Monday, June 11, 2012

Lassitude - a leaf from my diary 8th June 2012

A state of lassitude and lethargy is overpowering me.
No interest in doing anything - abhorring activity of all sorts
has become the norm for the past couple of weeks;
I am feeling weak in body, mind, spirit and soul.

Am I depressed? where is the origin of this negativity?
However much I pull myself up with self assuring pep talks
I seem to slip into unfathomable abyss, dark and void
Where nothing matters and nothing enthuses.

Shaving is a chore. Stinking socks are fine.
No appetite and nothing excites
I want to sleep and slip away -
away from all reality - do I know what reality IS ?!

I have suffered from short bouts of depression earlier
and but bounced back as if I was blessed with some built-in spring 
I am afraid I am on the side of decline, steep decline
And may not re-gain original state of consciousness.

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