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Recollections of Childhood Days - Khanapur Krishna Rao

Recollections of childhood days:
Khanapur Krishna Rao
(Extract from: sss-global)

My childhood days:

My father lived in Kalasiguda. After their family partition a house was constructed in Jeera Compound in the year 1934. I was the first child to be born in that house. That hose bearing nos  32 and 33 Jeera compound (Secunderabad, AP) still exists and elder brothers children live there.

In 1943 I joined in Govt primary school at Market near Monda Market in class 2. I studied up to 4 th class till 1946 and joined Mahboob College High School.

During the period at Govt school, I used to walk from Jeera compound house carrying a small tiffin carrier with Sambar rice or curd rice for after noon lunch. As there were no large buildings upto Bible house, it was a huge open land. I used to walk along the left side of Kingsway (now Rashtrapathi Road) up to Ghasmandi cross road. In rainy season I walked along the “pials” of the shops to escape rain as I could not afford an umbrella.
After school hours from 10 am to 4 pm I will walk down to home along the same route seeing all the shops. I was wearing a half pant and half shirt without even chappals.

I was given a sandals by my father costing Rs 2. I lost this sandal in school having forgotten after the Drill period. As a punishment I did not get any chappal or sandal till I entered Nizam College in 1952.

The primary school building where I studied was shown to all my children and grand children in 2010 when they visited from foreign countries to celebrate my 75th Birthday and 50th wedding anniversary. Presently when I saw in Feb 2012, the primary school building was demolished for reconstruction.

This recollection is one of my sweet memories and was relished by my children and grand children when I narrated the story of my Primary school.

I retired as Executive Engineer from Military Engineer services on 31 July 1993. Salary last drawn : INR 8,400. 

khanapur Krishna Rao

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