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MOsje Annual Report 2010-11 extract on MWPSCA

DR Gangadharan becomes President of IFA

We have some happy news to share. Dr KR Gangadharan, popularly known as Ganga or KRG, of Heritage Hospitals Hyderabad has NOW become the President of International Federation of Ageing. Even as VP of Asis Pacific Region of IFA earlier, Dr KRG did a lot of good for Indian seniors.  He is credited with starting first geriatric hospital in Hyderabad. He is trainer as a very large number of courses have been conducted for geriatric Nurses, Bedside attendants, etc.  In the coming years we may witness International seminars being hosted in Hyderabad. He is close to MOSJE and has earned the respect of all SEnior Citizen Agencies in India. He is also Adviser to AISCCON. He was a member of revision committee on NPOP. He is a member of National Council on Older Persons, GOI.  I can keep writing about him all day! Suffice it say that he is connected with senior citizens much earlier than any us came into the picture!

Let us congratulate him on his much deserved recognition in Global scenario.

Read a news item from the Hindu below


Founder of Heritage Medical Centre, a geriatric facility in Hyderabad, Dr. K.R. Gangadharan, was made the Global president for International Federation on Ageing (IFA) at Prague on Sunday, a press release said. The doctor will hold the prestigious post for a period of three years.

As the IFA president, he will be leading various initiatives for the elderly involving about 25 board members from different countries.

The IFA is a non-governmental organisation with a large membership base of NGOs, corporate sector, academia, government, and individuals.

K. R. Gangadharan
K. R. Gangadharan

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Sikkim State welfare commission for Senior Citizens etc

Extract from:

This is a large file of 1000+ pages.

There is a portion of the gazette that says a SIKKIM State Welfare
Commission for senior citizens, etc has been formed oct 2009
The same gazette also contains MWPSCA bare act.


OCTOBER, 2009 No: 433
No4/SJE&WD Dated:-23/10/09
The Governor of Sikkim is hereby pleased to constitute a StateWelfare
Commission for Senior Citizens, physically challengedpersons,
destitute women, widows, orphans, or other abandonedpersons in
distress or need, care and medication etc. consisting of the following
members:-1. Chairman2. Member3. Member Secretary- Under Secretary
(Social Welfare Division).2. The terms of reference of the Commission
will be as underhereby:-1.

to examine and to recommend suitable measures to deal with problem
being faced by Senior Citizens or elderlypeople involving medical
care, facilities, fooding andclothing and shelter etc. or such other
requirements asmay be considered necessary and to suggest ways
andmeans to improve their condition,2.

to suggest and to recommend measures to deal withorphans or children
(abandoned, distressed, trafficked,

Dr P Vyasamoorthy, 30 Gruhalakshmi Colony Secunderabad 500015 Ph
040-27846631 / 9490804278.


Senior citizens in Meghalaya - MWPSCA OAP etc

Main Points: Meghalaya has not notified MWPSCA; THis state did not ask
for any funds under Integrated Program of MOSJE so they did not get
any; For IGNOAP Meghalaya gives 50 rupees and with GOI Rs 200 total
comes to Rs 250/-
Challenges for Meghalaya
Monday, 18 April 2011 20:27

As per 2001 Census, total population of senior citizens was 7.7 crore,
males and females comprising 3.8 crore and 3.9 crore respectively.
Percentage-wise, it was 7.5 percent for total, males and females being
7.1 and 7.8 percents respectively. Because of improved medical
facilities, there is a growing increase in life-expectancy which
implies that people are now living longer. By 2026, the projected
population for senior citizens will be 17.32 crore which comes to 12.4
percent of the total population. People do not merely live longer. But
they also enjoy a secure, dignified and productive life.
The National Policy on Older Persons (NPOP) , 1999 was announced in
January 1999 to express the commitment towards the well-being of the
older persons. The main objectives of the policy are:
(1) to encourage individuals to make provision for their own as well
as their spouse in old age;
(2)    to encourage families to take care of their older family member;
(3)    to enable and support voluntary and non-governmental
organizations to supplement the care provided by the family;
(4)    to provide care and protection to the vulnerable elderly people;
(5)    to provide adequate healthcare facilities to the elderly;
(6)    to promote research and training facilities to train geriatric
care givers and organizers of services for the elderly; and
(7)    to create awareness regarding elderly persons to help them lead
productive and independent lives.
Accordingly, a National Council for Older Persons (NCOP) was
constituted in 1999 under the Chairpersonship of the Minister for
Social Justice and Empowerment to oversee implementation of the
Policy. The NCOP is the highest body to advice the Government in all
matters relating to older citizens. The council was reconstituted in
2005. Regular meetings have been held. As of now, the Council has 50
members comprising Central and State Governments representatives,
representatives of NGOs, Citizens'  groups, retired persons'
associations, and experts in the field of law, social welfare, and
An Inter-Ministerial Committee on Older Persons comprising twenty two
Ministries/Department, and headed by the Secreatary, Social Justice
and Empowerment (SJE) is another coordination mechanism in
implementation of the NPOP. Action Plan on ageing issues for
implementation by various Ministries/Departments concerned is
considered from time to time by the Committee.
There are five main issues being addressed to by the Maintenance and
Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007. These are the
(1)    Maintenance of parents/senior citizens by children/ relatives
made obligatory and justiciable through Tribunals.
(2)    Revocation of transfer of property by senior citizens in case
of negligence by relatives.
(3)    Penal provisions for abandonment of senior citizens.
(4)    Establishment of Old Age Homes for indigent senior citizens.
(5)    Adequate medical facilities and security for senior citizens.
Individual State Governments have to enforce this Act in their
respective states. As on February 3 of last year, the Act had been
notified by 22 States and all Union Territories. The Act is not
applicable to the State of Jammu & Kashmir. Himachal Pradesh has its
own Act for senior citizens. The remaining States which are yet to
notify the Act are Bihar, Meghalaya, Sikkim and Uttar Pradesh .
Prior to all these later developments, as early as 1992, the Centre
has implemented an Integrated Programme for Older Persons(IPOP) to
extend help and attention to senior citizens in all possible aspects
like shelters, food, medical care and entertainment opportunities.
Various agencies, including NGOs, have been involved. Under the
Scheme, financial assistance up to 90 per cent of the project cost is
provided to NGOs. The Scheme has been revised with effect  from April
1, 2008 and financial assistance has also been increased. Those that
are eligible to receive such help are covered under the following main
(1)    Maintenance of Respite Care Homes and Continuous Care Homes.
(2)    Running of Day Care Centres for Alzheimer's Disease/ Dementia patients.
(3)    Physiotherapy clinics for older persons.
(4)    Helplines and Conselling Centres for  older persons. (5)
Sencitizing programmes for children particularly in schools and
(6)    Regional Resource and Training Centres of Caregivers to the
older persons.
(7)    Awareness Generation Programmes for older persons and care givers.
(8)    Formation of senior citizens associations, etc.
The eligibility criteria for beneficiaries of some important
activities/projects supported under the Scheme are:
(1)    Old Age Homes for destitute older persons.
(2)    Mobile Medicare for older persons living in slums, rural and
inaccessible areas where proper health facilities are not available.
(3)    Respite Care Homes and Continuous Care Homes-for older persons
seriously ill requiring continuous nursing care and respite.
Eight States and Union Territories, namely, Goa, Meghalaya, Sikkim,
Andaman& Nicobar Islands Chandigarh, Daman&Dui, Dadra & Nagar  Haveli,
and Lakshadweep did not send any proposals for the year  2009-10.
Hence the Government of India(GOI) did not release any fund at all to
A Non-Plan Scheme of Assistance to Panchayati Raj
Institutions/Voluntary Organizations/ Self-Help Groups for
construction of Old Age Homes/Multi  Service Centres for older persons
was started in 1996-97. Grant-in-aid to the extent of 50 percent of
the construction cost subject to a maximum of Rs.15 lakh was given
under the Scheme and was  disbursed in two installments, first being
70 per cent and second being 30 percent. The organization had to show
matching contribution while applying for second instalment. The Scehme
was not found attractive by implementing agencies and so was
discontinued at the end of the Tenth Plan (2006-07). A new scheme is
under formulation.
Besides these, other Ministries are also extending assistance, in cash
as well as in kind, to senior citizens.
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare provides the following
facilities for senior citizens of:
·    Separate queues for older persons in government hospitals.
·    Two National Institutes on Ageing at Delhi and Chennai have been set up.
·    Geriatric Departments in 25 medical colleges have been set up.
The Ministry of Rural Development has implemented the National Old-age
Pension Scheme (NOAPS)-for persons above 65 years belonging to a
household below poverty  line, Central  assistance is given towards
pension @ Rs.200/- per month, which is meant to be supplemented by at
least an equal contribution by the States so that each beneficiary
gets at least Rs.400/- per month as pension.
The Ministry of Railway provides the following facililties to senior citizens:
·    Separate tickets counters for senior citizens of age 60 years and
above at various (Passenger Reservation System) PRS centres if the
average demand per shift is more than 120 tickets.
·    30% and 50% concession in rail fare for male and female senior
citizens respectively of 60 years and above respectively.
Some of the facilities for senior citizens provided by the Ministry of
Finance are:
·    Income tax exemption for senior citizen of 65 years and above up
to Rs.2.40 lakh per annum.
·    Deduction of Rs.20,000 under section 80D is allowed to an
individual who pays medical insurance premium for his/her parent  or
parents, who is a senior citizens of 65 years and above.
·    An individual is eligible for a deduction of the amount spent or
Rs.60,000 whichever is less for medical treatment (specified diseases
in Rule 11DD of the income tax Rules) of a dependent senior citizens
of 65 years and above.
A Pension Portal has been set up to enable senior citizens to get
information regarding the status of their application, the amount of
pension, documents required, if any, etc. The Portal also provides for
lodging of grievances. As per recommendation of the Sixth Pay
Commission,  additional pension will be provided .
The National Carrier, Air India, provides concession up to 50% for
male senior citizens of 65 years and above, and female senior citizens
of 63 years and above in air fares.


The State should implement the Central Act of 2007 in right earnest as
well as other Schemes being announced by the Government of India. With
regard to Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPs),
Central share is uniform to all the States and Union territories at
the rate of Rs.200 per beneficiary per month. State's share vary from
nil to Rs.800 in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi.
Meghalaya's share is a mere Rs.50 only. It will, indeed, be
appropriate if this amount be raised at least at par with that of the
Central share.

Dr P Vyasamoorthy, 30 Gruhalakshmi Colony Secunderabad 500015 Ph
040-27846631 / 9490804278.


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APSCCON Meeting of Managers of Old Age Homes

APSCCON Meeting of Managers of Old Age Homes -- 21st May 2012

APSCCON called for a meeting of Managers and owners of Old Age Homes
in Twin Cities. Nearly thirty people participated. Prof V
Visweswaraiah explained the problems of residents of old age homes
like: Not having Ration Card; Not having Aarogyasri health facility;
not being even a voter! These problems were taken up with SHRC in AP
and SHRC has recently ordered that state government officials must
visit the old age homes and verify who are eligible for the above
facilities and give on the spot relevant cards or documents. The
purpose of the meeting was to inform Old Age Homes about this SHRC
decision and urge OAHs to follow up with the state govt to do the
needful from their side.It was resolved that APSCCON would follow it
up with the state government departments concerned.

Many owners of Old Age Homes narrated their problems. Sri Nageswara
Rao requested the old age homes to be affiliated with APSCCON by
paying a one time fee of Rs 500. Thereafter APSCCON will take up their
problems with concerned authorities. Almost all Elder Care Homes
agreed to affiliate themselves immediately with APSCCON.

Sri Rajesh mentioned that apart from HelpAge there are many other
funding agencies exclusively interested in OAHs.

Dr P Vyasamoorthy, 30 Gruhalakshmi Colony Secunderabad 500015 Ph
040-27846631 / 9490804278.

Food effect on drugs seems to be real!!

Police begin work to set up senior citizen service bureau Kochi

Police begin work to set up senior citizen service bureau
TNN | May 21, 2012, 04.51AM IST

KOCHI: A posse of police personnel will soon knock at your doors to
check whether there are any aged persons at your home and how they are

As part of implementing the Rs 10 crore security scheme announced by
the state government for senior citizens, police team will collect
details of the aged persons in the city and prepare a separate

Police stations in the city have been directed to expedite measures to
open an exclusive senior citizen service bureau to cater to the needs
of the aged. Kochi city deputy commissioner of police (DCP) T
Gopalakrishna Pillai said that various measures have been launched to
implement the security scheme.

"Police teams will visit homes across the city and collect details of
aged persons. Officials will interact with the aged persons to know
whether they are properly looked after or if they have any complaint,"
he said. Pillai also said that all details will be recorded in a
register at the police station and a beat officer will be assigned to
visit these persons once a week to enquire about their welfare. The
senior citizen service bureau will have details of close relatives of
senior citizens in the respective areas.

State director general of police (DGP) Jacob Punnoose has issued a
directive to police officers on the procedures to be followed while
implementing the scheme.

If old people are staying alone, police officials should collect the
details of persons like milkman, newspaper vendor and servants who
frequent the house. "The identification details of these persons will
be recorded at the service bureau, which will also coordinate with
various other agencies like health department, revenue department and
social welfare department to ensure safety and security of senior
citizens," Pillai said.

A nodal officer will also be appointed in each district to coordinate
the functioning of the bureau.

"Dedicated 24-hour helplines will be opened at the bureau so that
senior citizens can seek any assistance in case of an emergency," an
officer said.
Dr P Vyasamoorthy, 30 Gruhalakshmi Colony Secunderabad 500015 Ph
040-27846631 / 9490804278.

Food effect on drugs seems to be real!!

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Senior Citizens Panchayat, MP; State Commission on Senior Citizens

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Subject: Senior Citizens Panchayat, MP
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Dear Shri Mittal,

On the lines of Human Rights and Women Welfare Commission the Chief
Minister  of Madhya Pradesh Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced the
government decision to constitute a commission for senior citizens
also 0n 13 April during the senior citizens Panchayat.  It is
pertinent to note that an announcement was made during the Hational
Convention of Senior Citizens held in Bhopal in 2006 by the then
Minister of Social Welfare in the presence of Shri Babulal Gaur. It is
hoped that this time some time bound steps would be taken to form the
commission that is badly needed for the welfare of Senior Citizens. Of
course the CM added one more pet yojna to provide free Teertha Yatra
to them to one designated teerth.

The Central Government have already enacted many laws to protect the
life and property of elders. The reverse mortgaging of house to get
monthly pension also is available through many banks, although figures
are not readily available to indicate how far this facility is being
used. The population of senior citizens would be 15% of the total by
2025 and it is high time that concrete steps are taken to safeguard
their interests as also to gainfully employ them for social good. MP
has one of the lowest pension for destitute senior citizens. Apart
from increasing the amount on par with other states, there is an
urgent need to eliminate he difficulties faced by thousands of the
needy to get pension in time and through minimal effort. Almost half
are not even aware of these facilities.

The government of MP has also constituted a Council to oversee the
implementation of the law to protect Senior Citizens and provide for
their maintenance. Shri S K Saraswat, our President (as also of MP
senior Citizens Federation) and Shri K K Bhatt, Secretary of the MP
Federation are  members along with other  reps and  govt officials.
Minister of Social Welfare is the Chairman.

Gp Capt A B Mehta(Retd),
Vice President,
Senior Citizens Forum, Bhopal.

(Please also see our website : bhopalseniors.org)
( You may kindly link it from your website www.aiscon.org)

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Wise guy?

When I posted the following message earlier in a discussion group meant for senior citizens (sss-global) the post was misunderstood. No caught to satire. Here it is in my blog, where I believe members are sharp! 

I am happy to get some support from another blogger:

In my neighbor's plot,  
- just on the left side of my house,
There were many trees, plants, creepers and bushes
inviting birds and bees to flutter in peace and happiness;
the greenery was a sight to enjoy -  pure unalloyed bliss!

Some wise tenant thought of starting a school for kids;
Wiped out entire plantation, greenery and vegetation,
without any hesitation, thought or compunction -- and
converting the place into a concrete jungle, called it a school !

To teach young children about birds and bees, 
he painted pictures of birds on the walls and other surfaces
and as well started hanging colorful, paper crafted, birds in a clothesline!

P Vyasamoorthy

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Gogoi assures help to senior citizens (Assam)

Gogoi assures help to senior citizens

Staff reporter
 GUWAHATI, April 30 – Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has assured the senior citizens ofAssam that the State Government would offer all the facilities and services to the elderly section of the citizens within the limits of the State's financial resources.

Gogoi who was replying to a memorandum submitted to him on Saturday expressed his ignorance about the constitution of the State Council for Senior Citizens by the Social Welfare Department, as the file concerned did not come to him.

The Chief Minister, however, assured the delegation that he would talk to the Minister in charge of Social Welfare about the vital need for inclusion of representatives from the State senior citizens' association in the State Board.

The delegation led by Kamaleswar Bora, president of the Assam Senior Citizens' Association (ASCA) included DN Chakravartty, Tabiul Hussain and Prafulla Kumar Mahanta. The delegation also mentioned about the urgency of implementation of the Maintenance of Parents and Welfare of Elderly Persons Act-2007.

The Chief Minister was also requested to raise the quantum of pension to the elderly persons of below poverty line (BPL), and to ensure that no undeserving persons were given the benefits only because of political manipulation.

Pensioners' meet: The annual general meeting of Assam Agricultural Universuty Pensioners' Association, Khanapara was held recently under the presidentship of Dr SC Talukdar, stated a press releaseA new executive committee was formed with Dr CK Rajkonwar as president, Dr DK Lahon as vice president, SN Phukan as general secretary, Dr J Saikia as joint secretary and LK Baruah as Treasurer, the release added.

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