years of age.  As a  student of Allahabad University --we hoisted the national Flag at the stroke of 12 --mid night  on our Hostel building.--we heard the speech of Pandit Nehru to  Nation --on the Radio --He was addressing the members of  parliament -- "  we did not sleep the whole --night---In the morning we had Flag hoisting at the University.   

c sarvothamrao (now 86)

As the world slept India awoke to freedom.  

My parents, freedom fighters, were special invitees at the midnight function in the town hall.  We hoisted the flag at home. Attended two public meetings -  at the first my elder sister (my mother was a political prisoner and delivered her child in the jail) and I sang Naadee Swatantra desam... ( mine is an independent country..(telugu). and later at the educational institution Bharata bhoomi Manade Nedu (  today Bharat is ours...). 

The District Collector, an Englishman, took the salute at the ceremonial parade. It was a sight to see an Englishman hoisting the Indian flag and with quiet dignity saluting it.

The euphoria was undescribable.  But we were sobered by Gandhiji declining to be at Delhi and instead saw his mission as quenching the communal fires.

I was 6 years old and hardly knew the significance of “INDEPENDENCE OF INDIA.” I was born in a small village. The nearest town “Amalapuram “in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh was 4 miles away, the most happening place.

In an era when a person, who did M.A.,B.Ed.,  was considered highly qualified, learned and respected, my uncle was a lecturer in Bhadruka College at Hyderabad.  He came home for a holiday, gathered all the children and informed that India will become independent on 15th August, 1947. He taught us the song  “LET US SING FROM HIMADRI TO KUMARI (KANYA KUMARI) THE VICTORY OF BHARAT,”  and made us rehearse for signing on the memorable  day.

On 15th morning about 15/20 boys from our village walked down to the town.  There were celebrations all over the town, sweets distribution, and battery-run mikes playing on the dominant 78 rpm needle record player of HMV the famous singer GHANTASALA’S  all time  favorite song :

(Declare that independence is our birth right, and fight all opposition fearlessly).

I did not understand the cause for celebrations, but  was happy to receive and enjoy the sweets, and returned home by evening.

I was five when India got independence. I just remember my elder brother (7) shouting with great joy to me:

"Vyasi, Namakku Sudhandhiram vandhudichi da" several times. I found that a few 'uncles' (youngsters in their teens or twenties) moving around without fear -- they had earlier taken part in activities that would invite being imprisoned and they always used to move about stealthily. We were strictly told not to say anything about their whereabouts to anyone!!

Dr P Vyasamoorthy

I was 4 years and at Aurangabad -Hyderabad state was Razaakar territory !!
I remember my father giving me a tricolor and shouting Bharath mata ki jai and singing Janagana mana ! and I was shouting Roomi Topi Murdabad Gandhi topi Zindabad  in the home. My father, having taken part in 1942 quit India movement, had named me in 1943 Bharath Bhushan!!

ABB  (Avula Bharath Bhushan)

Besides the sweets and the holiday we enjoyed, I remember one of my uncles who had failed in his B.Sc. exams got 5 grace marks and passed!  If the 15th Aug of 1947 was today, my thought would be,- Events happen, how I could contribute to it positively and be a tool in His hands to fulfil His wish.
Om Tat Sat, Amen

Sajjan Singh

My paternal uncles are freedom fighters and Tamarapatra Awardees.But I don’t know what they or I did on Aug 15, 1947.


It was my 10th Birthday (Born on 15-8-37).  My mother had prepared sweet dish though normally we celebrate star birthday only. My mother said this sweet is to celebrate birthday of our nation. It was my grandfather who had explained the hard days of congressmen_(of yesteryears) to fight for us. The details included the great service of "Netaji". Till date India had been missing the great war stories of this leader.

Krishnamurthy Venkatraman
From: YVSR Murty

On 15th. August 1947.
I was 11 (eleven) years studying 2nd. form at Municipal High School, Vizianagaram [then in Madras presidency - now in AP].

I was staying in only maternal uncle (who was a Mokasadar of Sangivalasa Village nearby)
My uncle and Aunt used to work on Charka at least once in a week.Some times they used to wear Khadi Dhoti & Sari made out of the thread by them.

At about 7 AM we the students gathered at the open space [of about 5 Acres+) of our High School. I could not recollect who hoisted our National Flag.  After singing of National anthem and other songs we were asked to go to Vizayanagaram Rajs's  FORT which was about 1/2 mile (about 0.8 KM) from the high school.

That was the 2nd. time I entered (or permitted to enter- the 1st. time being some tin 1946 when Yuva Raja Pattabhishekam  was performed to Sri P.V.G.RAJU. Later he was Educational Minister in AP. We roamed all inside [except residential palaces] . We were very Jubilant and happy. We were thrilled to see such palaces and cars Motor cycles, furniture etc.

In that emotional mood I declared [I was having 8 followers, who used to get my advices]
that the English will be removed from our time table. They believed. When we attended the class next day English attended and took some lessons. My friends asked me about this, I told them that if he is removed immediately how he can leave.

From next year we need not study English. I throw my English text and notes . Next year I was shifted to Visakhapatnam. I never studied English till my 5th. Form [with a hope that it will be removed]

I hated English for long time. I understand the cost of hatred. Even now I attend the Independent day and Republic in some place or other wherever. about 6 years back I was in Shiridi on 15th. August. I left my family group and attended to near by high school where they are celebrating. After the function some body enquired about me. 

Its a great IDEA.  I was a student of 8th class (4th Form) in Mahabub collge., Sec.Bad. All trains to places outside Nizam's state were stopped. People who wanted have already left the state.We were still in the state.
 6/7of us students went to the school. It was deserted. Principal Koteeshwaran was in his room. Our monitar Mr. Hanumantha reddy, went to the blackboard and wrote "JAI HIND"  we immediately shouted Jai Hind. Koteshwaran on hearing the shouts came running (imagine his running!!)  shouting idiots, fools etc. We ran away to other rooms. He  cleaned the board and was gasping for breath. we all came into the room. He patted us all and said : its ok but you can not do .  Go home and sent us out . Few people know this incident but I will remember till my last day.

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