Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back Pain - How to get cured without medicines?

Meet Mr Sarda – the Bibliotherapist

Mr Rameshwar Sarda has helped many patients suffering from back pain. He suggests a few books to be read and to strictly follow the regimen / exercises mentioned therein.  Then, cure and permanent relief are almost always possible, he claims . NO medication, NO expenses, No consultation fee!!!

Mr Sarda wanted to be a doctor or rather a physician. His mother prevented him taking up that line saying: "You will have to cut dead bodies to learn what is inside us". A mother-loving Sarda dutifully obeyed her and therefore took up engineering – He is both a mechanical as well as electrical engineer.  He worked long years in Hyderabad Asbestos, later in Orissa Asbestos, retired as GM over there. Now 72, lives a peaceful life as a passionate librarian (without any professional qualifications!) recommending health / medical books to those who suffer from many ailments. The books are selected from a stock of a personal collection of over 500 books – all on health / medicine. He has donated the entire lot to the library at the Association of Senior Citizens Hyderabad near Paradise Circle, of which he is a member himself.

For buying books, he used to visit Sunday book bazaars in Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad Annual Book Fairs to pour over rare books. He goes to the patient's house on his own expense to "lend" (some books don't come back) books. Some books have become rare and he has a good collection of photocopies of such books. Say "Rameshwar Sarda"  in book shops in Sultan Bazar, they are all smiles and  welcome you as a friend of their friend.   

He gave me a long list several people who have been relieved of back pain, sciatica, cervical pain etc: there are bankers, shop keepers, highly qualified engineers etc among his beneficiaries.  He often talks about a classic case of one Keshav Murthy  (Ph 040-27565033) who was perfectly cured after suffering from back pain for 8 years! And the funny thing is that Rameswar Sarda  does not know he is practicing Bibliotherapy. When I appraised of his noble profession, he started beaming with happiness.

Some titles which he mostly recommends are:

  1. Mike Hage:  Back Pain
  2. KV Rajendra: Treat your spinal problems without drugs
  3. Charles B Inlander and Porter Shimer: Back Ache: 51 ways to relieve the pain

  1. HIV Jayson: Looking after your Back
  2. MK Gupta: Cervical and back pain
  3. Savithri Ramaiah: Knee Joint Pain

I am deliberately not giving complete details of the books here for two reasons: 1) they are so popular you can get them in any book shop 2) they are so rare, if you are interested you will ask me or Sarda and we will know have ready this story. You may Contact Sri Sarda at: 09908474241 / 040-27843241

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