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I've shared an item with you.

This is the best article I have read on crimes against senior citizens. Written by Sri RN Mital. 

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Rising Crimes Against Senior Citizens

By R.N.Mital

Introduction - I like to bring to your notice a recent development where under 

the patronage of UNO the Help Age International undertook a study of the 

comparative well being of the Elderly in different countries. They selected 91 

countries for which data was available with them. 13 indicators were identified 

which define to a great extent the well being of Senior Citizens such as social and 

financial security, health care, shelter and emotional happiness etc.

Afganistan was found to be at the lowest rung of the ladder, on top were Norway 

and Sweden, China was found at level 35.

Where do you think our Country was found to be. You may be expecting that India 

would be near the top being the one where traditions enjoin us to honour our 

elders, respect them, venerate them. It is the land where idols like Shravan Kumar 

were born. 

But unfortunately now the ground realities are very different. You will be 

disappointed to know that we were ranked almost at the bottom, close to 

Afganistan, at level 73. Even Countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam were 

much higher than our Country. Sri Lanka was among the top 4 in SE Asia, Japan 

being at no 10, at the top.

Thus friends a lot more has to be done in our Country if we want to see that our 

Elders can spend their twilight years in reasonable comfort, 

Unprecedented Phenomenon – You know that India is ageing and ageing 

very fast. It is a phenomenon which is unprecedented in human history. The 

population of senior citizens has increased from around 2 crores in 1951 to more 

than 10 crores in 2013. The major reasons for this fast increase is the sharp 

increase in the life span and declining fertility. In fact this is the only segment of 

society which is growing larger and larger and getting poorer and poorer. 

Today the poorest among the poor is a senior citizen. An old man competing with 

street dogs and rummaging through dust bins for food crumbs outside a hotel is 

not an uncommon sight. 

The reduction in fertility level, reinforced by a steady increase in life expectancy, 

has produced fundamental changes in the age structure of the population. This 

fact has exposed the senior citizens to various problems such as age related 

poverty and health problems, elder abuse, social isolation etc.

Indifference towards Issues of Elderly - Unfortunately there has been an 

indifference both on part of the media and the Government towards the issues 

which arise due to the ageing of the population. As a result, according to a survey 

70% Senior Citizens belong to BPL category or close to it and live in villages, of 

whom 66% are so poor that they can not afford even two square meals a day. 

Most being illiterate, have to depend on physical labour for living. There is no 

retirement age for them

Most of the States are cold towards their plight, and have not implemented 

even the half-hearted welfare schemes launched by Centre. I will give you a few 


14 years have passed since the launch of NPOP 1999, only 10 State/UT’s have 

fully or partly accepted it and not even one has so far fully implemented it. 71% of 

the senior citizens are deprived of the benefits of the Policy

MWPSC Act - 6 years old and only 20 States out of 35 have so far formed the 

rules under it and 9 have actually operationalised it. No publicity is given to the 

provisions in the Act though Planning Commission has earmarked Rs 200 Crore 

for this purpose in the 12th Five year Plan.

In 2007 the Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme was launched under 

which Rs 200 are supposed to be paid to every BPL senior citizen and at least 

same amount was expected to be added by the State. Firstly this amount is so 

ridiculously small that it can not buy even a cup of tea daily still 5 major States do 

not add even a rupee and 11 States add much less than the minimum expected 

from them. Above all as per the surveys done it is only 22% of the eligible who 

get any amount under this scheme.

I can go on citing examples of indifference shown by the authorities and the 

media towards the looming crisis created by the fast ageing population. In fact 

more important is to take cognizance of the emerging social problems caused due 

to to this negligence and indifference, one of them is the rising crimes and acts 

of cruelty against the older persons.

Unfortunately acts of violence against them are generally under recognized and 

under reported. 

Developing Tragic Situation - This tragic situation has arisen because timely 

action was not taken to face the consequences of a fast ageing population. 

Most of those suffering today with financial insecurity are those who during 

their productive age worked as landless farm labourers, casual workers in 

Construction Industry and other underpaid jobs such as domestic help etc. They 

thus are the retirees of the unorganized sector of our economy where wages are 

so low that one can not think of saving for old age, where there are no retirement 

benefits and old age pension, though they represent 84% of the total labour 

force and contribute more than 60% of the GDP.

With increasing lifespan there are many households where three or four 

generations live under the same roof. Very often members belonging to the third 

or fourth generation are so old that they are unable to contribute financially and 

even physically to the family. They often suffer with terminal diseases and may 

be disabled. They thus become a burden on the family. Many families particularly 

those belonging to the low income group find it difficult to maintain them and 

therefore, sometimes they try to get rid of them..

Statistics show that the acts of violence and cruelty against senior citizens are 

increasing They include ill treatment by the family members and caregivers by 

way of denying basic facilities, denying food, medical attention, beating or even 

sexual misbehaviour. This may even lead to the extreme act of cruelty that is 

torture and even abandonment. They are also highly vulnerable to the antisocial 

elements and acts of assault, robbery and even murder are frequent.

Murders - According to NCRB 32,496 senior citizens were murdered during 2001 

to 2010. But for a little decline for a brief period in 2002 the number of murders 

again went up to more than 3200 per year and are increasing every year. 3823 

older persons were murdered during 2012 with Uttar Pradesh (493) topping 

the States. In our National capital, Delhi around 40% more senior citizens were 

murdered during 2012 compared to previous year. 

Suicides among Elderly - The situation becomes more alarming by the fact that 

according to a study in USA senior citizens run the higher risk of committing 

suicide. Earlier it was the teenagers who were considered to be more prone to 

this risk. In USA though the Senior Citizens, that is 65+, account for 13% of the 

population, yet the suicides in this age group amount to 20% of the national 


I could not find in the data published by NCRB any reference connecting suicide 

rate with age but I feel convinced that the observation in USA must be true for 

India also, particularly because the wellbeing of elders in USA is rated much 

higher than in our Country. USA is placed in the Global rating at level 9 against 73 

for India 

However, this inference is largely confirmed by a report that in Mumbai for every 

senior citizen murdered in the city there are more than six elderly citizens who 

take their own life. 

Abandonment - According to The Hindu on an average 2 senior citizens are found 

abandoned daily in Chennai alone. There is a practice in some communities in 

rural areas of Tamil Nadu under which the elderly when he or she becomes very 

old and a burden on the family, is given an oil bath and given tadi to drink which 

throws him into a coma. He is then taken to a temple, a hospital or a similar place 

and abandoned in the hope that some kind hearted philanthropist will find him.

The report that a few thousand elders were found abandoned during the Kumbh 

Mela last year in Allahabad (UP) is only a proof of this situation existing specially 

in the low income group of families

Torture for Property - The second major reason which encourages abuse against 

the elderly is the greed of the caregivers or the relatives with whom the elder 

may be living or on whom the elder may be dependent. According to a survey by 

Help Age 52.49% elders in Mumbai are tortured for property. They are neglected, 

insulted, beaten, denied food and medical aid to force them to part with their 

assets and property. They are sometimes even thrown out of the house and 

subjected to inhuman treatment.

There have been worst cases of cruelty committed against the elderly to usurp 

their assets. Recently in Andhra Pradesh an unemployed young man killed his 

old father to get his job in Railways on compassionate grounds! 

These are not isolated examples but represent an emerging social problem which 

has to be tackled and controlled before it gets out of hand.

Crimes by anti-social elements - Another major reason behind this scenario is 

the lax law and order situation and the fact that the elderly are considered as soft 

targets particularly those living alone or only with their spouse. The anti social 

elements take advantage of this situation because they know that they will not 

be able to resist. According to NCRB data during 2001 – 10, 32,496 account for 

85% of the crimes against the elderly , are related to murder, 3206 to assault 

not amounting to murder and 2630 were relating to kidnapping. It may be noted 

that major part of the crime resulted in murder which has created a sense of fear 

among the senior citizens living alone.

The figures show 7% increase every year in the number of elderly victims of 

various crimes. Burglary is the most commonly reported crime against elders. 

Many burglary attempts end up in murder. 

What should be done - The big question is what should be done to see that this 

rampant evil is controlled. 

There are four major stake-holders in this situation

• The senior citizens themselves

• Police and law & order enforcing authorities

• Government / law makers

• Neighbours and Senior Citizens’ Associations(SCA’s)

The senior citizens who are fearing crime against them can play an important 

role in protecting themselves. They should remain socially active and in touch 

with other senior citizens in the neighborhood.

They should not avoid reporting to Police/Authorities and neighbours/local 

SCA if they are being ill treated or their rights are being violated 

The responsibility for protecting the elderly from the abuse of the above 

type is that of Police. The Home Ministry has recently directed the State 

Governments [Ref. Economic Times dtd Sept. 08, 2013] to ensure safety of 

senior citizens and prepare plans to face current and future challenges for 

their protection. Other directions are,

• Prepare database of older persons living alone.

• Identify crime prone areas

• Each Police station should have security scheme for the protection of 

the Elderly. They should provide patrolling both during day and night.

• Hold rich senior citizens as most vulnerable and ensure security 

• Ensure that beat staff along with community or NGO members regularly 

• Senior Police Officers should periodically interact with senior citizens, 

clearance of their staff.

visit the residences of senior citizens living alone.

set up special cell for them, monitor their safety besides setting up 24x7 

toll free help line. 

We have seen above that the crimes are committed particularly in disadvantaged, 

socio-economically weak families because the elderly become a burden when 

they become disabled or terminally sick and are unable to contribute both 

monetarily and physically. To make them acceptable the introduction of following 

welfare schemes should be considered,

• Adequate Universal social pension. It should be recognized as a right and 

not a dole and should flow out if article 21 and not 41 of our Constitution.

• Comprehensive Health Insurance for all senior citizens covering terminal 

diseases and disability.

• State Governments should be asked to build in each district Old Age 

Homes with a minimum capacity of 150 inmates as mandated in the MWPSC 

Act. The District Authorities must see that elders whom their families are 

genuinely unable to maintain, are shifted to such Old Age Homes. 

In addition to the above the MWPSC Act should be made more stringent for those 

who do not look after their elders. Violence against them should be made non-
bailable, non-compoundable and a cognizable offence as in case of the Domestic 

Violence or Dowry Prevention section 498A of IPC, or the Act for prevention of 

atrocities against SC/ST.

The demand for adequate social pension is picking up. Its introduction will 

mitigate many of the problems which BPL senior citizens face during the fag end 

of their lives. They are generally the retirees from the unorganized sector of our 

economy which though contributes 60% of the GDP, yet pays poor wages and has 

no retirement benefits or pension. Many other countries, some with even weaker 

economy have already introduced it. 

Moreover, a study by the Planning Commission has shown that we could have 

wiped out poverty in our country by transferring cash to the BPL families at a 

much lower cost than the amount which we are now spending on the anti poverty 


Finally the neighbours and the senior citizens’ organizations can be of immense 

help in protecting them from such cruelties. It is essential that we build social 

relations with senior citizens in families in our area particularly with those who 

are exposed to such risks. Friendly social contacts will discourage the caregivers 

and anti- social elements from committing violence against them.

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Google Timer

Subject: [sss-global] Google Timer
Do you know that you can set the timer via Google Search

In Google search Window enter
Set Timer 30 seconds
and press Return

Immediately a timer in its own small window, (in the space where you
expect results) starts. When it counts to zero alarm beeps till you
switch it off. This appears to be an undocumented command. I used an
application called kitchen timer (egg timer) earlier.

Now when I am on PC, if I have to switch off Pressure Cooker or Water
motor / pump, I set this timer in a separate window!

An alternate suggested by Justice Rangarajan is givenbelow:

There is a chrome app for the browser

 Dr P Vyasamoorthy
30 Gruhalakshmi Colony Secunderabad 500015 Ph 040-27846631 / 9490804278


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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Google brings School mates together after a gap of 35 years

Google brings old class mates together

Following three messages show how I could help a friend, Lata in Mumbai meet her friend R Jayashre in Chennai after a gap of 35 years. They were school mates long ago. 
I recollected this when I saw the video showing how two senior citizens got united thanks to the grand children using Google in innovative ways. 
Just thought I should record my small help  to Lata & Jayashree somewhere; hence this post.
Message 1.
On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 11:54 AM, subbulata <> wrote:
Dear Members,

re : looking for contact of sub editor chennai indian express 1970
1975/K.V. Jagannathan the editor of kalai Magal at one  time

My name is Mrs. Lata Subbaraman, I was born and brought up in
Chennai and moved to Mumbai post marriage.  I am trying to find some
of my old friends from my school days. One of my best friends is
R.Jayashree (maiden name, R. stood for Ramani.) Her father used to
be sub-editor in Indian Express, Chennai some where in this period
1970 -1975 (ish), His name was Mr. Ramani.I don't know his full
name. Would anyone by any chance have his contact details in your
records/ last known address, for me to re-establish contact with his
daughter Jayashree.

Am in Chennai for the next 2 months and would like to contact my
best friend from school.  I did go to my alma mater, Monahan Girls'
High School, where the records didn't have most recent address.
I have also heard, that she was married to the son of  Mr. K. V.
Jaganathan the editor of  Kalaimagal (Tamil magazine)..

Please do contact me by return if any of you have any known updates
on Mr. Ramani sub editor of Indian Express/ Or Mr. Ki. Va. Ja's
family as mentioned above.

Please contact me by e-mail or by mobile no.99529740334

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and regards
Mrs. Lata Subbaraman

Message 2.

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 13:23:11 +0530
Subject: Re: [Thatha_Patty] looking for contact subeditor chennai indian express 1970 1975/K.V. Jagannathan

Dear Ms Lata

I am giving below the obituary news about Swaminathan  (Sri Ramani's brother)

J.SWAMINATHAN (69yrs) S/o Ki.Va.Ja, suddenly expired at 8-30am on 14-05-2008 leaving behind his Wife, Two-Daughters, Brothers, Sister and Grandchildren. Chitra (Wife), Priya and Vidya (Daughters). Cremation at Besant Nagar on 16-5-08 at 10am. Phone: 044- 24956165 / 9381004656
You may contact the phone numbers given above to get to know whereabouts of Sri Ramani.
-- husband of your friend.

Dr P Vyasamoorthy, 30, Gruhalakshmi Colony,
Secunderabad 500015. Ph: LL: 040-27846631 Cell: 9490804278 I blog at:

"We are all geniuses up to the age of ten." - Aldous Huxley
 Me ssage3.
From: Lata Subbaraman <>
Date: Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 10:28 PM
Subject: RE: [Thatha_Patty] looking for contact subeditor chennai indian express 1970 1975/K.V. Jagannathan

Dear Dr.Vyasamoorthy,

Thank you for your mail and assistance.  Further to  my previous request for my friends contact details, posted earlier today, I am very PLEASED to inform, that I was able to contact my dearest and best friend Jayashree, thanks to you!!!

For 35 years since leaving school, i have often thought of getting in touch with her, but didnt know how. Usually women tend to leave friendships once they get married, even if they dont want to. MOving to another city, also didnt help.

That being said, yes, its been 35 years, and i was finally able to talk to her. And you know what? Nothing changed. We had the same love and affection even today just as the time we were school kids. We talked on the phone and reminisced about our innocent times together, family, friends teachers et al.

We will be meeting tomorrow.  She too sends her heartfelt thanks to you. 

She asked me how I was able to contact her, and I told her that I wrote an e-mail in our group and you helped me .  Once again Thankyou very much for uniting me with my best childhood friend. Big thank you for thatha patty group .

And thank you once again Dr. Vyasamoorthy.

Thank you and god bless,

Warm regards,
Mrs. Lata Subbaraman


Friday, November 1, 2013

Volunteering Opportunity for Senior Citizens: Gandhian School, Picket, Secunderabad

Volunteering opportunity to serve children: Gandhian School, Picket, Secunderabad
(from: Dr Ananda Prabhu)

Invitation to Senior and reputed Citizens:
Blessed Selves
Hari Om! Salutations!

Mr.CV.Appa Swami (9246248728) former Manager Syndicate Bank, Picket Secunderabad  has been coming every day from 10 am to 2.30 pm and coordinates with the office management, teachers, parents and students for the past 5 years.  He says, he is healthy because he sees small charming children coming from various walks of life and family back ground. He distributes chocolates, biscuits and prizes to kids either weekly or occasionally. He is an advisor, organiser, marketing executive and decision maker as per the need.

Gandhian School Picket Secunderabad has a SERVICE Bank  for  ladies & Senior Citizens who wish to render  Honorary  service either regulary (every working day), weekly 2 to 4 days either in the morning10 to 12 noon or  afternoon from 2 to 4 pm or 4 to 6 pm. Following are the areas where in Citizens may render their services.

1.                   Teaching formal subjects Maths, Biology, Physics, Social studies,
              (Languages) English, Hindi or Telugu
2.                   Hindustani/ karnatic music either vocal or instrumental
3.                   Divine and patriotic songs, dance, drawing music
4.                   Yoga , simple exercises, games indoor or outdoor.
5.                   Drawing and music or specialised skills which they posses.
6.                   Career guidance
7.                   Encouraging or promoting men, women and youth to participate in personality     development programme

We welcome such likeminded people who wish to keep themselves in good health by spending their rest of life in serving the young generation to shape them into good Citizens.  Please email your details to Chairman, Indian Education & Cultural Academy (Regd) : , Or call Dr.AnandaPrabhu 9391024933 or directly Mr.AppaSwami.


Chairman IECA

Sunday, October 6, 2013

AOSC-H: Sorrowful September and Joyful October

AOSC-H:  Sorrowful September and Joyful October
By Dr P Vyasamoorthy – President, Association of Senior Citizens of Hyderabad

Prof Visweswaraiah, Mr Mital, Mr Narayanmurti and myself went to Mumbai to participate in AISCCON AGM cum Elections on 29th September. All the four of us were also candidates for various posts in the Executive Committee. Mr Mital was seeking to be re-elected as President, Prof Visweswaraiah as Vice President, myself as Secretary General and Mr Narayanmurti as Organising Secretary. Opposing parties expected a neck to neck race thinking that a few votes this side or that side would decide the fate of contestants. But the Maharastrian team won by a thumping majority much to everyone’s surprise or shock depending on from which side you are looking. All four of us from Andhra Pradesh lost the elections and that was a sad and shocking outcome. (I was also elected unopposed as Joint Secretary and I still retain that seat). AP has been routed completely. Needless to say, we returned home highly disappointed. Last week of Last month was traumatic.

However, October turned out to be pleasant and happy. Early morning on 1st October Deccan Chronicle delivered more than a full page article on World Elders Day. A separate story by Journalist Amrita Paul spoke of AOSC and SCF with good photos. (Article reproduced below) On the same day, the State Government function connected with World Elders Day was held. Association of Senior Citizens of Hyderabad, where I am presently President, was awarded Best Institution (SCA) Award in AP. Again, on the same day I was honoured and felicitated by HelpAge in their meeting held in Necklace Road. That was the reason I could not attend the State level event. The award certificate was received by Prof Laxminarayana, Secretary of the Association.

That afternoon, AASARA conducted a meeting on WED. Senior Citizens Forum (where I am Vice President and Ms Kamakshi is the President), entertained the audience. This feature was appreciated by Eenadu through in full page coverage. Again, the Dept of Disabled and Senior Citizens, RR District conducted a similar meeting in Kukatpally on 3rd. AOSC-H members Sri KV Subba Rao,  Sri B Linga Reddy (TSCCON President), Sri Radhakrishna, Dr Rami Reddy Working President Mata Pitrula Seva Sadanam (where Prov V is President) were honoured. In a fourth meeting on WED held at Tarnaka by Hyderabad District Dept of Disabled and Senior Citizens, a similar bunch of AOSC-H members  -- Sri  IVLN Chary, Sri IM Bhalla, Sri RN Mital were honoured and awards given.

Therefore the shocking sadness of September happenings was compensated by refreshing raining of awards and felicitations for many in AOSC-H.

Story from Deccan Chronicle dated 1st October 2013.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

World Elders Day - RR District Hyderabad - Kukatpally - 3rd October 2013

World Elders Day – 3rd October 2013 – State Govt function – RR District – Kukatpally

World Elders Day was observed by AP State Government – RR District – in Kukatpally on 3rd October 2013. Sri Gopala Rao Prof Visweswaraiah, Sri RN Mital, Sri Muralikrishna Chief Manager SBI were prominent in the dais.  District Collector B Sridhar IAS did not come. Dy Commissioner GHMC Kukatpally substituted the Collector.

Besides speeches by those on the dais and recipients (about 12) of awards and honours, there was some entertainment by our Sri Rajalingam.  People known to us among awardees are:

Sri KV Subba Rao  AOSC Member
Sri B Linga Reddy AOSC Member and  TSCCON President
DR B Nageshwara Rao (of AS Rao Nagar SCA)
Sri Radhakrishna AOSC Member
Dr Rami Reddy Working President Mata Pitrula Seva Sadanam

Mr Muralikrishna of SBI mentioned that they are willing to help Senior Citizens Related activities via sponsorships like ING LIFE. One super senior Ms Kameswari of Ashreya Old Age Home Miyapur appealed for donations.

World Elders Day - Hyderabad - HelpAge - 1st October 2013

Note of World Elders Day Celebration by HelpAge  - 1st October 2013
By  Dr Vyasamoorthy

In connection with World Elders Day, HelpAge Hyderabad organized a function in Necklace Road on 1st October 2013.  Nearly 200 senior citizens from rural areas participated. Sri Devulapalli Amar (Head of Sakshi TV Channel), Dr NK Raju ED of BDL Hyderabad, Sri E Siva Sankaran GMR Groups were Chief Guests. Others are: Sri V Nageswara Rao (APSCCON), Sri V Gopala Rao  (Fapsco), Sri P Srinivasulu and Dr P Vyasamoorthy. It is worthwhile noting that HelpAge has completed 35 years of dedicated service to senior citizens, especially the poor and downtrodden in rural areas.

Besides talks by these eminent people, there was: Prize distribution to winners in sports, Best NGO , Best of SHGs etc. There was a walkathon consisting of hundreds of rural women flagged off by Chief Guest. Sri Ngeswara Rao (and I) presented, on behalf of an NGO, a cheque for 22,000 to HelpAge. 

I was honoured with a shawl, memento and a bouquet.

World Elders Day - Hyderabad District Function - Tarnaka 4th October 2013

REPORT ON World Elders day Celebrations on 4th October 2013
Report by IVLN Chary
International day of Older Persons was celebrated by Hyderabad dist of Government of Andhra Pradesh, Department of the welfare of disabled & senior citizens from 10 AM on 4th October 2013  at Vijayapuri Colony Welfare Association, Tarnaka, Hyderabad. This was from Hyderabad District exclusively.

The chief guest of the function was Smt Rekharani, Addl. Joint collector, Hyderabad Dist. The proceeding were conducted by Prof. Visveswaraiah. The other dignitaries on the dais were: Sri Mital AISCCON, Sri L Kishan, RDO Secunderabad, Sri S. Das, Director State Head Help Age India, Hyderabad,  Sri B Linga reddy TCSCCON,  Smt Radha Ramaiah  Secretary Mahila Dakshata Samithi, Smt Manjula Kalyan, Secretary Swayam krushi an NGO for special children.

Smt Rekharani in her address mentioned her own life as an illustration. Married to an IPS officer at the age of 22, losing him at 23 as he was killed by naxals in Karimnagar dist and returning to her parents who were government officials who took her in, gave her hope, educated her till she was selected as an RDO in AP Govt. She said, her son calls her parents as nanna and amma and her as akka. The boy won many gold medals and now at 23 is in USA. All this was only possible due to her parents guiding her and her son’s life. She is loath to use the term Senior citizens and preferred  the term “Super seniors “  She paid  a compliment to the seniors by comparing them to Hanuman  who did not realize his own strength till reminded. Seniors who have seen most of the ups and downs of life are an asset to the community and have to be treated as such.

Then she honoured the following seniors with a shawl and a memento. These seniors are from different walks of life and contributed to the welfare of other seniors.

                Sri IVLN Chary
Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad
                Sri IM Bhalla
Association of senior citizens, Hyderabad
                Smt Radha Ramaiah
Integrated program for older persons
                Smt Manjula Kalyan
Self reliance for mentally challenged
                Sri DS Sastry
Senior Citizens Forum, Tarnaka.
                Sri NV Raman
Senior Citizens Forum, Gandhi nagar
                Smt NM Rajeshwari
Thodu Needa, Institutional award
                Dr. P Ragavaraddy
                Sri RN Mital
                Sri D Prabhakar rao

This was followed by speeches of dignitaries and recipients of honours.

The function is very well organized thanks to untiring efforts of Sri B Linga Reddy, President of Twin Cities Senior Citizens Confederation, Sri D Sudarshan Asst Director, Welfare of Disabled & Sr. Citizens, Hyderabad dist, Govt of AP  and Help Age India.

About 150 seniors attended the meeting. Meeting ended with lunch served for all. Description: