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A Note on SSS-Global Meeting on 4th December 2011

A Note on SSS-Global Meeting on 4th December 2011


Last year it was decided to hold sss-global annual meeting on the first Sunday of December every year.
Accordingly some 45 members met at Sweekar Hall to celebrate the annual day of the SSS global on 4t December 2011. The face to face interaction was wonderful. The registration started at 10 am followed by light breakfast. During the registration participants were given a copy of latest issue of Tarnaka News, Harmony magazine and DVD on Isha Kriya – all free of cost. The program started at 11am sharp.


Mrs Kamakshi, the Master of Ceremonies, greeted and welcomed all the guests. An invocation song on Lord Narayana was melodiously rendered by Ms Shanti Shivram. It augured well .

Dr P Vyasamoorthy thereafter welcomed the members and gave a brief report on the SSS Global. How it was the brainchild Mr Sivraram and very well supported by others like Justice Rangarajan, Mr VK Narasiman, Rajendra Rao, IVLN Chary and others. Today it is 5th among some 700 such groups meant for senior citizens. He went on to describe how several people are regular contributors on various topics of interest for the seniors.  Benefits to members were described. Justice Rangarajan also added his views about the group and how quality information can be shared.

Mr RN Mital also congratulated the efforts of the founder members and threw light on the problems facing the seniors and invited an open discussion about how the implementation of the laws and welfare schemes for elders should be taken up. Dr Vasunder Reddy too gave his positive views about SSS and how regardless of the time of the day he reads the mail and the articles.


The icing on the cake was the announcement of the award given to Dr P Vyasamoorthy. 
ICONGO, VSO and Silver Innings Foundation have jointly initiated an award for Exceptional work for Senior citizens. This is their first year. Dr P Vyasamoorthy was selected for the Award called Karmaveer Puraskar UNV Karmaveer Chakra. This was presented in Delhi on 27th November 2011. Members of SSS-Global are very proud of this award and facilitated him by a Shawl at the hands of Sri RN Mital.

Narration of Anecdotes

After all the business hour, we moved over to something light and entertaining. T o encourage greater participation from the audience a game was conducted . The members were required to come and narrate a humorous or an embarrassing moment in their lives. Mr Mital. Dr Vyasamoorthy and Dr Vasunder Reddy were the judges. It had a n overwhelming response. Each incident was more hilarious than the other. Justice Rangarajan, Ms Mohini Moghe and Ms Sobha Perindevi were adjudged as best of the top three narrators and were given prizes. There wasn’t any who didn’t enjoy this part.

Fun and Entertainment

Kamaskshi organised a novel game of locating people with maximum number of buttons on their shirt, Most colorful flowers worn by a lady, maximum denominations of money with a person, One with a checked hanky and so on. So prizes were just distributed., like Santa Claus with his bag of goodies. People enjoyed it thoroughly. This was followed by a round of Tombola. All in all more than 22 prizes were distributed and was well appreciated. Thereafter, talented seniors sang, recited poems. Mr Bagade, Dr VBGK Moorthy, Dr Sashikala, Smt Chandrakala, Mr Sivaram sang melodious numbers and engaged the audience. M r Cheenu spoke and expressed his happiness of belonging to this group.

Olla Podrida

The vishakapatnam unit of SSS sent an SMS wishing us a great meet. Mrs Cheenu and Krishna Rao took photos. Through the efforts of Sri Sivaram, Karur Vysya Bank donated a sum of Rs 1500 and this was highly appreciated. Dr Vyasamoorthy expressed his gratitude for honoring him and thanked all participants for attending the meeting with a special mention of  Ms Jayanti, Ms Kamakshi and Mr Sivaram for tirelessly working and making this event a great success.  Ms Jayanthi Menon gave the vote of thanks. The program ended with a sumptuous Lunch.


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