Friday, June 8, 2012

I am alone and lonely

Anyone to relate to this poem?
I am not all that strong that I appear to be
I am crumbling under unknown pressure you can't see
I advise everyone, never ever to bother or worry
But my mind is a swarming cloud of clueless chaos

I tell others to beat loneliness of old age
by loving oneself and by learning some engaging arts;
But deep inside I am very lonely and sad
Everything I need, I have, but nothing has me

I am a mysterious enigmatic animal unto myself
Groping always to find out what I really want
Sense of separation, sense of incompleteness
Sense of never getting there nor anywhere at all

Like a sinking man in a river who does not know to swim,
I am groping for some straw, weed or loosely hanging creeper;
Nothing passes by my side and I am gasping and growling --
In utter despair, not knowing which way to turn or whom to seek!

I am alone and unconnected, alone and unconnected
How long will this last, I do not know
Where are you, my Sadhguru, who promised to be
with me wherever and whenever I need you to be?


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