Monday, August 15, 2011

Inter-Generational workshop was held at UVN Centre for Adolescents, Dwarka

Thursday 11 August 2011

Inter-Generational workshop was held at UVN Centre for Adolescents, Dwarka

Inter-generational group discussion
An interactive Inter-Generational workshop was held at Urivi Vikram National Centre for Adolescents, Dwarka, on 10 August, 2011. 50 senior citizens and 100 teenagers, mostly from Dwarka, participated and exchanged views on contentious teen-centric issues to evolve a consensus between grand parents and children. 

Dr. U.N.B. Rao, Chairman-UVNAC 
briefing the participants
It was a unique effort to promote family bonding by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and conducted by Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust (UVCT). Participants, young and senior citizens were divided into nine groups with separate topics – all close to teenagers' present day concerns. The groups were given one hour time to discuss and arrive at consensus or conclusion. The conclusions presented by the participants later in an open forum revealed the readiness of young to integrate better with the older generation given a little understanding and suitable handling.
UVCT is a Dwarka based national level NGO promoting empowerment of adolescents. Its programs include psychological counseling, livelihood training courses, seminars & workshops aimed at adolescents needs. 
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