Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Last night, as usual, I was tossing in my bed around 3.00 am without sleep. 
There is a cane shelf on the side of my bed, bulging with all kinds of 'office' papers and files. 
A gnawing thought came back to me "I must get rid of this waste - first thing in the morning". 
To remind myself  constantly about this, I thought I should come up with a single word 
and write that word boldly on a sheet of paper and keep it somewhere where I look often. 
"Get Rid of Waste" abbreviates to GROW. Therefore I should write:

Get Rid Of Waste

I decided. Thoughts moved on to explore what else could GROW mean - say applicable to others, other than me? Hence the article. Kekule, Kekule, you may think.

Now here's the article per-se


If you want to grow and succeed in life, read and follow some of these
GROWth pointers

GROW 1: Get Rid Of Whining

Get rid of the Whining habbit. No one likes it. No one would like to
encourage a whining and wailing person. Most people would shun him. Whining
is for babies and 'bachaas'. Not for audults and grown ups. Just Get
rid of Whining tendency or moods.

GROW 2: Get Rid of Wisdom

You may be wise, witty and intelligent. But don't let that fact get
into our head. Be humble. Get rid of the notion that you are wise or
full of wisdom. Compared to many others, you may be nothing. Be wise
anyway but don't be haughty on that account.

GROW 3: Get Rid of Wealth

Sounds funny? If you have enough money to take care of essentials
reasonably well, then do not accumulate riches and wealth. Give it up;
donate it ; bequeath it some charity. Dispose it off wisely. Unused
wealth is a headache and brings problems. Get rid of wealth.

GROW 4: Get Rid of Waste

Do not accumulate useless stuff around you. Don't be a hoarder. Kick
collecting rubbish under the excuse: "Just in case …" . The real reason is that
you are merely lazy.

Don't be overly conscious of future and future needs. Anything that you have
not used in the past six months is just waste and should be thrown
away. Hoarding is a compulsive but immature habit. You are just afraid
of losing something precious in future. Just throw it away.

GROW 5: Get Rid of Whisky (or Wine)

If you are an alcoholic nothing else is needed to kill you. Without
seeking any further reasons, just kick the habit of drinking. There is
nothing to be achieved by drinking. It is just a habit, a bad habit
that has grown and overpowered you.


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