Friday, August 5, 2011

Dr Kinjawadekar talks of governmental neglect of senior citizens.

Here is a link to a video where Dr SP Kinjawadekar is interviewed on the forthcoming Senior Citizens National Solidarity day. He neatly explains how the protest day last year on 16th August was a phenomenal success. The main reason why it was a such a success (more institutions than we imagined participated) is that people were really frustrated and were waiting for an opportunity to express it. This year, he explains, in his distinct voice, that the emphasis is towards state level demands. What we propose to do and how Maharashtra is gearing up are spelt out. I personally likes his answer to the last question by Sailesh: What do you, as a common rural senor citizen citizen feel about the present neglect by government - angry, frustrated etc? Listen to him yourself by watching this video. The little bit you can do is to tweet/ re-tweet / blog /forward / comment etc about this link.!/vyasamoorthy/status/99401342975614978

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