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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

London School Kids asked to give respect to elders

I like this novel way of introducing discipline and encouraging kids
to respect the elderly, pregnant women and the bus staff while
traveling. Nice to know London Mayor has taken this iniative.

Three-point pledge includes getting up for the elderly, pregnant or the disabled

Daily Mail
Published: 00:00 March 27, 2012

London: Teenagers will have to "stand up for their elders" on public
transport — or risk losing their right to free travel.

London Mayor Boris Johnson was expected to unveil plans yesterday to
make youngsters sign a "courtesy pledge" to promise to behave in a
respectful manner when travelling in the capital.

The three-point pledge states that they will give up their seats to
the elderly, pregnant and disabled; refrain from using offensive or
threatening language; and be courteous and polite to fellow passengers
and staff.

Those who refuse, or are caught behaving in a loutish manner, will
have their free travel passes removed.

The plan — a key part of Johnson's re-election bid — will initially
affect the 400,000 11- to 15-year-olds in London who qualify for free
travel cards, but Tory sources believe the idea could be used across
the country.

A Conservative insider said: "The initiative chimes perfectly with the
push to create a Big Society. It is about changing culture and
expectations around behaviour to improve the atmosphere on buses and
trains for everyone."

Speaking before yesterday's launch, Johnson said he was determined to
tackle the anti-social behaviour of a "minority of youngsters" on
public transport.

"When I was a boy, I was taught to stand up for those less able to,"
he said. "Youngsters enjoy the privilege of free travel, which is paid
for by Londoners, but they have to understand that with that privilege
comes responsibility. Anyone who abuses this privilege will have it
taken away, and will have to earn that right back."

Community work

Teenagers found guilty of a serious breach of the new behaviour code
will lose their travel passes, and will have to carry out unpaid
community work to have them restored. Johnson is also introducing a
"two strikes and you're out" policy to deal with repeat offenders,
under which those committing a second serious breach of the code will
lose their travel rights permanently.

City Hall sources said the plan would cost taxpayers nothing, as the
pledge would be incorporated into the existing application process for
youngsters' free travel passes.

The move follows an earlier initiative of Johnson's that banned the
consumption of alcohol on public transport in the capital, which is
credited with helping to drive down crime rates on buses and trains.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

MWPSCA - Puducherry - Rules notified - Tribunals appointed

URL ‐‐paper/tp‐national/tp‐tamilnadu/article2658611.ece
Today's Paper » NATIONAL » TAMIL NADU  
Published: November 25, 2011. 
Rules of senior citizens Act notified 
Kavita Kishore  
Government has to set up tribunal to hear cases of senior citizens to prevent inhuman treatment 
meted out to parents and senior citizens, the Puducherry Government notified the rules of the 
Maintenance of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007, on October 27 this year. 
The Act provides protection to parents and senior citizens, who have been ill-treated or 
abandoned. It also ensures that they are given appropriate healthcare and maintenance to improve 
their quality of life.  
According to the rules of the Act, the government has to set up a tribunal that will have the 
ability to hear the cases of parents/senior citizens who have problems with their children, as long 
as they are not minors. In case the children are unwilling to take up the maintenance and care of 
the parent/senior citizen, the tribunal also has the powers to demand an allowance for the parents 
up to Rs. 10,000.  
Speaking to The Hindu , a senior official from the Welfare Department said the government had 
already appointed one of the officers from the  Social Welfare Department as a Maintenance 
Officer, who would take care of complaints from senior citizens. In case the parties were not 
satisfied with the verdict of the maintenance officer, they could refer their cases to the tribunal. 
The State had also set up an appellate tribunal, for appeals.  The tribunal and the appellate 
tribunal however, were not legal bodies, the officer said. 
The government will also set up a State council of senior citizens headed by the Chief Secretary 
to Government and including the Secretary to Government (welfare), specialists in senior citizen 
welfare, three senior citizens and the director of social welfare. The committee would ensure that 
the Act is being followed. 
The Act also specifies that the government must set up old age homes with a minimum of 12 sq. 
m of living area – including kitchen area, dining area, bedroom/dormitory and medical room – 
per inmate. These homes are also directed to have toilet facilities for the physically challenged, 
recreation facilities, television,  and primary healthcare facilities and be provided with ramps, 
handrails and lifts where necessary. In terms of admission of inmates to the old age homes, more 
indigent and needy persons would be given  preference. Women would also be given a 
preference, and a separate women's dormitory must be set up in the homes. With regards to URL ‐‐paper/tp‐national/tp‐tamilnadu/article2658611.ece
protection of life and property of senior citizens, each police station has been directed to 
maintain a list of senior citizens within their jurisdiction, with special care being taken for those 
who are living by themselves. At least once a month, the police, along with a social worker or 
volunteer, would visit every senior citizen on the list. 
Each police station has also been directed to form a volunteer's committee to ensure regular 
contact between the district administration and the senior citizens. They must also set up a list of 
Dos and Don'ts to be followed by senior citizens in the interest of their safety.  
Speaking to The Hindu , president of the Pondicherry Senior Citizens' Welfare Association S.V. 
Iyer, said that even though there are laws that prevent abuse to senior citizens, there is very little 
being done to ensure that they are enforced. 
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crime Against Elders Statistics

Dr Jacob Roy of ARDSI India elected as Chairman on ADI

Elected Board


Alzheimer's Disease International has a council made up of representatives from each full member association. The council meets once a year during our annual international conference.

The council elects a board of people from around the world, led by our chairman, Dr Daisy Acosta. Our president is Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, daughter of Rita Hayworth who had Alzheimer's disease. A full list of our elected board members is below.

ADI also has a medical and scientific advisory panel (known as MSAP), whose role is to provide expert advice when necessary, and also to act as international ambassadors for ADI. More details and a list of MSAP members are available.

Dr Jacob Roy

[photo of Princess Yasmin Aga Khan]
Princess Yasmin Aga Khan

Elected board

  • Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, USA, President
  • Dr Jacob Roy, India, Chairman
  • Mrs Wendy Fleming, New Zealand, Vice Chairman
  • Mr Martin Else, UK, Treasurer
  • Prof Bengt Winblad, Sweden, Chairman of MSAP
  • Mr Dale Goldhawk, Canada
  • Ms Lynda Hogg, Scotland
  • Mr Markus Löfström, Finland
  • Ms Carolyn Popham, UK
  • Dr Yasmin Raashid, Pakistan
  • Mr Lonnie Wollin, USA
  • Dr Robert Yeoh, Australia

Honorary vice presidents

  • Mr Jerome Stone, USA
  • Mr Brian Moss, Australia
  • Dr Nori Graham, UK
  • Prof Henry Brodaty, Australia
  • Dr Daisy Acosta, Dominican Republic
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Dr Radha S Murthy awarded - Foundation Médéric Alzheimer and Alzheimer's Disease International Alzheimer's Award

4th Alzheimer's Award winners announced

19 March 2012 - The winners of the fourth Fondation Médéric Alzheimer
and Alzheimer's Disease International Alzheimer's Award for
psychosocial interventions have been announced. Two prizes were
awarded, the first for the best evidence-based intervention with a
prize of €18,000 and the second, worth €7,000, for the most promising

Prof Lynn Chenoweth from Australia was awarded the prize for best
evidence-based psychosocial intervention for her project, PerCEN :
Person-centred environment and care for residents with dementia: a
cost effective way of improving quality of life and quality of care?

The award for most promising award was presented to Dr Radha S Murthy
from India for her intervention, The effect of culture based
comprehensive psychosocial care program on outcomes in residential
patients with dementia-An Indigenous Model.

Prof Chenoweth and Dr Murthy were presented with their awards during
the 27th International Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International
in London, UK in March 2012.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hansika Motwani

Hansika Motwani for a cause

TNN Mar 18, 2012, 12.00AM IST
(Hansika Motwani)

Hansika Motwani is one actress who wears her heart on her sleeve. The 20-year-old had earlier celebrated her birthday by adopting 20 street kids in Mumbai. Now the actress has been signed up as a brand ambassador for an old age home in Mumbai.

"I am very thrilled to be associated with this project. I always wanted to build an old-age-home myself, so I immediately jumped at this chance. We have a lot of old people in our country, who are left homeless. If I can use my celebrity status to make a difference to the lives of some needy people, I would be very pleased," says Hansika, who adds that she is planning to hold an exhibition of her paintings and donate the proceeds to the charity.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Appeal to Prime Minister by MV Ruparelia

M.V.Ruparelia, A 503 Rashmi Utsav, Near Jangid Estate & Vijay Park, Mira Road (East),
Dist. Thane-Maharashtra-401107. M. 9821732855. E/Mail:
Mercy Appeal TO OUR
                                                                                   Date: 18-3-12.
Dr. Man Mohan Singh,
Honorable Prime Minister of India,
South Block, New Delhi – 110001.
Mananivar Pradhan Mantri Ji,
Ref: Step Motherly Treatment in General Budget & Rail Budget for 2012-13.
Are 12 crore Senior Citizens considered by Government as Citizens of our Country? If so, why a single word about them is not mentioned by Hon FM & RM in their Budget Speech? When Government ignores their Elders, how will Society/Media/Family give them any respect?
Senior Citizens & their Organizations have been writing letters & submitting Memorandum & Resolutions from time to time to concerned Ministers & Departments but no cognizance is taken and 12 crore Senior Citizens are sidelined, ignored & abused! National Policy for Senior Citizens, 2011 was submitted to Minister of Social Justice by the appointed Committee on 30-3-11 and it is lying pending for a year! No action is being taken on National Policy, 99 even after action remaining to be taken on specific paras is advised to concerned Ministers/Departments by not making any provisions of funds, though representations are made in time much before preparing Budget!!
We look at YOU, being one of us, to look into this pitiable position of your Elders and request to get New Policy notified and some funds got provided for its implementation for YOUR ELDERS in both the Budget.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Copy Forwarded to Shri Pranab Mukherji, Minister of Finance, North Block, New Delhi-110001.
Copy Forwarded to Shri Dinesh Trivedi, Minister of Railways, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001.
Copy Forwarded to Shri Mukul Wasnik, Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001.
Copy Forwarded to Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, Minister of Health & F.W., NirmanBhawan, New Delhi, 110011.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Interest on FDs to SCAs

Dear Friends

You know that may banks offer higher rates of interest to Fixed Deposits held by senor citizens. However deposits made by senior citizens associations and trusts wholly meant and managed by senior citizens do not enjoy any such privilege of higher rates of interest.

For example in Association of Senior Citizens Hyderabad all members are senior citizens. Donations to the association are done by senior citizens. Any amount kept in FD by this association will benefit group of senior citizens. Therefore does it not stand to reason that banks offer same rate of interest given to individual senior citizens to such recognized registered groups like SCAs?

Such a provision will get better deposits as SCA as a group will have more funds at its disposal than individuals. What is your view? How and who do we approach for a change in Bank policy or Rules?

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Male Senior Citizens Railway Concession raised to 40%

Rly Fare relief for male senior citizens

On the suggestion and appeal of Delhi Social Welfare Minister, Kiran Walia, for granting/extending relief and concession in Rail Travel to male senior citizens equivalent to female senior citizens, the Minister of Railways, Government of India, has agreed and granted relief to male senior citizens from 30 per cent to 40 per cent and also has reduced the age of women senior citizens from 60 years to 58 years. Walia in August 2010 appealed to the Rail Minister to enhance the concession in rail fare from 30 per cent to 50 per cent to the male senior citizens equivalent to the women senior citizens who were already granted rail fare concession to 50 per cent on the argument that there should be no distinction on the basis of gender, sex, caste, creed and religion.


News yet to be confirmed by Railway Minister.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Delivering Dignity Report March 2012


Delivering Dignity Report, March 2012

Book Review: Vyasamoorthy

The report may be downloaded from:


A series of studies and reports (in UK) shows that all is not well with treatment meted out to elders in hospitals & nursing homes.  There is an urgent need for change. "Treating Old people with dignity and respect when they are most vulnerable in Nursing Homes, hospitals and Care Homes" is the focus of this report. Commission on Dignity in Care for Older People set up by NHS, UK is the author. Based on observation of Best Practices of hospitals that are already delivering good care, ways and means of Delivering dignity to every person every time  are outlined.


Some recommendations include:

·                  Hiring staff with compassion in addition to technical skills,

·                  getting commitments from top management,

·                  special training for staff ,

·                  comprehensive geriatric assessment upon admission,

·                  getting feedback from patients and family members,

·                  looking at relatives & families as partners in caring rather than as nuisance etc


There are similar findings for care homes too.  Changing societal attitudes and fighting ageism,  changing the emphasis on caring at home rather than in institutions, changing the way in which older people are addressed and talked about (the words we use), etc are other aspects dealt with in this report.


 This is perhaps the first time that an attempt is made to codify a difficult and vague concept of delivering dignity in Elder care services.






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