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Fwd: SCF Annual Day Celebrations at Sweekaar Upkaar

SCF Annual Day Celebrations at Sweekaar Upkaar


Senior Citizens Forum. Secunderabad celebrated their 19th Annual Day on 18th August 2012 at Sweekaar Upkaar with great gusto and enthusiasm. More than 145 members and guests participated. The large hall was nearly full. The stage was well decorated by Ms Kamakshi Hatti. The Master of Ceremony did a marvelous job – never fumbled for appropriate words. Col Kumar welcomed the gathering and for a  change, which was observed and appreciated by all, spoke very little. He gave interesting data: SCF has 565 registered members but 109 of them have already joined the Majority! Another unique attraction that SCF can boast of is that there are 109 lady members; therefore any SCF meeting has a good measure of these coy and colorful, gay graceful and, good old ladies. Dr Vasunder Reddy made a special mention of the invaluable contribution of lady members especially in the area of keeping members happy with a variety of things to eat in every meeting. No wonder membership is increasing fast.


Members who were 90+ and members who crossed 80 were honored. The Managing Director of Visaka Industries (they manufacture cheaper and better substitute for brick walls) who made a substantial donation of Rs 30000/- for the function, was also specially, rightfully, honored.


The entertainment had variety peppered with songs, skits, jokes, tableaus and what not. Kolattam by a eight member team was delightful. Festivals like Shankaranthi, Deepavali, Ramzan were selected and their important unique features were enacted / explained by groups of members. Their dress sense deserves special mention. Enthusiasm of persons on the stage oozed over to participants in a visible manner. I can recollect that Sivaram, Shanti, Srivalli and Dr Krishnamurthy were among the singers. Col Arun Moghe and Ms Mohini Moghe stole the show – they were star attractions as ever. The couple gave a short play on how a senior citizen plays a trick to have some quality time with her grand son. This was in Hindi.


Unfortunately I had to be away   quite a few times: once to give a telephonic interview to a news reporter from Postnoon (refer story: "Glimmer of Hope for Senior Citizens" on Lok Adalat in Postnoon 19th August 2012); again to make arrangements for a video shooting by TV9 team at Malkajgiri on our Protest DAY activities. Therefore I missed a few entertainment items.   


The event ended with a tasty, hot and wholesome vegetarian meal served under a large Shamiana providing ample space for all to sit and eat comfortably. On the whole, it was very enjoyable day.  Many sets of photographs taken have already been circulated by me and Ms Kamakshi Hatti in Google Plus / sss-global and some of you may have read many appreciative comments. Some may be seen here:








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